how integrates the market intelligence community n.
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How integrates the Market Intelligence Community? PowerPoint Presentation
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How integrates the Market Intelligence Community?

How integrates the Market Intelligence Community?

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How integrates the Market Intelligence Community?

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  1. How integrates the Market Intelligence Community?

  2. More than half are Senior Market Research Professionals that have worked for more than seven years in the industry and have earned a Master’s Degree. • What is the highest level of education you have completed? How many years have you been working as a Market Research Professional?

  3. The community is integrated by experts across different industries.

  4. Both Freelance Analyst and Fulltime employees across different industries participates in the community I am a freelancer / independent contractor I I am a fulltime/part time employee *Others include Economy and Finance, Industrial, Public sector and others. Esccribiracaunabrevedescripcion o analisis del grafico

  5. What these Analyst are needing and how our community can help

  6. 81% of the analyst that are not currently working independently will like to have the opportunity to became an independent market analyst • How likely would you be to occasionally work independently as a market analyst if you will have the opportunity? Employment status

  7. 73% of the respondents are currently seeking to increase their workload. … Are you currently seeking increase in your workload?

  8. However, they are facing multiple challenges when scouting for new projects… Lacking a corporate name to back up your knowledge and experience Potential clients do hesitate to trust independent researches and prefer to contract established organizations. Ensuring this new client would pay the project as agreed. Absence of a brand name attached to my profile How" to reach new clients. Finding some new clients “investing time in my own website and marketing materials” “Getting reasonable compensation” • MI-Community will help you to overcome these challenges: • Our experienced sales team will promote and find the clients that will benefit from your information. • Clients will access affordable business intelligence directly from the experts at much lower price . • Safe transactions between you and the client

  9. 50% of the respondentshave written an article or report with intention to publish it. 72% have never received a compensation for their publication. Where Experts Publish their Articles • How often they receive a payment for writing these articles • MI-Community will provide you an unique platform where you can publish your reports for free and have the exposition as a that you deserve as a reference in your industry. • Get a compensation for your effort and decide how much your information is worth.

  10. Almost half of the respondents estimate that it will take less than 40 hours to write a market report. Estimated Hours that takes an expert to write a Market Report • Estimated hours can be greatly reduced by using our time-saver template. • It will take you just less than two weeks to create a report. • You will get paid every time your report is sold!

  11. Almost half of our respondents considers that lack of access to reliable sources of information is the main challenges that they have to face when doing market research. • Timing and need to improve report writing and design are also considered to be important challenges. • Challenges Facing when Writing a Market Report • How MI-Community will help you

  12. Only 44% of the respondents partner with other market analyst to trade information. • How often do you partner with other market analysts outside your company to trade market information? • How do you get in contact with these persons? • MI-Community is the first platform dedicated exclusively for market analyst and business consultant to network and trade information.

  13. 55% of the respondents are will be willing to participate in our community.

  14. LLAME YA!! (Jajajajaa)