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Business Concepts. Expectations For:. Classroom/ Students/ Teacher. Spring 2014 Days 2, 4, 6 Pd. 3. Classroom Purpose.

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Business Concepts

Expectations For:

Classroom/ Students/ Teacher

Spring 2014

Days 2, 4, 6

Pd. 3

Classroom purpose
Classroom Purpose

  • To become a community of leaders and learners. This community is defined as a classroom full of students and a teacher that takes an active role to consistently performing up to and beyond their limits as people, students, and productive members of a global society.

Classroom expectations
Classroom Expectations

  • Students and Teacher are expected to be in the classroom for class! We days 2, 4 and 6 from 10:59- 12:28. This means all will be in class on time and will stay in the classroom unless clearly communicated otherwise.

  • Students and Teacher are expected to stay on task and focused on the classroom purpose and individual goals. More on this later….

  • Students and Teacher are expected to be respectful while others are communicating ideas. This class will be filled with teacher, expert, group, and individual presentations.

  • Students and Teacher can expect all Palisades Handbook Rules to be applied

Students expectations
Students Expectations

  • You CHOSE to be here- and I’m glad! There had to be something about Business Concepts that interested you. I expectyou to stay focused on exploring what you are (or maybe what you are not) interested in while you are here. If there a specific Business Concepts topic you want to learn about while here- you need to let me know….

Teacher expectations
Teacher Expectations

  • I CHOSE to be a business teacher- and I’m glad about that as well! There is a lot about Business Concepts that interests me. You can expect me to be knowledgeable and focused on the subject. It is my job to make every effort to address your personal interests that you express to me.