portable traffic light system n.
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Portable Traffic Light System

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Portable Traffic Light System - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Portable Traffic Light System . Presented By: Faisal Hamood Team Members: Faisal Hamood , Thomas Howell, Luis Herrera, Nick Allen, and Nicolai Bailly . Supervisor: Dr. Fayez Gebali . Proposal outline. Proposed System Preliminary Design Applications Worker Safety Business model

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portable traffic light system

Portable Traffic Light System

Presented By: Faisal Hamood

Team Members:Faisal Hamood, Thomas Howell, Luis Herrera, Nick Allen, and Nicolai Bailly.


Dr. Fayez Gebali.

proposal outline
Proposal outline
  • Proposed System
  • Preliminary Design
  • Applications
  • Worker Safety
  • Business model
  • Conclusion
proposed system
Proposed System

For single lane streets, two flaggers are required for any construction site to re-route traffic.

Each worker gets paid between $15-25/hr.

proposed syste m
Proposed System

Two portable traffic lights will replace the flaggers.

Each light will have two LEDs, a Battery, wireless capable microcontroller, and a pressure sensor. Time permitting, recharging solar panels may be included.

A master control will be given to the supervisor on site.

preliminary design
Preliminary design
  • Each light uses:
  • ArduinoMicroprocessor
  • Zigbeewireless module
  • 12volt rechargeable battery
  • 12volt LEDs (Red and Yellow)
  • Resistors, BJTs, diodes, and voltage regulators
  • Differential pressure sensor
  • The system is not specific for construction site traffic and maybe used for:
  • Overnight Construction Sites
  • To temporarily replace malfunctioning or under maintenance traffic lights
  • Temporary traffic control in congested areas
  • Emergency response traffic reroute
  • Remote area traffic control (mining sites)
worker safety
Worker Safety

More than 40 cases of flagger accidents have been claimed with Work Safe BC from 2008-2010. These claims on average cost Work Safe BC $14m.

By minimizing or eliminating the need of flaggers, we will be saving lives.

business model
Business model

Two flaggers at an average of $40/hrwith an approximate 70hour per week = ~$2,800 per site, per week.

Current heavy duty portable traffic lights = ~$50,000.

If a system of two light weight lights were sold at $50,000, the system will be paid for in approximately 14 weeks.

For an industrial release system materials would usually cost ~$5,000, without labor.


The system replaces two workers with a traffic light system.

The system has many applications for temporary traffic reroute.

The system reduces accident risks and saves lives.

The system is profitable for industrial use.

The system is dynamic, smart, and easy to deploy.

The system is automated, but a master switch maybe considered for the site supervisor.


Thank you for your time and consideration…