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Range of Banners by Tensabarrier

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Range of Banners by Tensabarrier - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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PowerPoint Slideshow about 'Range of Banners by Tensabarrier' - tensator

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Range of Banners by Tensabarrier®

Tensabarrier® banners help you display your product or brand in a distinctive style. Restaurants, cafes, coffee

shops and retail stores use banners to distinguish themselves from competing businesses or for winning

attention of their customers with an eye catching visual product. Some businesses implement banners to

create orderly and safe queuing areas.

No matter your business size, a Tensabarrier® banner can meet your needs in any space. A banner can help

you establish an outside eating area or help you promote your brand, all done easily and effectively.

As a specialist in queue management, Tensabarrier® offers three banner options to meet the needs of

customers. Each option has a unique feature and style that allows for creative, attractive displays.

Option one: Café Banner – An economical and durable banner

A flexible and cost-effective way to provide branding opportunities with customer oriented messages along

with the product information digitally imprinted on it. This easy-to-install portable Café banner is durable

enough to be used in any environment and an additional benefit is the hard-wearing dye print which ensures

it won’t be scratched or deteriorates over time. This cost effective Café Banner can be used to create space

and install queue management system with minimal disruption in your area.


Option two: Tensabarrier® – A banner with style

A simple choice with an elegant look. This Tensabarrier® banner can be used to create branding opportunities

inside your premises by fixing it to any existing Tensabarrier® stanchion. This is a cost-effective way to add

more visually stimulating space and comes in a plain, single and double-sided option with full-color print


Option three: Retractable Banner – style with ease

Need a quick fix for a banner need? The Retractable banner from Tensabarrier® is a perfect choice. This is

easily changeable which offers users a quick fix for changing out graphics quickly and simply using only one

person for changeover.

Available in two standard sizes of 1.5m or 1m long banner this is certified with DIN 4102-B1 flame retardant

block-out vinyl and with M2 (block-out vinyl banner). Best suited for the range of Tensabarrier® stanchions it

can be printed either side and is perfect for indoor use.

Each one of the above banners is supplied digitally-printed, or blank if required, giving you the assurance of a

creative barrier every time you order this product fromTensator®.

Tensator and Tensabarrier

If you are looking for a temporary barrier, please speak to one of our specialists about the best solution for

your needs. You can contact us here or alternatively you can download more information here.