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2006. Asset Management. Private Equity. Indexes. Sustainability indexes Dow Jones STOXX - European AuSSI - Australian 55 licensees worldwide. Institutional mandates Investment funds. SAM Group Holding AG. SAM Group Holding AG.

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sam group holding ag

Asset Management

Private Equity


  • Sustainability indexes
    • Dow Jones
    • STOXX - European
    • AuSSI - Australian
    • 55 licensees worldwide
  • Institutional mandates
  • Investment funds
SAM Group Holding AG

SAM Group Holding AG

Founded on world-class research SAM offers three product areas

  • Largest global VC fund investing in Cleantech
  • First Cleantech VC fund in Europe
  • Global deal flow
  • Unique investment team and Advisory Council
  • Dedicated technology specialists


  • One of the world‘s largest and most experienced sustainability research teams (13 analysts)
  • Sustainability database covering companies worldwide
sam private equity

Snapshot - SAM Private Equity

SAM Private Equity
  • 6 Principals
  • 5 Investment Directors and Technology Analysts
  • 3 Financial Analysts and Fund Administrators

Team (16 Employees)

  • Switzerland (HQ) – 2 Principals, 3 IDs/TAs, 2 FAs
  • Canada – 2 Principals, 2 IDs/TAs, 1 FA
  • USA – 1 Principal
  • Australia – 1 Principal


  • SPE – 18 active companies (plus 1 exited, 4 inactive)
  • CDP Mandate – 6 companies (5 co-invest with SPE)
  • OPG Mandate – 9 companies (1 co-invest with SPE)

Portfolio (25 active companies)

  • Board representation – 21 of 25 active portfolio companies
  • Lead / Co- lead investor – 23 of 32 transactions
  • Facilitated LP co-investments – 5 transactions

Active Manager

sam private equity team
SAM Private Equity Team


North America

Walter LocherPrincipal

Peter CrombiePrincipal

Gina DomanigHead PE

Gianni OpertoPrincipal


Roland Pfeuti Principal (AUS)

Luc CharronPrincipal

Philipp Hasler Invest. Director Materials

Hans DellenbachFinancial Analyst

Scott MacDonaldInvest. Director Software

Dany OuelletFinancial Analyst


Helge Daebel* Tech Analyst Water

Julia WingenFinancial Analyst

Markus MoorInvest. Director Energy

Charles VasletTech Analyst Energy

tbaTech Analyst Materials


Fabienne Monod Office Manager

Diane GauthierAdmin. Assistant

Advisory Council

* Helge Daebel will start in June

the cleantech sector

CLEANTECH – A Rapidly Emerging Investment Area

The Cleantech Sector
  • Continuing growth of global demand with increasing quality requirements
  • Limited supply of natural resources forcing alternative technology strategies
  • Efficiency gains sought to increase competitive advantage and drive down costs

“Clean technologies (Cleantech) optimize the use of natural resources while reducing environmental impact in ways that enhance economic value”

  • Disruptive technology shifts for Energy, Advanced Materials, Water / Agriculture
the cleantech sector1

CLEANTECH – A Compelling Investment Category

The Cleantech Sector

Critical Mass: In the last 3 years > US$3 billion in venture capital has been invested in the Cleantech companies thus increasing from 1% to 7% of all venture deals.

Substantial Growth: Clean technologies serve large and fast growing markets

  • The market for automation technologies that increase efficiency of energy management is valued at US$2-$5 billion.
  • Global wind energy markets, valued at US$5 billion in 2000 are expected to grow to $50 billion by 2012.
  • Industrial demand for clean water is driving the growth of water technologies from a US$6 billion market today into an expected US$20 billion market by 2012.

Strong Deal Flow: There is a strong and growing flow of attractive deals with over 500 venture capital transactions in this sector in the last 3 years.

sam private equity1

CLEANTECH – A Diversified Portfolio Of Emerging Technologies

SAM Private Equity


  • Renewable Energy
  • Fuel cells
  • Fuel processing
  • Batteries & Ultra-Cap
  • Key materials
  • New process technologies
  • Decentralized power generation
  • Energy storage
  • Vehicle drive train
  • Power for portable devices & mobility
  • Power quality

Venture Grade

  • Large market
  • Scalable business model
  • Strong customer value proposition


  • Advanced separation technologies
  • Tape casting
  • UV curing
  • Dispersion
  • Self assembly
  • Industrial biotechnology
  • Recovery of high value materials
  • Functional coatings
  • Conductive polymers
  • Ceramics / catalysts
  • Enzymes
  • Drinking water disinfection
  • Wastewater treatment
  • Desalination
  • Analytics
  • Biosolids minimization
  • Infrastructure renovation
  • Smart remote sensing
  • Enzyme technology
  • Novel UV systems
  • Robust membrane filtration
  • Lab-on-chip analytics
  • Sludge disintegration
  • Selective irrigation
  • Food safety & traceability
  • Biopesticides

Water / Agriculture

energy transaction ocean power delivery ltd
Energy Transaction – Ocean Power Delivery Ltd.
  • Wave Energy Converter called “Pelamis”
  • Snake-like floating device that will be moored in water depth of 30 – 100 meters
  • Single sections are connected by joints & hydraulic rams which pump high pressure oil through variable displacement motors thus producing electricity
  • Diameter of 3.5m, length of 120m, energy capacity of 750kW /Pelamis


Total invested: EUR 3.8 m

Share: 16.0%

Date of investment: 2002 & 2005

Location: United Kingdom

Other investors: NHTV, 3i, CTIL

Source of deal: strat. investor

Status: on track

Exit plan: IPO, 2005 or 2006


  • World’s first wave Full Scale Prototype to deliver power to the grid (2004)
  • US Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI) declares Pelamis to be best in class, stating that “the device development program provides a significant amount of reassurance that the device will operate as predicted”.
  • OPD secures it’s first commercial sale of 3 devices in Portugal worth EUR 9 mn

Market &(Future)Outlook

  • SAM provided leadership in the most recent private financing round
  • SAM assisted the company to negotiate and structure its first commercial sale to Portugal’s largest renewable energy developer
  • Gianni Operto, Principal, on the Board of Directors

SPE role &value added

energy transaction enocean gmbh
Energy Transaction – Enocean GmbH

Switches and sensors that operate wireless and battery-less. Combination of ultra-low energy consuming radio technology with unique energy conversion devices and sensors.

Breakthrough in low energy consumption for a radio module. The proprietary technology allows sensor or switch to be operated by the energy available and harvested in the near environment of the sensor.


Total invested: EUR 3 m

Share: 13.0%

Date of investment: Feb. 2005

Location: Germany

Other investors: Siemens, Wellington

Source of deal: Referred

Status: on track

Exit plan: Trade sale / IPO, 07/08




3.6bn market of switches and sensors for building automation (light switches, sensors etc.). Expected turnover in this market 30-40mio in 09/10

31bn market of switches and sensors for industrial automation. Expected turnover in this market 20-30mio in 09/10

>4bn market of switches and sensors for vehicle applications as well as the consumer electronics market are targeted in the medium term. Expected turnover in these markets can be significant.

Market &(Future)Outlook

  • Lead Series-C round financing
  • Ongoing constructive discussions on market development issues (energy industry)
  • Gianni Operto, Principal SPE, on the Board of Directors

SPE role &value added

water transaction inge ag
Water Transaction – inge AG

Patented “multi-bore” ultrafiltration membrane to treat drinking water, industrial water or wastewater. The robust structure of the membrane significantly decreases expensive risk of membrane leaking. For the customer this leads to enhanced reliability, lower operational and lower capital costs.


Total invested: EUR 2.5 m

Share: 20.5 %

Date of investment: Aug 2004

Location: Germany

Other investors: Siemens VC, Dynamics.

Source of deal: Referred

Status: on track

Exit plan: Trade sale / IPO, 2007


Ultrafiltration market for drinking/industrial applications currently EUR 400 mio.

Total market including wastewater applications expected to be EUR 8 bn in 2010.

Huge market potential in Asia for home applications.

Market &(Future)Outlook

  • Lead and syndicated the round.
  • Active participation and support in recruitment, financial reporting and transaction structuring. Reorganized reporting and helped acquiring new loans.
  • Gina Domanig, Head SPE, on the Board of Directors.

SPE role &value added

energy transaction ruggedcom inc
Energy Transaction – RuggedCom Inc.
  • Leading developer of networking and communications

technology of harsh electrical and climatic environments

  • Ruggedized Ethernet Switches for utility substations and harsh industrial applications
  • RuggedCom’s software/hardware products enable the communication backbone for the digital power grid of the future


Total invested: CAD 1.5 m

Share: 11%

Date of investment: 2003

Location: Canada

Other investors: EPCOR, E2

Source of deal: Referred

Status: On track

Exit plan: Trade sale 2006


  • Deployment of Ethernet for substation automation is gaining strong momentum as electric utilities replace antiquated technologies with the flexibility and cost effectiveness of Ethernet as the communications backbone.
  • Other growing markets include Industrial, intelligent transportation and government
  • Over 150 customers including: GE, ABB, Siemens, AEP, OPG, Hydro Quebec

Market &(Future)Outlook

  • OPGV Lead the Series A financing and syndicated the deal.
  • Assisted the company strengthen the management team, develop an employee compensation structure and implement disciplined financial and operational controls.
  • Scott MacDonald, Chairman of the Board of Directors and member of the Audit and Compensation Committees

Role & value added

sam s perspective
SAM’s Perspective
  • What types of companies are suitable for VC Financing?
  • What are the most promising investment areas in the cleantech sector?
  • What can a company expect from their VC partners once the deal is closed?

Scott MacDonald

SAM Private Equity