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The Neon Ninjas

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The Neon Ninjas. Ninja Insider: CONTEST RESULTS ARE IN!. How this will work.

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The Neon Ninjas

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the neon ninjas

The Neon Ninjas


how this will work
How this will work

All of the contest entries will be on these slides. The winner will also be on the slides. The winners are chosen upon creativity, and following directions. It would be appreciated if no arguments rise up. Don’t know why you didn’t win? Well the explanation could be that the judges like the other one better, or that they were judging the picture specificly depending on the contest directions, or that you did not completely follow the directions. Please, try to figure it out yourself before asking the Sensei. And if you cannot figure it out, then the senseis are always there to help!

ninja pets contest
Ninja Pets Contest!

Misbah Farooqi’s/Red Ninja’s contest entry.

Abby/Teals WINNING entry

Orange/Jillys entry

ninja dojo banner contest
Ninja Dojo Banner Contest!

Contest entry by Jillian Hamill, also known as Orange ninja!

Contest entry by Misbah Forooqi, also known as Red ninja!

Winner is Red!

ninja farmer contest
Ninja Farmer Contest!

Winner is Teal!

Contest entry by Abby Urnes, also known as Teal Ninja


Ninja Mission Thinker entry

The winning mission cannot be posted for OBVIOUS reasons. But…