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Link It Company

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  1. Link It Company Supervised By: Mr.: Ahmed Abumsameh

  2. Students 2 1 Hashem S.Humeed Mohamed A.Al Ashy. Shaaban Kh.alhello Bader aldeen J.alsabeh. 3 4 5 5

  3. Planning

  4. Analysis

  5. Contents Introduction,Problem 1 The project ,Model 2 Requirements ,Analyses 3 USE case models ,Sequence Diagrams 4 Entity Relationship ,Class Diagram 5 5 5 Implementation & Design 5 5 6 5

  6. Introduction • The name of software … Design an internet web application for Link IT System Company • Why are we selected this project: -Modern construction company and help this important cause and to develop a large information system for the company. -Place the company is in the middle homes for students on the project. -Users need like this system to reaction with it. -The company has a large system and it's important to convert it to web application. -We have a good connection with some company members and can help us to do like this project

  7. Introduction Problem definition: • the organization use the paper systematic to archive his data and information • The advertisements which the organization made are not enough, and too cost. • Hard reaching to the information, or data, and the search function is too slow.

  8. The project • Project Definition: • Project Goals: Design an internet web, connect with database. • Project Scope: • The services of the project - Saving the data and the information of the customers, and training information. - Make the queries possible and the searching easier than before. - Advertisement services. • The project will be sure about some things like….. -Decrease the errors, and loosing any information or data from the database. - Increasing the security of the data, from any risks. • Project Users: The people who will use the project

  9. model • Work Breakdown: After we did the primary study of the project, we put the suitable work breakdown to this project, and we choose thewaterfall development model.

  10. Problem The phases of the waterfall model: • The first phase " REQUIREMENTS ANALYSIS & DIFINITION “ • The second phase" SYSTEM & SOFTWARE DESIGN“ • The third phase "IMPLEMENTATION & UNIT TESTING “ • The fourth phase "INTEGRATION &SYSTEM TESTING “ • The fifth phase "OPERATION & MAINTENANCE "

  11. Requirements definition System and software design Implementation and unit testing Integration and system Operation maintenance

  12. requirements • User requirements: • System requirements: Software Requirement -Microsoft Visio 2003 -Microsoft project 2003 -DreamWaver cs4 -WampServer 2.0 -SmartDrow 2010 -Flash 8

  13. Requirements (cont…) • None functional: -Reliability Our system as a website will be under many risks but we do the best to avoid all risks. -Availability The system will be available on 24 hour a day. -Security Authentication from username and password to login to related page…. -Maintainability The Manager can maintain any problem and modify any data. -Transferability/Portability Our system is a website so it is a platform independent and user can explore it by any web browser.

  14. Requirements (cont…) • Functional Requirement: • Detailed in the project file. • Add ST, Delete ST, Modify ST, Add TE, Delete TE, Modify TE, Add CO, Delete CO, Modify CO ,Report view, Login.

  15. Project Developing • Project Description: The project is design a web to use it in the organization, to increase the efficiency, speed of the work and to decrease the wasting time in the data flaw. • The objectives: -Convert the paper system to computer system or web system. -Electronic advertisement by the web. -The web will solve all the search , wasting time , and the efficiency problems. • Project Organization: The project divided into submissions, and for every mission we have one man to do it.

  16. Project Developing (cont…) And here you are the details with schedule time.

  17. Risk Analysis • There are tow kind of risks: The first kind "the risks which face the project in general from beginning to finish it". -The time wasn't enough to make a good project. -The employees were busy. the second kind Risks may the customers, or users face in using the project. And these few problems are: • May the users or the manager want some modifying or some accessories? And to solve this problem by make a maintenance contact. • At beginning, the users and customers may not use the web good. And the solution of this problem is by training.

  18. Resource Requirements • Hardware and software resource requirements: PART. A. Hardware Requirement -3 pc's -Scanner -Printer PART .B. Software Requirement -Microsoft Front Page 2003 -Microsoft Word 2003 -Microsoft Visio 2003 -Microsoft project 2003 -DreamWaver cs4 -WamoServer 2.0 -SmartDrow 2010 -Flash 8

  19. USE Case Models

  20. Sequence For Viewing Marks

  21. Sequence For Registration

  22. Entity Relationship:

  23. Class Diagram:

  24. Implementation &Design • programming language: -Chose the programming language PHP Chosen because it is the language of art, met all the requirements of the system, where data structures, dealing with Internet sites and this was the main reason, because the system should work on the web. -Also convenient to control the color and form through the pages CSS, JavaScript and deal with this for the convenience of the user and good interaction with the system

  25. Interface • Page to enter users and powers according to the type of user

  26. Interface (Cont…) • Registration page on the site

  27. Interface (Cont…) • Page of the trainee

  28. the last • It is the last stage of the project and loads the web application for services from the company itself to be the experience of the new system, the user experience of the three rules of the Director, the coach and the trainee.

  29. the last (cont…) • The results are as follows: • A system (web application) the prerequisites set by the Director and the coach and the trainee. • 2. has the same system requirements of the project: 1- high-efficiency 2- easy to use 3- easy data archiving 4- speed the search for data 5- easy download advertisements on existing courses and raised courses 6- deal with the Director of trainees or students are faster and easier

  30. the last (cont…) • The project won the admiration of both the Director and the coach and the trainee 3 and the problem faced in the training of the students in the beginning, but that problem was solved by increasing the number of trainers or supervisors on the stage of Testing.

  31. End

  32. Thank You!