Unit 19 the air waybill
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unit 19 The Air Waybill. 教学重点和难点: 1 .重点:航空货运单的内容。 2 .难点:航空货运单的内容。. 一、航空货运单 (考试重点)

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Unit 19 the air waybill




Unit 19 the air waybill

一、航空货运单 (考试重点)

课文:The Air Waybill (AWB) is the most important document for a batch of airfreight goods. It is both a contract for transportation between a carrier and a shipper (or an agent for a shipper) and a receipt and delivery of the shipment.

注释:Air Waybill:航空货运单 batch: 一批 airfreight: 空运,货物空运

Unit 19 the air waybill

课文:An air waybill is also used for freight bill calculation, customs declaration, and specific information on handling the shipment.

注释:calculation: 计算,考虑 custom declaration: 海关申报(declaration: 宣布,申报)


Unit 19 the air waybill

课文:Usually, an air waybill is non-negotiable, that is, the goods must be sent to the consignee titled in the air waybill.

注释:non-negotiable: 不可转让的


Unit 19 the air waybill

课文:Each shipment has an air waybill. For consolidated shipment, individual air waybills, called the house air waybills, are also combined into a master air waybill for the consolidated shipment.

注释:consolidated shipment: 集运货物 house air waybill: 分运单 master air waybill: 主运单


Unit 19 the air waybill

课文:The AWB number is the identification of each consignment. It comprises three parts; a three-digit prefix identifying the carrier, the main portion identifying the consignment, and the last check digit for accounting and security purposes.

注释:identification: 辨认, 鉴定, 证明 consignment: 所托运的货物, (货物的)交托, 交货, 发货, 运送 comprise: 包含,组成 portion: 一部分,部分 check digit: 校验数位 accounting purpose: 会计目的

Unit 19 the air waybill

课文:Each air waybill may have over ten copies. They are sent to the shipper, the consignees, and various departments (e.g., cargo section, accounting section, warehouse, etc.) of the carrier of goods.

注释:various: 不同的 department: 部, 局, 处, 科, 部门 section: 部分

Unit 19 the air waybill

课文:The copy marked “Original 3 (For Shipper)” is the copy that would normally be presented under a documentary credit,

注释:normally: 正常地, 通常地 documentary credit: 跟单信用证


Unit 19 the air waybill



1)The correct shipper (“A”) and consignee (“B”) must be shown


Unit 19 the air waybill

2)The airports of departure (“C”) and destination (“D”) must be shown


3)The goods description (“E”) must be consistent with that shown on other documents.

货物的描述(“E”)必须与其他的单据一致(注释:consistent with: 与…一致)

Unit 19 the air waybill

4)Any weights, measures or shipping marks (“F”) must agree with those shown on other documents.

航空货运单上记载的重量、尺寸或者唛头(“F”)必须与其他单据一致(注释:agree with: 同意,适合,在这里引申为“一致,相符”)

5)It must be signed and dated by the actual carrier (“G”) or by the named agent of a named carrier.


Unit 19 the air waybill

6) It must state whether freight (“H”) has been paid or is payable at destination


Unit 19 the air waybill

三、航空货运单的种类 is payable at destination

3-1 正本航空运单

课文:There are different types of air waybills. An original AWB is what we mentioned.


Unit 19 the air waybill

课文: is payable at destination If the AWB is missing, the customer relation unit of the cargo section will contact the cargo section of the originating counterpart to get a new set of air waybill.

注释:relation: 关系,联系 originating counterpart: 起运方


Unit 19 the air waybill

3-2 is payable at destination 替代航空运单


1)when the original AWB is missing; a substitute AWB would be used for urgent goods after obtaining the signature of the consignee on the substitute AWB; 当正本运单丢失后,在获得收货人的签字后可以使用签字后的替代运单用于紧急货物。(substitute AWB: 替代航空运单)

Unit 19 the air waybill

2 is payable at destination )when re-forwarding cargo which is over-carried or wrongly off-loaded; 当货物漏卸或者不正当卸货需要重新发送货物时,可使用替代运单 (注释:over-carried: 漏卸)

Unit 19 the air waybill

3 is payable at destination )when transit goods waiting is without original AWB;


4)when a disposal is received for transit goods from the originating station.

当收到起运站可支配转口货物的授权时,可使用替代运单(注释:disposal: 处理,处置 originating station: 起运站)

Unit 19 the air waybill

3-3 is payable at destination 中性航空运单/中性票

课文:An AWB is called a neutral AWB if the air carrier is not specified in the air waybill.

注释:neutral AWB: 中性航空运单 (neutral: n. 中立者,中立国 adj. 中立的,中立)

Unit 19 the air waybill

四、货物舱单 (考试重点) is payable at destination

课文:One can imagine that quite a number of air waybills come along with a fully loaded aircraft. These air waybills are sorted into envelopes according to the way that goods are packed.

注释:imagine: 想象,设想 come along: 发生,出现fully loaded aircraft: 满载飞机 sort: 分类,拣选 envelope: 信封,封套,封袋

Unit 19 the air waybill

课文: is payable at destination The Cargo Manifest is an other document put on face of each envelope. It is a listing of all AWB’s put inside the envelop.

注释:Cargo Manifest:货物舱单


Unit 19 the air waybill

课文: is payable at destination A cargo manifest forms the check list for cargo handling and cargo revenue accounting. It is a source to compile cargo statistics, and is part of flight’s general declaration for customs clearance. Air waybills can also be classified according to time.

注释:cargo handling: 货物装卸 revenue accounting: 收益帐,收入账目(revenue: 收入,税收 accounting: 会计学,清算账目)source: 来源,消息来源,原始资料 compile: 编译,编辑,汇编 statistics: 统计,统计数字 classify: 分类,分等

Unit 19 the air waybill

五、收货核对清单和指示单(考试重点) is payable at destination

课文:The Air Waybills and Cargo Manifest are documents going with aircraft.

注释:go with: 伴随,与…相配 aircraft: 飞机


Unit 19 the air waybill

课文: is payable at destination There are documents staying on ground used by air terminals and airlines. When shippers bring goods to an air terminal for export, they received the Reception Check List from the air terminal.

注释:air terminal: 航空集散站 Reception Check List: 收货核对清单

Unit 19 the air waybill

课文: is payable at destination This list is used as the proof of the receipt of goods for the Export Counter of the cargo section to generate the Air Waybill of the shipment.

注释:Export Counter: 出口柜台 generate: 生成


Unit 19 the air waybill

课文: is payable at destination In order for the Export Counter to produce a filled the Air Waybill, a shipper also needs to produce the Instruction Form to the Export Counter.

注释:Instruction Form: 指示单


Unit 19 the air waybill

课文: is payable at destination In this form, a shipper has to report all the necessary information, such as name of shippers and consignee, airport of departure and destination, goods description, weight of goods, etc.


Unit 19 the air waybill

课文: is payable at destination In the course of producing the Airway Bill and the Cargo Manifest, the Export Handling Unit also produces the Premanifest, which is a document similar to a manifest but sent to an air terminal for cargo build up.

注释:in the course of: 在…期间