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Hanau 2006

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Hanau 2006. They call us “Barbarians” History will call us “Conquerors”... Attila. Time to Boom! Boom!. Why and How we will win. The Offense is based on two principles 1. The Big Bang Theory expand and collapse then do it again.

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Hanau 2006

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    1. Hanau 2006 They call us “Barbarians” History will call us “Conquerors”... Attila

    2. Time to Boom! Boom!

    3. Why and How we will win • The Offense is based on two principles • 1. The Big Bang Theory expand and collapse then do it again. “Mass tightly collapsed will exploded at a certain point, the problem is we really don´t know what that point is?”… Oppenheimer. 2. Confusion, make the defense spend its energy trying to figure out what we are going to do, instead of doing what they are suppose to do.

    4. The 4 base Offenses • The Hornets Offense will run on 4 basic Offensive Systems: • 1.   Double Tight • 2.   Pistol bone • 3.   Voodoo Bone • 4. The I • We will view the running game primarily and then finish with the passing game

    5. Double Tightour condensed offense phase 1 of the BIG BANG O-line splits 2-3-3 x y 1 2 z WR splits 8 to 12 RB 5 to 6 yards-speed adjustment 3

    6. DT • The Double tight will be have three major effects. • 1. to Tighten the Defense and put 8 people in the box to stop the run, thus opening the pass attack our “Check to Red”. If the running attacks works we continue till it runs out of steam. • 2. To use the 4 receivers in the short passing game with the play-action and jet motions with sweeps and eventually break the big one . Because of these Play-action the blitzes get rare. • 3. To eat the clock. Take our time “heck” the universe is 14 billion years old!

    7. DT 32 /35 IZ and the check to REDthe RB takes a step out waits and reads the Inside Zone, if it is sealed he cutback to the 5 hole. Notice our two WR always Crack -backing inside WHAT IS THE CHECK TO RED? • This our base run in the DT O-line two point stance- always looks high hat they block the IZ to the run side and in pass fence block.

    8. CHECK TO RED PASSESwhen the run is a no- go we check to red • We use a check to red to throw 3 distinct passes out of the DT • Red 17/18- this is a stretch to the RB to the 7 or 8 hole • Red 65/66- this is all comebacks either inside or outside- we use STEMMING which is have the outside receivers sell fade by running inside to turn the hips of the defender or outside • Red 67/68 pass this is a flood route with a shallow which we call a snap but just a bit deeper 6 to 8 yards.

    9. RED 18/17 Passmoon motion from 2/Z with a stretch O-L Fence Block x y z 2 1 3 Snap at Tackle The QB works outside in on the flood, but we wait and 75% of the time the backside TE always manages to get free and clear and we hit the TD

    10. Red 67/68 passstretch to 7 or 8 hole x y 1 2 z 3 Read outside to in

    11. Red 66/65 passagain we STEM to fool the Defenders6-inside Comeback-5-outside comeback RB B-Bs gap/C FS gap

    12. Mass gets critical • WE have been using the DT32/35 IZ and the Check to Red and now we start the chain reaction. • The Jet sweeps and the Play action off them. • WE run these Jets three fold: • A. The Jet sweep it self, causing shift by the defense toward the sweep, by rotating coverage or dragging the CB with the Motion. • B. The Dive by the 3 back of the Jet, causing the Inside Linebacker or backers to stay put before they react to the sweep. • C. The play-action pass and the backside deep threat. We let the team adjust to the sweep and the dive, then the BS TE release deep for the first rumbles of the BIG BANG!

    13. 8 Jet Speedgo 2-3-pass/keepThe Jet by the 2 is easy he starts his motion at the QB´signal, he runs full out, the Qb reads him from the corner of his eyes and turns away from him for the hand off. The PS Tackle pulls the O-line OZ blocks. The 3 back Dives at the 3 hole and the QB Boots.The call can be 2 speedgo-33 dive or Boot on a audible-Gold normal- Blue dive-Red pass/keep. x t y 1 2 z 3 The Play can be run 4 ways. 1- the speedgo give the ball to the 2 back on the Jet motion. 2. Give the ball to the 3 back on the 33 dive. 3. QB boots for run or backside pass to TE or 4. The QB keeps and runs-The Chain Reaction

    14. DT 2/Z jet 18/17 Load OZ to YWe carry the Jet with the Outside option Load Iso SS/CB y 1 2 z 3

    15. DT 2 - Moon Veer 16MAN ON BLOCK Y BLOCKS IN /ISO DE OR OLBopposite DT Z-Moon Veer 15MAN ON BLOCK X BLOCKS IN /ISO DE OR OLB y 2 1 z 3

    16. DT 2 jet Greenbay 37opposite DT Z jet Greenbay37wind and storm pull w s y z 2 3

    17. DT 2 Moon Load Texas 18opposite DT Z moon Load Utah 17 y must block on or down if DE is outside let him go IZ to y t y 2 1 z 3

    18. DT 2 Moon Storm 31 Counteropposite DT Z moon Wind 32 Counter x s y 2 z 3

    19. DT 36 counter Wind opposite DT 35 counter Storm x u w y 1 2 z 3

    20. DT 2 Jet Voodoo Trap 13opposite is DT Z jet Voodoo trap 14 IZ to y x y 1 z 2 3

    21. Phase 2 “THE PISTOL”THE BANG • The Pistol is the SPREAD of the DT We will run only 1 pass formation out of this Offense and that will be the WAHOO(trips) We will force then to read the 3 back and the QB. This will be done by giving a play the same look but being able to run inside and outside with it, while also being able to pass. We will PAW (play-action) every play. WE will make the Defense adjust to our game plan not theirs.

    22. How we will do it • The PISTOL -is a Choice Offense, this means we run or pass on these plays. • The PISTOL Offense will have only 5 running Plays and 4 passing Plays and 1 Screen. All are PAW(play-action) • The “checks to”are- Orange (from Pass to Run- IZ block) 32 IZ (Y/2 Mesh X-8 Z-Ohio) • Red (from run to pass- Fence Block) • Kentucky(Y/2 Mesh X-8 Z-Ohio) • Gold is normal and Blue is opposite

    23. Passing Rules and the calls • First the Y has only three routes he will run and two special routes/Kentucky/suicide • The Snaps are always toward the QB as he rolls out of the play fake Snap out suicide Snap in Routes run at 6/8 yrd Bubble choice y

    24. X-Z-2 • The call is is always for passes this way only in the PISTOL! The Y route is dictated by the roll of the QB or the Open Flat for the bubble choice. These are the Passes in the DT 1 8 –Ohio- wheel- X runs 8- Z runs 2 Ohio-2 runs wheel/ Y runs a Snap out/in/ bubble choice- this is called by the Qb 2 0-8-9— X-0 –Z-8 -2-9/ the qb calls the route for Y • Z- Jet Load Pass- Z jet motions to Y. X runs a D2-Z runs 3. 8-2 runs a 2 Ohio-Y runs a bubble choice. Play action to 6 • Hole. 4 Kentucky Y/2- X-8 Z-Ohio One running play CT 35 OZ to X will be three crack-backs(triple Pancake)

    25. BASE PLAY PISTOL Running/ Pass GAMEPistol Right 32 IZ to Y (8-7- wheel Y block snap-in) Qb calls pass x y 2 z 1 3

    26. Pistol R 38 CAL / TEXAS sweepRocket Screen- PassOpposite is Pistol L 37 CAL/UTAH sweep c u w s t y x 2 z 1 3 BACKSIDE Utah and Wind Cut your Man. Z and 2 take your men deep California- look is INSIDE-OUT on the trap Texas- First Man  If they are over the Center- than only Texas pulls. Set-up block with Y/ Texas and 3 back 3 back must cut inside hi hip Y must cut or take Man on outside.

    27. Pistol Right -Z Jet 18 Load OZPistol Right- Z Jet Load Pass (D2-8-Ohio-Bubble choice) Opposite Pistol Left Z Jet Load Pass (D2-8-Ohio-Bubble choice)OZ to Y Fence Blocks Jet Load Pass (D2-8-Ohio-Bubble choice)  z 1 3 x y 2 z 1 3

    28. PISTOL Right 17 CAL Waggle Boot OZ to X17 CAL Waggle boot pass-oppositePistol Left 18 Boot/pass c x y 2 z 1 3

    29. Pistol Right 35 Delay OZ to x Pistol Right Suicide Y pass(triple pancake) three crack backs by receivers. y x 2 z 1 3 3 back waits

    30. PISTOL CHECK TO REDCall it KentuckyThe Pistol will have a check to RED- 2Y/ Kentucky 8-Ohio2 and Y run a mesh---X runs an 8 and Z runs an Ohio with the fake 32 by the 3 back.  x y 2 z 1 3

    31. Voodoo BonePhase 3this year the QB is running. O-line splits 2-3 2 pt stance 8/10 yards x Y 2 z 5 1 6/4 3

    32. What the Voodoo Bone does. • Our VB will give us the threat of the triple Option. • RB – running the Backside B-gap line- this makes the Defense play this first.- forcing read on the runs • QB has the ability to pull (run and keep) and hit the 6/8 hole. This forces the SS and DE on that side to play a wide game of containment, • Passes- constant and mirrors routes run by the receivers and our X-in his E choice backside route, makes them either go to cover 1 or cover 2- 5 in the box we always run then! If they double team a WR then someone has to be free!

    33. BASE PLAY in VBVB Colt Right IZ to x fence 2211 mirror de x Y 2 z 1 3

    34. VB single tight right IZ to xfence89 mirror(with STEMS) x y 2 z 1 3 Y on block out or on to clear QB pull

    35. VB Colt 2 Jet 13 Voodoo TrapIZ to YOpposite VB colt Z jet 14 Voodoo TrapIZ to x x u Y 2 z 1 3

    36. VB Pro Right Wild Waggle 18 sweep or Pass OptionQB- run or throw to the 89- or set up the backside E-choice for the TD Fence x Y z 1 2 3 Stem it

    37. VB Colt 2 Moon Load 18IZ to YOpposite is VB Colt Z Moon Load 17IZ to X x Y 2 z 1 3

    38. VB Pro Left Z suicide-17 Load- IZ to YOpposite-VB Pro Right Z suicide-18 Load –IZ to y x Y z 1 2 3

    39. VB single-tight Right Pro Texas Dart 33IZ to YOpposite is VB single-tight Left Pro Utah Dart 24iz to x  x t Y z 1 3 2

    40. VB Rodeo Right QB 14 Utah DartQB 1 step drop wait for Utah and GoXOZ to YOpposite Rodeo left QB13 Texas DartOZ to Y x u Y 3 z 2 1 Stem 89 Triple pancake

    41. VB Single-Tight Flip 26 TEXAS OZ to XFlip side S/T/Y adjust block.Opposite is VB single-Tight Flip Z7 Utah x t Y z 2 1 3 1.QB flips ball to 2 or keeps and runs 7 option with 3 back 2.Texas clears first Man 3.Y if Man on Block if inside lock or seal Texas area. 4.Storm must stop anyone 2/3 teq 5.Center- If Nose on if 1 teq help Storm. 6.Backside OZ

    42. VB Single-Tight Right 2 moon Texas Veer TrapIZ to XOpposite is VB Single Tight Left Z moon Utah Veer TrapIZ to Y If DE is playing inside we block Outside we trap him out and give the dive. DE x t Y 2 z moon 1 3

    43. VB Tango Right Wild 18OZ Y x s t Y z 2 1 3

    44. VB TANGO California 34 BlastOZ to x x c Y z 2 1 3

    45. RED ZONE OFFENSEPHASE 4 • The Red Zone Offense will be built on these three offense running and passing scheme. • 1. Nebraska I- Power and Paw passing • 2. Spread formations Passing and Screens and QB keepers • 3. Full House passing and sweeps • The I and Spread game will get us to the 5 yard line where the Full house will take over

    46. THE NEBRASKA IBase runI right 33 Draw oz to x/ I left 34 draw oz to x I right 33 Draw

    47. DT left 33 drawoz to y z

    48. I 33 paw passX-D route(2 smash Ohio) Z-8

    49. I right 34 DiveOZ to Y

    50. I right 36 leadI left 35 lead