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Senior Design Project Webpage

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Senior Design Project Webpage - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Senior Design Project Webpage. Basic Information. Create your webpage:. MS Word (not PowerPoint) Macromedia Dreamweaver MS Frontpage HTML editor. Requirements. Inform the Course Coordinator which team member will be serving as webmaster

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Senior Design Project Webpage

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Create your webpage:

  • MS Word (not PowerPoint)
  • Macromedia Dreamweaver
  • MS Frontpage
  • HTML editor
  • Inform the Course Coordinator which team member will be serving as webmaster
  • Email Deb Craig the login of the Team’s webmaster (whoever is hosting the page) so she can add the link to the ME webpage.
  • Get Client approval for posting pictures and any information that could be considered proprietary or sensitive
use the right structure
Use the Right Structure
  • As you create it, set it up the same way it needs to be on the server:

home page = SDindex.html

files location folder = MESD

In other words, name your project home page ‘SDindex.html’ and store any files associated with it in a folder called ‘MESD’

website contents
Website Contents
  • Be Professional!!! - You are selling your expertise as consulting engineers to potential customers (employers)
  • Link to sponsor’s website
  • Project Description
  • Project Goals
  • Team member info
    • Names, Picture of team, webmaster contact info
    • Can include resumes or brief bio’s
  • As you progress:
    • Status reports, testing results, construction updates, etc.
stylistic tips
Stylistic Tips
  • Avoid annoying blinking and flashing things, frames, and garish colors
  • Be conservative in your design - “safe” colors, like black and white or BU color scheme
  • Legible font, other than Times
  • Make it expandable so you can add more info later
  • Pictures are good
  • Videos can also be added (get advisor approval)
use the transfer software
Use the transfer software
  • If you don’t have SSH, you can download it from
  • You can use the lab computers to create and transfer your webpage.

Test it!*/SDindex.html

* Replace ‘login’ with your login name

****Very Important****

Then let Deb Craig know the Team number and your login name so she can link your page from the ME website.


Basic Webpage setup info

Senior Design Webpage address =

SD webpage files = …login/public_html/MESD

Set permissions for MESD folder the same as for public_html


In other words, your public_html directory should have a structure similar to:

‘your login’





If you have any questions about setting this up,

please see your advisor or Deb Craig.

****Be aware that the files associated with your Project website will be copied off to the

Departmental Server at the end of your Project.*****

me 410 411 file server
ME 410/411 File Server
  • Space has been set up on the Department file server for file storage associated with coursework for ME410/411 Senior Design Projects.
  • Map a network drive by right-clicking on the ‘My Computer’ icon on the desktop and choosing ‘Map a network drive’.
      • Assign a drive letter such as ‘P’ (for projects).
me 410 411 file server18
ME 410/411 File Server
  • Type in the route to the folder, in this case it will always be \\engine\teamXX with XX being your two digit team number with Teams 1-9 being 01-09.
  • Make sure the ‘Reconnect on logon’ is unchecked.
  • Click ‘Finish’.
  • To post your webpage files to the server for storage, follow the same procedure as above, only change the folder route to be \\engine\teamXXw.