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CHRISTMAS IN ethiopia. by:Novalee and Peyton. Melkam Ylidet beaal. Poket kristmet. or. GENERAL INFORMATION. December is rainy and the temperature is normally43F. They speak Amharic. The populaion is,84,734,262. Celebrations and Traditions.

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  1. CHRISTMAS IN ethiopia by:Novalee and Peyton MelkamYlidetbeaal Poketkristmet or

  2. GENERAL INFORMATION December is rainy and the temperature is normally43F They speak Amharic The populaionis,84,734,262

  3. Celebrations and Traditions One celebration is when the city is crowded with Pilgrims they remain outdoors all night . The next day is spent dancing and playing sports and having feasts . They celebrate this celebration on January 6th and January 7th.

  4. Important Characters Are important person is the Father of Christmas . He wears a red and white suit. He is important to them the same way he is to us .Other special people are the priests. They carry beautifully embroidered umbrellas . They wear red and whit robes . They are called turbans . ,lp ,l mkb n 9ih q 1qdvc

  5. Gifts In Ethiopia they do not give big gifts like toys . They only give small gifts like clothing. They do not have any gift giving Traditions. Children receive the small gifts.

  6. DECORATIONS They put out beautiful baskets .

  7. Food They enjoy injera, a sourdough pancake like bread . Dora wat , a spicy chicken stew .

  8. This is how you say I love you in Ethiopia afekrishalehou(to a male). It is the only country that has 13 months.

  9. THE END

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