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Taylor ISD Strategic Planning Executive Committee PowerPoint Presentation
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Taylor ISD Strategic Planning Executive Committee

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Taylor ISD Strategic Planning Executive Committee
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Taylor ISD Strategic Planning Executive Committee

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  1. Taylor ISDStrategic Planning Executive Committee Report of Findings

  2. Process • Six Strategic Planning Committees Identified • Facilities • Programming (Academic/Non-Academic) • Finance • Technology • Parent/Community Involvement • Safety • Over 80 responses received for the 54 positions • Strategic Planning Executive Committee Chairs Identified and Trained

  3. Goal of Committees Gather findings that will assist the board and administration shape the vision of Taylor ISD for the future

  4. Guidance • Finding to be based on: • Lezotte’s “Correlates of Effective Schools • STUDENT SUCCESS and CONTINUOUS SCHOOL IMPROVEMENT • Reflection of committees’ vision of the future • Note: role of committees is not to attempt to create a “Master Plan” • Prioritize Findings • Present Top 3 for Each Committee to Board

  5. Effective Schools CorrelatesDr. Larry Lezotte • Instructional Leadership • Clear and Focused Mission • Safe and Orderly Environment • Climate of High Expectations • Frequent Monitoring of Student Progress • Positive Home-School Relations • Opportunity to Learn and Student Time on Task

  6. Facilities Committee

  7. SPEC ChairpersonLeslie Hill • Liaison • Carla Richter • Committee Members • Jason Richter • Karen Inglis • Alan Knust • Jarred Dorhauer • Diann Fox • Suzanne Strayhorn

  8. Facilities: Finding 1 • The committee located a Master Facilities Plan, however, it was from 2007 and has never been updated since that time. A process to update and communicate a district master facilities plan would benefit the district, the community and especially the students. Correlates: CLEAR AND FOCUSED MISSION and SAFE AND ORDERLY ENVIRONMENT

  9. Facilities: Finding 2 • The use of numerous portable classroom buildings in TISD does not provide for an enhanced teaching/learning environment for staff or students. Correlates: SAFE AND ORDERLY ENVIRONMENT; CLIMATE OF HIGH EXPECTATIONS and POSITIVE HOME-SCHOOL RELATIONS

  10. Programs Committee

  11. SPEC ChairpersonRose Palmer • Liaison • Jennifer Patschke • Committee Members • Jay Reed • Paula Talley • John Kaatz • Christine Lopez • Mark Schroeder • Vicki Rowe • Marcie Svatek

  12. Programs (Academic): • Note: The committee decided that our focus centered on academic programming as opposed to non-academic. As result we have four academic findings in lieu of non-academic findings.

  13. Programs (Academic):Finding 1 • Reduce fragmentation and encourage vertical teaming and alignment across all grade levels and subjects. This includes creating an atmosphere where high expectations create an environment of collaboration. Correlates: POSITIVE HOME-SCHOOL RELATIONS; CLIMATE OF HIGH EXPECTATIONS

  14. Programs (Academic):Finding 2 • Establish school characteristics that eliminate barriers that stand in the way of all students succeeding. These characteristics need to begin in elementary school and follow through Eighth grade. Correlates: CLIMATE OF HIGH EXPECTATIONS • Example 1: Reduce non-negotiable tracking of students into Pre AP and AP courses. Doing so will allow many more students the benefits of the rigor of these courses. • Example 2: Increase accountability in writing across all grades and curriculums. This is not only necessary for the impending STAAR exams but also essential for future expectations regarding career and college readiness.

  15. Programs (Academic):Finding 3 • Create a climate of high expectations that address career and college readiness by developing accountability standards for students, teachers and staff. Provide incentives or merits for staff that align with these expectations. To support these incentives, re-establish an educational foundation for Taylor schools. Correlates: INSTRUCTIONAL LEADERSHIP and CLIMATE OF HIGH EXPECTATIONS

  16. Programs (Academic):Finding 4 • Encourage students to develop a college/career readiness plan by educating students and parents throughout elementary and middle school about classes and options prior to the student entering high school. Correlates: INSTRUCTIONAL LEADERSHIP and CLIMATE OF HIGH EXPECTATIONS • Example: Hold information sessions and course fairs for students and parents. Offer these at several different times to provide equitable access for all families.

  17. Finance Committee

  18. SPEC ChairpersonJulie Rydell • Liaison • Danny Ward • Committee Members • Jennifer Garcia • Kristina Weise • Jeff Bedwell • Katherine Reddick • Kathie Preece • Armando Talavera

  19. Finance: Finding 1 • The district’s budget is primarily comprised of funds dedicated to specific expenditures which cannot be redistributed due to federal and state restrictions. The district has taken measure to reduce expenses and combine duplicated activities, but must support opportunities to increase revenue. Correlate: CLEAR AND FOCUSED MISSION • Reinstitute an “Educational Foundation Program” • Comprised of trained volunteers dedicated to pursuing smaller grant opportunities • Funds to support classroom and after school enrichment activities

  20. Finance: Finding 2 • Community involvement and active promotion by the school district will be essential to achieving financial goals. Short-term goals could include a concerted effort to improve attendance and explore additional grant opportunities. Long-term goals could include concentrated efforts by the district to document and promote TISD outside of the Taylor area. Correlate: POSITIVE HOME-SCHOOL RELATIONS • Develop a targeted campaign to improve attendance and ADA finding. • Encourage increased enrollment by pursuing transfer students from neighboring districts. • Explore creation of a TISD Community Ambassador Program to develop positive promotional materials and activities which focus on becoming the “District of Choice” in Central Texas

  21. Finance: Finding 3 • TISD has a rare opportunity to generate state funds without raising any local taxes through a Tax Ratification Election (TRE). By supporting this ballot initiative the district can raise $1.8 million the first year and $750,000 in all subsequent years. Correlate: CLEAR AND FOCUSED MISSION

  22. Technology Committee

  23. SPEC ChairpersonSergio Delgado • Liaison • Dara Richardson • Committee Members • Jim Carter • Jennifer Jewett • Susan Komandosky • Melanie Catuogno • Shelly Gill • Jennifer Greene

  24. Technology: Finding 1 • The district lacks cohesive expectations and process for maintaining, distributing, and inventory of technology to students/teachers/educators. Correlates: INSTRUCTIONAL LEADERSHIP and CLIMATE OF HIGH EXPECTATIONS

  25. Technology: Finding 2 • Teachers/parents are not aware of how to use all of features of the district/campus and teacher websites. There needs to be training, access, communication, a way to update emergency information. Correlates: INSTRUCTIONAL LEADERSHIP; CLEAR AND FOCUSED MISSION and POSTITIVE HOME-SCHOOL RELATIONS

  26. Technology: Finding 3 • A broad inconsistency of technology exists across district, (i.e. different versions of Office, Apple/PC, projectors, document cameras, etc.) Correlates: INSTRUCTIONAL LEADERSHIP; CLIMATE OF HIGH EXPECTATIONS and OPPORTUNITY TO LEARN AND STUDENT TIME ON TASK

  27. Parent/Community InvolvementCommittee

  28. SPEC ChairpersonMarge Tripp • Liaison • Patricia Alford • Committee Members • Terah Casey • Melissa Sanchez • Alma Haliday • Jose Orta • CandiGadison • John Matthews • Lilye Waters

  29. Parent/Community Involvement: Finding 1 • The current district mission statement does not meet the needs of all parents, students and community at this point and needs to be re-visited. Correlate: CLEAR AND FOCUSED VISION • Present district mission statement: •  "The chief responsibility of the Taylor Independent School District, working in concert with parents, business, and the public, is to prepare our children for the changes and challenges of the future”

  30. Parent/Community Involvement: Finding 2 • The TISD invitational atmosphere is not always felt throughout the district and currently there are limited opportunities to ensure parent, family, and community involvement in education which correlates with higher academic performance and school improvement. Correlates: POSITIVE HOME-SCHOOL RELATIONS; CLIMATE OF HIGH EXPECTATIONS

  31. Parent/Community Involvement: Finding 3 • School information distributed to parents, students and community should include formats to address language and other barriers to include access/use of technology. Correlates: POSITIVE HOME-SCHOOL RELATIONSHIP AND CLEAR AND FOCUSED MISSION

  32. Safety Committee

  33. SPEC ChairpersonJames Preece • Liaison • Richard Kolek • Committee Members • Stephanie Howard • Theresa Randig • Ed Komandosky • Eddie Tealer • Doug Austin • Jennifer Kolinek

  34. Safety: Finding 1 • An emphasis on relationship safety should be paramount and be addressed using an organized, detailed, and continuously improving methodology in areas such as, but not limited to, bullying, threats, sexual harassment, conflict resolution, mental health, and coping skills. Education surrounding these issues, with a strong emphasis to parents and students, should be the primary focus. Measurement indicators should be established to ensure continuous improvement. Correlates: INSTRUCTIONAL LEADERSHIP; FREQUENT MONITORING OF STUDENT PROGRESS; SAFE AND ORDERLY ENVIRONMENT

  35. Safety: Finding 2 • Inter-organizational relationships should be formally fostered and enhanced due to the “crossover” of many safety-related issues between school-district jurisdiction and non-school-district jurisdiction (i.e. bullying on-campus vs. off-campus, traffic safety around school properties, legislative impediments, etc.). Correlate: INSTRUCTIONAL LEADERSHIP

  36. Safety: Finding 3 • A formally selected, district-wide safety committee should be established, reporting to the superintendent or his high-level designee, comprised of administrators, teachers, coaches, parents, students, and community leaders (similar to the TISD SPI committees). They should assist the district in the areas of Facility and Plant Safety, Health Safety, Relationship Safety, and Extracurricular Activity Safety. Third-party certification programs should be considered where appropriate. Correlates: SAFE AND ORDERLY ENVIRONMENT; INSTRUCTIONAL LEADERSHIP

  37. Next Steps

  38. September—November • 2 to 3 Workshops with Board and Admin Team, facilitated by Dr. Mac McGuire, to create TISD Mission/Vision/Values • Note: workshops are conducted by the board and administration but are not “closed”…the community is always encouraged to attend and observe • Presentation of MVV and Strategic Goals to Board for approval • The MVV and Strategic Goals will guide Phase II of the Strategic Planning Initiative (creation of the Strategic Action Plan • Creation and training of the Strategic Planning Initiative (SPI) Action Committee to be chaired the Deputy Superintendent