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Grant agreement no: SCS0-GA-2011-266054

Project overview Virtual Integrated Partnering (VIP) for SME service, technology and information providers in the European maritime sector. Grant agreement no: SCS0-GA-2011-266054. Background.

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Grant agreement no: SCS0-GA-2011-266054

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  1. Project overviewVirtual Integrated Partnering (VIP) for SME service, technology and information providers in the European maritime sector Grant agreement no: SCS0-GA-2011-266054

  2. Background Successful collaboration remains a problem within the European SME sector, as identified by the 2007 Observatory Survey*. • Lack of awareness of service, technology, and information advances, e.g., VRShips, VIRTUE, and SAFEDOR EU funded projects have produced innovations that have been successfully exploited on a small scale. There is a need for a more aggressive approach with regard to exploitation of advances through collaboration. *The Gallup Organisation, (2008). Observatory of European SMEs, European Commission

  3. EuroVIP project aim “ To improve the competitive position of European maritime SMEs through the creation of effective collaborative and co-ordinated partnerships for the exchange of service, technology and information advances and innovations from industry and academia”

  4. EuroVIP primary activities Will focus on three key areas: • Establish a European network of organisations (academia, industry, associations). • Initial core working group of composed of SMEs, large companies, academic institutions, and national associations. • Will extend by at least a further 40 companies during the project. • Identify service, technology, and information advances together with best practice. • Deploy appropriate technology to support this transfer. • European Maritime Collaboration Portal • Virtual Integration Platform (VIP) developed in VRShips, VIRTUE, and SAFEDOR projects.

  5. EuroVIP - Creating and supporting long-term partnerships Long-term, flexible partnerships “partnership/ collaboration structure” develops and supports EuroVIP facilitates exchange “partnership/ collaboration requirements” Service Technology Information

  6. EuroVIP partners: 18 + 14 Six SMEs and research organisations: HSVA, Marin, KSTP, PIAP, S@S, SSPA Three Large Enterprises: Arsenal do Alfeite, Atkins, Babcock Two universities: UoS, ZUT Seven associations: AIN, DM, EMEC, GESAD, GICAN, IPPT, SMI Participation partners: 14

  7. Our main objectives?&How you can benefit?

  8. EuroVIP main objectives Benefits • You can establish links with our core networking group. • Your collaboration requirements can also be addressed. Instigate core networking group to foster the establishment of dynamic partnerships among European SMEs, larger companies, and academia. Identify collaboration/ partnership requirements.

  9. EuroVIP main objectives Benefits • You can use and benefit from the structure and operation of the partnerships developed in the project. • You can establish partnerships with other companies through exchange/transfer of STI advances. Develop the structure and operation of partnerships and use the VIP to effectively transfer service, technology and information (STI) advances and best practice in support of these partnerships. Develop partnerships that feature exchange/transfer of STI advances and best practice to improve competitive advantage.

  10. EuroVIP main objectives Benefits • You can be involved to benefit from the partnerships so as to improve your competitive advantage. • You can join our participant group. Support partnering to illustrate, through applications, that the exchange/transfer of STI advances and best practice improves competitiveness. Extend the networking group.

  11. EuroVIP main objectives Benefits • You can have long term partnerships with business partners you established through the EuroVIP. • You can get access to the best practice and results of the project. Facilitate the development of future collaborative research challenges and strategies, so that partnerships will be sustained beyond the project. Disseminate and exploit collaboration best practice and results obtained from this project, through a series of workshops and conferences, to a wider audience.

  12. Project activities

  13. Project work approach User’s requirements are identified and addressed continuously and iteratively. Scrum methodology – user driven Discovery Discovery Discovery Realisation Realisation Realisation Impact Impact Impact

  14. Work description Best practice / Results Operational collaboration Technical collaboration Collaboration portal Information Technology Service Applications

  15. Operational level of collaboration To address the infrastructure, management structure and operational processes of innovative service, technology and information exchange. Operational collaboration model Discover and prioritise operational collaboration requirements Enable operational collaboration and networking Analyse impact of operational collaboration

  16. Technical level of collaboration Consolidate the best innovative techniques and mechanisms into delivering a robust and reliable platform, which accelerates transfer of innovative technologies and research results. Discover and prioritise technical collaboration requirements Enable technical collaboration and networking Analyse impact of technical collaboration

  17. Enhancing networking and partnering Partnership repository Search and dynamic rapid configuration, realisation and delivery of integrated partnerships Deliver a facility that includes a repository of collaboration partners, innovative STI exploitables, providing a unified search and retrieval mechanism of the available resources.

  18. Applications Applications (cases) will be conducted focusing on service, technology and information transfer at the operational and technical level.

  19. Best practice and results sharing To disseminate the project results and best practice to a wider audience, in order to promote SMEs broader engagement.

  20. Participant group No contractual obligations to the project. Facilitate technology transfer. Free access to the EuroVIP systems inc. European Maritime Collaboration Portal and Virtual Integration Platform (VIP). As the basis for expanding collaboration potential. Will be invited for project annual show, workshops, and demonstrations. Will be informed of project advances through newsletters. Will constitute as a potential collaborative partner.

  21. In summary EuroVIP: To promote effective collaborative partnerships for the exchange of service, technology and information advances and innovations What/how you can benefit: Free access to the EuroVIP events and systems Facilitated partnering and technology transfer Access to the best practise of collaboration Cost: Free What we want from you: Your experience and knowledge Your requirements to improve the EuroVIP delivery

  22. Thank you!eurovip@strath.ac.uk+44 (0)141 548 2091

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