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  2. Question/statement Are we as safe as we think?

  3. ABC news • Abc news states that many people are dieing from aids. • They say by 2025 more than 80 million people will die from aids • Abc news says smoking may harm women more than men.

  4. Things to help • They state that there might be a new drug for smokers they say it will cure smoking like a disease. • baking soda helps kids during a Severe asthma attack • In the hospital they call it Sodium bicarbonate.

  5. How to keep safe • Clean hands are the No. 1 way to fight illness say most doctors • Traditional alcohol based soap should do the trick • A new soap called Skin visible is a new fda approved antibacterial soap • It works for up to 4 hours

  6. A new way people are helping themselves • Dry painting will be used to help the walls and doorknobs an other stuff like that against bacteria • Powder coating is a safe way to help protect our selves from germs • Hospitals use these ways to protect their patients from germs

  7. Colds • Some doctors are saying that for a cold antibacterial medications will not work • Colds are not caused by cold weather they are caused by poor diet, and fatigue. • They say you should wipe things off with a alcohol cloth before you use it • They say that even when you used a tissue or cloth too much that it might re-infect you

  8. Tips For Cleaning Our On Home • Take showers often • Clean kitchen surfaces with detergentto rid the germs • Clean your sink with bleach • DO NOT use a sponge they have more germs on it than what your wiping off with it • Don’t keep close law and hot dogs in your fridge for more than 10 days or it may get really germmy

  9. Things that can be important • Some people are saying that the cleaning products aren't working like they tell us. • Counters, table surfaces, and bathrooms are the most important to keep clean. • To clean them use 1 part bleach and 10 parts water. • You can also clean fruit and vegetables with that substance.

  10. More Important Things • There is no telling if bacteria will develop a resistance to antibacterial soap • If your skin is cracked or dry bacteria can get in easier. • If you wash your hands for 10-15 seconds it will help more than just washing your hands. • They are saying they are going to start spraying subway cars with antibacterial spray

  11. More important things • In Japan people where face masks to help keep safe form the germs • When its hot and humid it’s the perfect time for germs to breed • Japan has huge outbreaks of E.coli • In the summer bleaches and extra strong deodorants sell best

  12. More things to know • Banks Even make germ killing bank machines to help with the germs • When you pack your lunch touch only the wrapper. • When dining or cooking don’t handle food back and fourth this can spread germs

  13. More Things To Know • Toys that are shared should be wiped off at least once a day, more often if children are at the age where they put them in their mouth. • For toys that cannot be wiped off, parents should discourage sharing. • Disinfect the surfaces of playpens and trays from highchairs. • Toothbrushes should be changed monthly and discarded after a cold or other illness

  14. Wrap Up/ Opinion • My opinion is that we will never overcome germs • We should still lake medication to get better but we’re just going to get sick again

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