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Microsoft Word Basics: Home Tab

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Microsoft Word Basics: Home Tab - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Microsoft Word Basics: Home Tab. Computer Information Technology – Section 4-2. Some text and examples used with permission from: Word Ribbon. Objectives: The Student will: Understand the Ribbon in Word

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microsoft word basics home tab

Microsoft Word Basics:Home Tab

Computer Information Technology – Section 4-2

Some text and examples used with permission from:

word ribbon
Word Ribbon
  • Objectives:
    • The Student will:
      • Understand the Ribbon in Word
      • Know the function of the commands on the Home tab of the ribbon
word ribbon rulers and gridlines
Word Ribbon, Rulers and Gridlines


  • The Word window includes the ribbon, rulers and gridlines to help with your word processing tasks. Which ones are showing can be changed by clicking on the  View tab in the ribbon and turning the parts on or off.



word ribbon home tab
Word Ribbon – Home Tab
  • The Home tab has the most commonly used commands. Some of these groups are common in most Windows products.
  • The groups on the Home tab are:
    • Clipboard
    • Font
    • Paragraph
    • Styles
    • Editing
word ribbon home tab1
Word Ribbon – Home Tab
  • Some groups have a dropdown arrow which will open a taskbar or a dialog box for that group.
word home groups clipboard
Word Home Groups: Clipboard
  • Clipboard group allows you to Cut, Copy, Paste or format paint.
      • Cut (scissors button) removes the selected text to the Clipboard.
      • Copy (two pages button) places a copy of selected text on the Clipboard
      • Paste (clipboard and paper button) places a copy of what was on the Clipboard at the cursor location.
      • FORMAT PAINTER: (paint brush) Copies the formatting of the selected text and then applies it to other text that you drag across. Double-click the button and you can apply the formatting many different places.
word home groups font
Word Home Groups: Font
  • Font group allows you to change the font, font size, clear formatting, set the font style, highlight the text and change font color.
  • We will cover the details of the Font group tomorrow.
word home groups paragraph
Word Home Groups: Paragraph
  • The paragraph group allows you to set the alignment, indent text, begin lists, etc.
word home groups paragraph1
Word Home Groups: Paragraph
  • Start a list (bullet, number or multi-level list)
  • Decrease or Increase indent
  • Sort text or numbers
  • Show or hide paragraph and other hidden formatting symbols
  • Align the text (left, center, right, justify)
word home groups paragraph2
Word Home Groups: Paragraph
  • Line spacing – the dropdown allows you to choose the spacing
  • Shading – Color the background of the selected text or paragraph. The dropdown allows you select the color
  • Borders – Customizes the borders of the selected cell or text.
word home groups styles
Word Home Groups: Styles
  • The Styles group allows you to set the style of the selected text.
    • The Styles group displays the styles available in the current template. A style is a way to easily apply a whole set of characteristics at once to selected text or to a whole paragraph.
word home groups styles1
Word Home Groups: Styles
  • Setting a different Style will change the look of an entire document.
  • Change the style of the document by clicking the dropdown for Change Styles and then clicking on Style Set.
word home groups editing
Word Home Groups: Editing
  • The Editing group allows you to find, replace and select text.
  • The Ribbon in Office 2007 replaces the menus and the toolbars in previous versions.
  • The most commonly used commands are included on the Home tab of the Ribbon.
  • The small arrows at the bottom of each group will open a dialog box for the commands in that group.
rest of today
Rest of Today
  • Complete Homework 4-1 and 4-2 (worksheet)
  • Mavis Beacon for the remainder of the time