pros and cons in holland a double interview n.
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..Pros and Cons in Holland.. (a double interview) PowerPoint Presentation
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..Pros and Cons in Holland.. (a double interview)

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..Pros and Cons in Holland.. (a double interview) - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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..Pros and Cons in Holland.. (a double interview)

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  1. ..Pros and Cons in Holland..(a double interview)

  2. Yeah..!!! It was fantastic..I had a lot of fun, it was an amazing experience..! Mmh..not very much.. Did you like the exchange..??

  3. I liked it very much..there was a lot of food..there were also some fried things cooked by the Dutch students..I don’ t know what they were, but they were very good! The Dutch fried some things that they had bought in a fast food..I hated them..In my opinion our party was better..Italian food is the best..! Did you like the welcome party..??What about it..??

  4. They were all very funny..They drank a lot..!! My partner was very nice, and her parents spoke a lot with me..they were very friendly..!! At the beginning they seemed nice …during the week I talked a little bit to her father but her mother was very quiet..the last day I had a row with them.. What was your family like..??

  5. I went to school by bike..I lived near the school, so it took only about ten minutes.. I went to school by bike..I had to cycle for fourty five minutes every was exhausting. My partner didn’ t want to take a Bus even if the ticket cost only about 15 cent…We took it only twice because I felt ill.. How did you go to school..??

  6. I had pre-parties at another Dutch girl’ s house every night..the Dutch drank a lot..They made strange cocktails, then we usually went out to a pub until two or three o’ clock..It was amazing..!! I didn’ t go out very often..when I went out I usually arrived very late because my partner lived far from Uden and I stayed a little time with my friends..then I had to come back home earlier then the others.. What did you usually do at night..??

  7. I went to Eindhoven with my partner and other Dutch and Italian people..I did a lot of shopping and I ate a strange but delicious ice cream with everything inside.. I didn’ t go out..I stayed alone in my bedroom and I read a partner never came to speak to me..It was very sad and boring..I slept for all the rest of the afternoon.. What did you do on Saturday afternoon before going to Time Out?

  8. No..I didn’t..I didn’t want to come back home because I had found a lot of friends and I didn’t have to go to school… Yes..I did…I missed my family very much and I wanted to come back home…In my opinion going to school would have been better than staying in Holland… Did you miss your family??

  9. At the beginning we didn’t get on very well..We also had a row…but then we got to know each other…And we became friends… I didn’t get on very well with her...we never talked..And we quarrelled sometimes.. What about the relationship between you and your partner??

  10. …The End… Viki, Virgy, Cry, Alfy, Ade, Adele!!!