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Technology Lesson Plan

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Technology Lesson Plan. Using Ubersense in Grade 10 Physical Education. Technology Lesson Plan. Steffan Reimer EDUB 2500 A27. Lesson Overview. Class: Grade 10 Phys Ed Section: Basketball Academy Length: 75 Minutes. Learners.

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technology lesson plan

Technology Lesson Plan

Using Ubersense in Grade 10 Physical Education

technology lesson plan1
Technology Lesson Plan
  • Steffan Reimer
  • EDUB 2500 A27
lesson overview
Lesson Overview

Class: Grade 10 Phys Ed

Section: Basketball Academy

Length: 75 Minutes

    • Students in this section of physical education have all chosen to take part in a basketball only course offered at the school and as such, they are assumed to have some background knowledge of the sport
  • This lesson is near the beginning of the semester, as part of the fundamental building blocks of the course
  • Students are already familiar with the main concepts and mechanics of shooting a basketball as they were discussed in the previous class
learners cont
Learners cont.
  • For homework after last class, students were askedto download the ‘Ubersense’ app for either Apple or Android (free for both) and create a student user (also free)
  • While it is not expected that every student has a device capable of using Ubersense, students who do not have access are expected to partner or group up with someone who does
outcomes objectives
  • S.1.S2.A.2 – “select and refine manipulation skills applying mechanical principles related to activity-specific skills
  • Students will be able to use correct form when shooting a basketball
  • Students will be able to correctly identify positive and negative mechanics in shooting a basketball
safety considerations
Safety Considerations
  • Court is free of any objects
  • There is only one ball per group out on the court
  • No jewellery
  • Proper gym attire is worn
  • Basketballs – enough for one per group
  • Smart devices with Ubersense downloaded
  • Attendance/Partnering Up (0-5 minutes)
    • While taking attendance, have the students partner up with one partner having a smart device with Ubersense downloaded
    • If there is not enough devices, have as many groups of three as needed
  • Reviewing Basketball Shot Technique (5-15 minutes)
    • Have students recall the key fundamental points of shooting a basketball through questioning
    • Remind them of any points they may have not recalled
    • Answer any questions they may have on shooting mechanics
  • Introducing Ubersense (15-35 minutes)
    • With the students in their groups, have the students log into their Ubersense profile and walk through the Ubersense tutorial with them
    • Answer any questions they may have while going through tutorial
  • Main Activity (35-68 minutes)
    • In their pairs, have the each student video their partner shooting a basketball
    • The non-shooting partner will analyze their partners technique and give their partner feedback by slowing their clip down and breaking down every aspect of the shot
    • Students should be pausing the video and ‘marking up’ the screen to analyze the different aspects of the shot (ie. arm angle, leg use, etc)
  • Main Activity cont. (35-68 minutes)
    • Teacher should be circulating classroom answering any questions the students may have and helping with Ubersense if necessary
    • Students will save their analysis of their partner to their profile for hand-in purposes
  • Conclusion (68-75 minutes)
    • Bring the students back in and explain to them how to hand-in their analysis (emailing it to the teacher through Ubersense)
    • Ask for feedback on how the activity went, the good bad and ugly
    • Class dismissed
  • Students will not be assessed on their shot technique, but how well they analyzed and critiqued their partner.
  • Did they point out both the correct and incorrect mechanics of their partners shot?
class follow up
Class Follow-Up
    • There are a number of questions that the teacher must ask of themselves after the class:
  • Were the selected outcomes/objectives achieved?
  • Was using Ubersense an effective way of teaching this material?
  • What helped or hindered learning?
  • What revisions or adjustments in preparation, presentation, management, or evaluation strategies are necessary or useful?
  • What, if anything, should be re-taught or re-evaluated?