on solid ground the alfred wegener story n.
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On Solid Ground The Alfred Wegener Story PowerPoint Presentation
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On Solid Ground The Alfred Wegener Story

On Solid Ground The Alfred Wegener Story

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On Solid Ground The Alfred Wegener Story

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  1. On Solid GroundThe Alfred Wegener Story

  2. Alfred Wegener • Alfred Wegener was a German scientist • He was trained to be an astronomer (someone who studies Outer Space). • He spent most of his life working as a meteorologist (a scientist who studies weather).

  3. A True Scientist • Alfred Wegener was: • Curious about the world around him; • Asked questions about his observations; • Systematically looked for explanations for things he saw even if it did not apply to his job (weather and climate)

  4. The Theory of Continental Drift • He was the first person to suggest (1910) that the continents of the world were moving and • The continents were all squished together as one Super-Continent. • He called this idea “The Theory of Continental Drift

  5. Evidence of Continental Drift • One of the first clues to his theory came from looking at the shape of the continents. He noted that they look like they could fit together, like pieces of a jigsaw puzzle.

  6. Evidence of Continental Drift • Reptile Fossil found in South America & South Africa

  7. Evidence of Continental Drift • Fossils of tropical ferns found in the Arctic. • There is no way that those topical plants could ever live that far north. • Therefore, he thought that those northern areas must have been down nearer the equator at some point in history.

  8. Pangaea – The Super Continent • He named the supercontinent, Pangaea [pan-GEE-uh]. • Pangaea is a word that means “all the earth”.

  9. Who does he think he is? Leave geology to the big boys! Back to your glacier, Weather Boy! Continental Drift – Really! What a load of non-sense. Everyone knows about Land bridges! Scientists Gave His Theory A Rude Reception!

  10. Wegener’s Last Expedition • In 1930 Wegener returned to Greenland. • He was the expedition leader • They were there to study the great ice cap

  11. Wegener’s Last Expedition • The ships were stuck in harbour ice for 2 months!

  12. Wegener’s Last Expedition • Due to storms & terrible weather conditions, some critical supplies did not make it to Middle Camp: • Tent • Radio transmitter • Some food

  13. Wegener’s Last Expedition • Wegener sets out with Lowe and a big team of Greenlanders to rescue the Middle Camp team! • Conditions were too harsh and many turned back!

  14. Wegener’s Last Expedition • Only Wegener, Lowe and Villumsen (a Greenlander) made it to Middle Camp. • Wegener & Villumsen are is great condition. • Lowe is badly frostbitten!

  15. Wegener’s Last Expedition • Turns out that Middle Camp dug an Ice cave and found a way to ration their food. • They did not need Wegener’s help!

  16. Wegener’s Last Expedition • Wegener celebrated his 50th birthday and then turns around to head back to base camp! • Villumsen goes with him.

  17. Wegener’s Last Expedition • The last photo of Wegener & Villumsen before they set off into the Greenland wilds.

  18. Wegener’s body was buried with care by Villumsen and mark by Wegener’s ski poles. • It was thought that he died of a heart attack in his tent!

  19. Wegener’s Last Expedition • A cross was put up to mark the spot where Wegener’s body was found. • Both the body and the cross have disappeared under the glacier!

  20. Wegener’s Last Expedition • Though his theory was still not believed, he died a HERO who risked his life to save those of this team. • Eventually, scientists did come to realize that his theory was correct.