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Media Relations Guide

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Media Relations Guide
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Media Relations Guide

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  1. Media Relations Guide Corps Civil Affairs Chain

  2. Purpose • Media relations are some of the biggest challenges to major organizations today. In order for them to truly succeed they must be able to maintain their good standing with the population to continue to receive business and recognition. The Corps is the same way.

  3. Purpose • The Corps of Cadets is the guardian and perpetuator of tradition at A&M. We must focus on maintain and improving our image with the rest of the student body, state, and nation.

  4. How to deal with media • No one has a right to photograph or videotape cadets except the CCA and Trigon. • If you see anyone doing so, they must be directed to the Civil Affairs Chain and have the media they collected reviewed. • Parents of Cadets are the exception

  5. Battalion and Eagle • Do not interview with the Battalion or the Eagle without direct consent with either the Trigon or the Corps Civil Affairs Officer/Corps Staff. • If someone wants to take pictures or video direct them to a CTO or Corps Staff for permission and so they can follow up regarding the media collected.

  6. WHY?! • In the past cadets have given permission to organizations to take pictures and video of the Corps. Recently, although intended to be a good thing for the Corps by the cadet, these pictures have brought harsh criticism to the Corps and threatened our image as leaders of character.

  7. Conclusion • By directing outside media to the Trigon Staff and Corps Staff we can eliminate the challenges to our image and bring good publicity to the Corps. • Thanks and Gig’em!