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New FTC (MAP)-Mortgage Acts and Practices advertising requirements To view ruling go to: - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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RatePlug System Enhancements : Recordkeeping & Retrieval process to address new FTC (MAP) Mortgage Acts & Practices Policies Protecting Lenders, Real Estate Brokers and their Agents. 1. New FTC (MAP)-Mortgage Acts and Practices advertising requirements To view ruling go to:

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RatePlug System Enhancements :Recordkeeping & Retrieval process to address newFTC (MAP) Mortgage Acts & Practices PoliciesProtecting Lenders, Real Estate Brokers and their Agents


New FTC (MAP)-Mortgage Acts and Practices advertising requirements

To view ruling go to:


The new regulations impact all real estate professionals who provide information regarding mortgages to clients or customers. This information can be as simple as a rate sheet, but would also include flyers and other displays. There are 2 areas of focus that RatePlug has addressed to protect the Lender, the Broker and the Agent:

Disclaimer language— RatePlug has embedded the NAR recommended disclaimer and has incorporated this language into the MLS displays and property flyers generated through RatePlug.

Record Keeping— The new regulations specify that real estate professionals are required to archive all communications for a minimum of two years and a maximum of 6 years from the date that the communication was made available to the consumer. RatePlug archives every lender display created on MLS property reports as well as every property flyer generated through the RatePlug system for 6 years for retrieval at a later date if necessary.


When a RatePlug member logs onto the system, a new link ‘RatePlug Display Archive’ is available on the dashboard.


The member can search for archived displays created for property flyers or any of the displays within the MLS system that a customer had access to.


Once the type of display is chosen, the member can select a time frame from a drop down box or they can specify a date range to query.



They can also narrow the search criteria down to displays that were created for a specific Agent they are affiliated with through RatePlug.


Once the search criteria are set, the member submits the query and all the displays that match are displayed chronologically.


By clicking on the link for a specific image, a pop up window will display a PDF file of the exact image the customer had viewed.


It is important to note that RatePlug has added the NAR recommended disclaimer language to every property flyer and MLS display to protect the Broker and Agent.


All archived images can be printed or they can be saved as a zipfile to be downloaded to store elsewhere.