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Types and Benefits of Interdialog Dialer for Call Center Solution PowerPoint Presentation
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Types and Benefits of Interdialog Dialer for Call Center Solution

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Types and Benefits of Interdialog Dialer for Call Center Solution - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Teckinfo Solutions offers Interdialog Dialer i.e. the best auto dialer software or best outbound call center software. Interdialog Dialer has four dialing modes of software i.e. preview dialer software, predictive dialer software, progressive dialer software & power dialer software.

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Presentation Transcript

InterDialog Dialer


InterDialog Dialer is an auto dialer software or you can say outbound dialing software that automatically dials the telephone numbers. This dialer works as automated predictive dialer, preview dialer, progressive dialer software & power dialer software.

Auto dialer software allows you to upload your contact list, after that our software will automatically dial the phone numbers from the contact list one after another.


features of interdialog dialer

Features of InterDialog Dialer


  • Least Cost Routing(LCR)
  • NCPR Support
  • Centralized Lead Uploader (For Multi Location Dialer)
  • Advance Dialing Rules
  • FTD/MTD Data Export
  • Dynamic Service Switchover of Agents
  • Agent Status Alerts
  • Dynamic CLI Options
  • Screen Recording along with Voice
  • Advance System Alerts for Agent/Application via SMS/Email


dialing modes

Dialing Modes

  • There are four dialing modes depending on how software dialers selects the contacts that are going to be called. Choose an automated dialer according to your business needs with unique features and usages.
  • Dialing modes of automated dialer software are given below:
  • Preview Dialer Software
  • Predictive Dialer Software
  • Progressive Dialer Software
  • Power Dialer Software


preview dialer software

Preview Dialer Software

Preview dialer software gives an opportunity to prepare before the calls because in this dialing mode agents are able to see the next call in the list and is to up of them when to make call and they are also able to skip the next name from the list. Call respond or not, in both cases agents give reviews that helps in lead generation and business productivity. Itis used when revenue generated per call is very high.

Benefit of this dialer is that it helps agents to first view the available information about the customer and decide when to place the calls. Even agents may also view the complete history of the customers.


predictive dialer software

Predictive Dialer Software

Predictive dialer software automatically dials the number from the list of numbers. After automatically dialing, dialer checks whether there is a human response or not. If a human responds to the call, dialer automatically transfers the call to the agent. If a human doesn’t respond to the call, dialer automatically calls on another number. It’s ideal for large sized telemarketing call centers.

Benefit of this dialer is, agent time is not wasted on listening to dial tones of unanswered calls, not reachable or invalid numbers. It also increases Return On Investment(ROI) to reach more contacts in same time.


progressive dialer software

Progressive Dialer Software

In the Progressive dialer software, number is not dialed unless agent is available. Dialer automatically dials the next number after completing the previous call or moving from “wrap-up” to “go ready”. Once the call is connected, information about the call is presented to them. It’s ideal for small & mid-sized call center process.

Benefit of this dialer is it saves agent’s time to improve productivity. Limited dropped calls by dialing only when your agents become available.


power dialer software

Power Dialer Software

Power dialer software is also called Rapid Dialer Software. This dialer dials multiple numbers at the same time with minimum manual effort. When call pick ups, automatically connects to the agent. When call is unanswered drop a pre-recoded voicemail. The Power Dialer is especially useful when a contact center has a small number of sales executives and a large number of prospects.

Benefit of this dialer is less efforts and more sales, eradicate manual dialing, increase talk time for business productivity.



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