inquiry into liveability options in outer suburban melbourne n.
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“ Inquiry into Liveability Options in Outer Suburban Melbourne ” PowerPoint Presentation
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“ Inquiry into Liveability Options in Outer Suburban Melbourne ”

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“ Inquiry into Liveability Options in Outer Suburban Melbourne ” - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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“ Inquiry into Liveability Options in Outer Suburban Melbourne ”
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  1. “Inquiry into Liveability Options in Outer Suburban Melbourne ” Presented by Basketball Victoria: Dan Kirtley – President, Basketball Victoria Wayne Bird – CEO, Basketball Victoria Brian Mott – Board Member, Basketball Victoria 24th October, 2011

  2. Introduction • Who are we? • What is Basketball in Victoria • ABS says: • 92,000 Children (5-14 years) and 210,000 Adults participate in Basketball… • Based on ABS data, Basketball ranks as the second highest participation sport for Victorian children and the fifth highest participation sport for Australian children. • Basketball Victoria: • 130,000 Registered Players • 154 Affiliated Associations • Formal agreement and endorsement with School Sports Victoria • In our 80th Year of operation • Australia’s strongest Basketball State • BV Programs and Affiliate Competitions currently use 450 indoor courts state-wide • Our Vision: • “Through collaboration and cooperation we will build and strengthen capacity to ensure basketball is the sport of first choice”

  3. Benefits of Basketball • Basketball is Unique • Covers broad cross section of the community • Very price sensitive and provides value for the dollar spent • Fosters social interaction: provides social hubs • Maximum utilisation of facilities • Successful history of sharing facilities with other sports; especially netball • Year round sport: players are active several times per week • Culture • Strict on player and spectator behaviour • Efficient and effective Tribunal System • Strong, enthusiastic Volunteer base • We pay premium prices for facilities, not subsidised • Compete with highly subsidised open field sports who have generally been provided with the key lucrative sport club revenue raising operations • “The loss of community infrastructure and identity has been linked to significant health and other social problems” (Berkman & Kawachi 2000)

  4. Under Representation in Growth Areas • Insufficient facilities compared to demand • Insufficient commitment to build new facilities to cater for growth • Much of the development provides for centres that have inadequate critical mass to be viable • Associations constantly have waiting lists for competitions • National Basketball Participation comparative analysis:

  5. What is Basketball Victoria doing to contribute to liveability? • Undertaking a detailed state-wide Facility Audit and Master Planning of future needs • Establishing facility models that are realistic and work • Developing and expanding programs at schools and Associations • Expanding Basketball Development Officer base • Plans in line with metropolitan growth regions • Collaboration with major Associations is a key area of focus • Working to develop Associations’ capacity in identified growth areas • Formulation of Strategic Partnerships to assist growth and sustainability • Advocacy with all levels of government • The reduction of barriers, the promotion of inclusive practices, the development of collaborative partnerships, the attitudinal change both internally and externally have all assisted Basketball Victoria to build capacity, increase opportunity and engage the whole community to provide equitable, inclusive and accessible basketball communities.

  6. Infrastructure Considerations • Massive investment in indoor facility infrastructure – early indications from Basketball Victoria planning is that there is a need for an additional 105 indoor courts (some multi-shared) in growth areas to meet current unmet and projected demand over the next 10 years • Early planning • Meet forecast core demand • Reserving land in future development plans • Establishing fair and viable operational structures and costing • Roles/requirements of: • Councils • Developers • Other contributors in future plans? • Basketball provides the critical mass to support new sporting facility development, e.g. State Basketball Centre at Knox

  7. Challenges/Questions • Facility capacity • Dealing with waiting lists and current and projected demand • Cross subsidising other sports/elements at multi purpose locations • Adds to the cost of Basketball and the need to keep the sport affordable • Volunteers • Maintaining a base relative to growth • Affordability • Who we cater for – varied socio-economic demographic • Hierarchy of provision • All ages and abilities • Domestic competition • Elite level, State and National • Club and Association

  8. Summary • Basketball: • Is planning for the future in growth areas • Caters for all segments of the population • Achievessocial objectives • Processes are very efficient and effective • A well developed, proven model • Has URGENT need for new infrastructure supported by up to date planning • Basketball Victoria is ready and committed to support

  9. Thank you – Questions?