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Non nVision Reporting

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Non nVision Reporting - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Non nVision Reporting. Finance Systems Training. Rohin Whitford Finance Business Solutions – User Support & Training. Agenda. NS Financials Overview Reporting Options Downloads & Inquiries Standard Reports Customer & Vendor Reports Purchasing Reports Billing Reports

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Non nVision Reporting

Finance Systems Training

Rohin Whitford

Finance Business Solutions – User Support & Training



  • NS Financials Overview
  • Reporting Options
  • Downloads & Inquiries
  • Standard Reports

Customer & Vendor Reports

Purchasing Reports

Billing Reports

Payment Reports

  • Trees
  • GLFS Report
  • PS Query
our systems
Our Systems

Finance Portal

Student Administration

FIMS (Calumo)

NS Financials

General Ledger updates overnight

HRMS / Payroll

Management Reporting



NS Financials Overview


Asset Management

Credit Card


Accounts Payable



Accounts Receivable

General Ledger



Reporting Options

  • “Download” Reports
  • Inquiries
  • Standard Reports
  • PS/Query
  • n/Vision (nVision Reporting is covered in a separate class)
  • Calumo(Calumo Reporting is covered in a separate class)





If you are a functional user of NS Financials, wherever you see this icon you have the option to download the list to Excel.

Portal Menu Inquiries

Useful Inquiry for looking up Suppliers (AP Vendors)

To View – Supplier Inquiry

Useful Inquiry for looking up Suppliers (AR Accounts)

To View – Customers

Useful Inquiry for looking up Expense Reimbursement Status

To View - Expense Reimbursement Status

(may also be accessed from Main Menu)

Handy Inquiries


Useful Inquiry for looking up a Requisition lifecycle

eProcurement/Manage Requisitions/Requisition Cycle Icon

Useful Inquiry for looking up a Purchase Orders lifecycle

Purchasing/PO’s/Review PO Info/Activity Summary

Useful Inquiry for looking up Payment status on a UNSW Invoice

Accounts Receivable/Customer Accounts/Customer Information/Customer Activity

Budget Overview Inquiry

Summary position of your Budget or Project, ie: how much money is left or how much is encumbered.

Handy Inquiries



Requisition Lifecycle

Go to Manage Requisitions under the eProcurement Menu


Requisition Lifecycle

You can drill down on the hyperlinks to view more detailed information


Requisition Lifecycle

Not an asset

No changes

No returns

Invoice entered

No payment made


Purchase Order Lifecycle


Purchase Orders

Review PO Information

Activity Summary


Purchase Order Lifecycle

SCTEC 0000048814

Enter the information of the Purchase Order you are inquiring about


Purchase Order Lifecycle

Purchase Order Details Tab

“What was ordered”


Purchase Order Lifecycle

Receipt Tab

“What was received”


Purchase Order Lifecycle

Invoice Tab (AP Voucher)


Purchase Order Lifecycle

Expand the tab menu’s


Purchase Order Lifecycle

Note the download to Excel option



There are many standard reports delivered with NS Financials. These can be found in the menu’s.

eprocurement reports
eProcurement Reports

eProcurement Reports

purchase order reports
Purchase Order Reports

Purchase Order Reports

credit card reports
Credit Card Reports

Credit Card Reports

ap reports
AP Reports

Accounts Payable Reports

ar reports
AR Reports

Accounts Receivable Reports

ar reports1
AR Reports

Accounts Receivable Reports


Reporting Terminology

Run Control

To run a report, you must tell the system when and where you want the report to run. For most reports, you must also set parameters that determine the content of the report, such as the business unit or time period on which to report. This is called a Run Control. Run Controls are unique to the User, i.e., only you can see and use them.

Process Instance

Once you’ve set your run control and pressed “RUN”, an instance starts processing to gather the information to put into the report based on the parameters set in the run control.

Process Monitor

Where you Monitor your process instance. You will only be able to access your report once the process runs to “Success” and the report has been “Posted”. Accessible from most reporting windows or via the Process Scheduler menu.

Report Manager

Where reports are posted once the Process Instance has run to Success.


“I want to print a report please, here are my requirements”

Run Control

Process Instance

Process runs to get it!

Process Monitor




Watching it work

Report Manager

Success! Your report has been Posted! Come and get it!


Standard Reports

Customer & Vendor Reports:

Customer Reports

  • Customers by Unit - AR31002 Lists active customers by business unit - CustID, name, address, phone/fax, Credit Analyst, Sales Person and collector.
  • Customers by SetID - AR31001

Lists all active customers by setID (always “GROUP”) - CustID, name, address, phone/fax, Credit Analyst, Sales Person and collector.

Vendor Reports

  • AP Vendor Summary - APY3001 Menu path = eProcurement / Reports / Vendor Summary Listing. List all vendors with Vendor ID, short vendor name, by class (Supplier, Employee, Student).
  • (May also be run as a query)

Standard Reports

Purchasing Reports:

Reports under Requisitions

  • Requisition to PO Xref - POY1100Lists your requisitions and their associated PO information for a business unit between a period of time. Useful if you use eProcurement.
  • PO to Requisition Xref – POY4100Lists your requisitions and their associated PO information for a business unit between a period of time. Useful if you use eProcurement.

Reports under Purchase Orders

  • PO Listing Report – POY4010

Provides a summary of all purchase orders by Business Unit between a period of time with multiple sort options. Also useful to identify PO’s with change orders.


Standard Reports

Reports under Purchase Orders (cont.)

  • Activity - POPO009

An awesome report for checking the balance of bulk Purchase Order's and/or Purchase Orders with balances outstanding, etc.

Menu Path =Purchasing / Review PO Information / Activity SummaryTo look up invoice numbers that have been applied against purchase orders, valuable for checking the balance of Bulk POs.

  • PO Open Encumbrances- FUPPO008

Shows all unpaid or partially paid Purchase Orders (including bulk orders) for a business unit between a period of time. (May also be run as a query)

Reports under eProcurement

Contains several inquiries and reports for Requisitions, Purchase Orders, Receipts, RTV (return to vendor) credit details, Match Exceptions, etc. Many of these reports are included in the “Reports under Purchase Orders” section.

  • Match Exceptions - APY1090

A useful report if you are responsible for resolving match exceptions.


Standard Reports

  • Billing Reports: ( Generate Invoices/ Reports)
  • Invoice Reports
    • Invoice Register - BIIVC002Invoice Register by Business Unit, by date range, sorted by invoice number.Suggested query “BI_DATE_DEP”
    • Invoice Register - BIIVC003
    • Invoice Register by Business Unit, by date range, sorted by Customer.Suggested query “BI_DATE_DEP”

Standard Reports

Tree Manager

  • Inquire on and print (optional)
    • ALL_ORGS organisational structure
    • ALL_FUNDS_CALUMO funding structure for fund codes to use
    • ALL_ACCOUNTS list of account codes to use, eg: for expenses or revenue
  • Always choose the one for the current budget period effective date, ie: 01/01/2013 for your Set ID. Eg: GROUP for UNSW and NSGLO for NS Global.

GLFS report (General Ledger Financial Statement)

  • Report listing of all Expenses / Income for a specific Project for a specific Budget Period. Schedule your reports to be run overnight. By ticking the required box additional information relating to AP Vouchers, AR information and Payroll details can be obtained.

GLFS Report

General Ledger

General Reports

Project Financial Statement


GLFS Report



The NS Financials Tree Manager functionality uses 'Trees' to graphically represent the hierarchy used to capture the relationship between entities and to determine the roll-up structure.

In this exercise we’ll be viewing the Tree hierarchy used by UNSW for all funds - called ALL_ACCOUNTS.

You can also view all organisation = ALL_ORGS and all accounts = ALL_FUNDS tree hierarchies in the same way



Go to the tree viewer and search for ALL_ACCOUNTS



Select the tree for this budget year



You can expand or collapse the tree depending on what you’d like to see



You can expand or collapse the tree depending on what you’d like to see



You can also print the tree


What is PS/Query?

PS Query is an end user reporting tool used to extract information by using visual representations of the NSF database, without having to know how to write SQL Statements.

Users can choose to use PS/Query in the following ways:

Display data in a grid (“run to html”)

Preview queries within Query Manager, displaying the result set in a grid for review. This option is useful as you refine your queries.

Download to an Excel spreadsheet

Choose to have the data downloaded and formatted as a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet. This option is available in your query search results, or after you run or schedule a query.



Search for the query you want to run




Enter the Project ID and Press View Results


Find Query Purpose

There are over a thousand query reports – here is how you can download a list of them.


Find Query Purpose

The name of the Query Report


Searching for Queries - Folders

  • FUP_AM Asset Management
  • FUP_ASSET Asset Management
  • FUP_AR Accounts Receivable
  • FUP_BI Billing
  • FUP_CC Credit Card
  • FUP_EP eProcurement
  • FUP_EX Expenses
  • FUP_GL General Ledger
  • FUP_MAT Matching
  • FUP_PO Purchasing
  • FUP_PROJ Projects
  • FUP_SEC Security
  • FUP_TR Travel Advances
  • FUP_VEN Vendors

Useful Queries

Use Query Description Query Name


List / Find Queries Find Query Purpose FIND_QUERY_PURPOSE

Check Chartfields Confirm Chartfield Combination FUP_PROJECT_COMBINATION


Checking payments List Payments for Invoices FUP_AR_PAYMENT_ITEM

Billing by Project Billing by Project FUP_BILLING_PROJECT

Billing by Department Invoices By Date & Dept by BU BI_DATE_DEP

Billing by BU with Biller Billing by Bus Unit w Biller FUP_BI_DETAIL_BY_BU_W_BILLER

Inv Activity Billing Invoice Activity by Dt FUP_BI_INVOICE_ACTIVITY

Inv Activity by Customer Billing Invoice Activity by Dt by CustFUP_BI_INVOICE_CUST_ACTIVITY


Voucher details for PO Enter POID-Return Vchr Details FUP_PO_VCHR_PYMT

PO Open Enc by BU List PO Open Encumbr by BUFUP_PO_OPEN_ENCUMB

PO Open Enc w/ Buyer List PO Open Encumbrby Buyer FUP_PO_OPEN_ENCUMB_BUYER

PO Open Enc by Dept List PO Open Encumbr by Dept FUP_PO_OPEN_ENC_BY_DEPT

List POs by Project ID POs incl. Chartfields FUP_PO_DETAIL_BY_PROJECT


Support & Guidance

  • Finance Website – Reporting
  • Reporting Guide (nVision & Calumo)
  • Online Training Tool
  • Quick Reference Guides

User Support & Training

  • Finance Website – Training

  • Training Enquiries
      • Rohin Whitford, Finance Trainer
      • Ext. 53550, Email