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Internet Politics New Frontier

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Internet Politics New Frontier - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Internet Politics New Frontier. By: Rando l ph Lord Section: 003. The Importance of Change. Politics using the internet has certain qualities which helps it stand out from other media outlets. Availability Fast Information Voice to people Connectivity Awareness. From Letters to Emails.

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internet politics new frontier

InternetPolitics New Frontier

By: Randolph Lord

Section: 003

the importance of change
The Importance of Change
  • Politics using the internet has certain qualities which helps it stand out from other media outlets.
  • Availability
  • Fast Information
  • Voice to people
  • Connectivity
  • Awareness
from letters to emails
From Letters to Emails
  • The internet has a tremendous impact on society. Mediums such as radio and television have changed society and in the same turn so has the internet.
  • Where once newspapers and news programs were the main avenues for politicians to spread their message, now internet has become a necessary means for any hopeful politician to get their message heard.

Newspapers have been losing revenue due to the Internets quickness to post news on politics quicker.

availability of policies
Availability of Policies
  • With the internet’s power people are able to be:
  • Informed of new policies.
  • They can see the changes that their representatives want to initiate and respond to them.
  • Allows people to research and respond to politics is amazingly fast.
  • It gives them a voice for them to spread their views on what the politicians are doing.
giving the public a voice
Giving the Public a Voice
  • Whichever side of the political aisle a person sits on, one thing is for certain there will be strong beliefs and views.
  • The Internet gives people a forum in which they can openly voice their opinions about the current state of affairs in the political arena.
  • The face of the political world is constantly changing, and the Internet gives you the ability to keep fully informed with the most recent and latest updated news and events.
  • It also gives you a direct link to all of the currently proposed bills, making it possible for you to weigh in and even have an effect on the outcome by voicing your opinions to local elected officials.
  • The internet has made it easier to connect with others who have the same political views.
  • The internet exposes people to wider range of political issues.
  • It appeals to the younger generation and makes them want to vote.
  • The material online build awareness which influences people to vote and make decisions.
  • Politicians have found that the internet can be a useful tool to gain people’s attention and to gain a follow ship. Politicians use the internet to :
  • Raise funds
  • To platform for their agendas
  • Increase people awareness of issues
  • To gain creditability
the internet a powerful political tool
The Internet– a Powerful Political Tool
  • A video speaking to the significance of internet as a political tool.
the 2008 election
The 2008 Election
  • Within this one election did you see how the internet played a pivotal role in the election.
  • Every week their would be new messages posted on the participants websites talking about their agendas.
  • The amount of publicity and support received from this messages decided the outcome of the election.
charting media outlets during the 2008 election
Charting Media Outlets during the 2008 election
  • This pie graph represents the percentage of the media outlets used by the participants in the election.

The 2004 president race compared to the 2008 election was decidedly based on the internet

  • The rise of the internet as the new medium for which politics is spread is only going to become more vital.
  • In the upcoming 2012 election you will see the candidates relying heavily on the internet as well as television ads to spread their political message.
  • So I tell you do not be surprised when your on face book and a political ad pops up with a new face who may be the next president.

Donald Trump is rumored to be running for president .

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