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Auto dialer Software to Enhance Contactability | Teckinfo PowerPoint Presentation
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Auto dialer Software to Enhance Contactability | Teckinfo

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Auto dialer Software to Enhance Contactability | Teckinfo - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Start using Teckinfo\'s auto dialer software to increase your business productivity. Teckinfo\'s outbound dialer includes predictive dialer software, power dialer software, preview dialer software & progressive dialer software.

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Auto Dialer Software | Outbound Dialer

why auto dialer software

Why Auto Dialer Software?

Customer service organizations across industries and markets are under pressure to increase sales and deliver better business results. Contact centers need to continuously evolve and look for ways to improve the productivity and sales efficiency of their people. They have to ensure that their agents are not just making more calls, but are also talking to the right people at the right time. There is a need to improve the quantity as well as quality of interactions. An auto dialer software provides an intelligent solution to manage outbound calls in a way that maximizes call utilization, reduces call abandonment and significantly improves the performance of service agents.

Interdialog dialer is an auto dialer software that includes predictive dialer software, power dialer software, progressive dialer software & preview dialer software. This outbound dialer is designed to improve efficiency by lowering the wait time, the number of dropped calls and the idle time of agents.


auto dialer software features

Auto Dialer Software Features

Least Cost Routing (LCR)  

NCPR support  

Centralized lead up loader (for multi location dialer)  

Advanced dialing rules  

Time based attempts  

Number based attempts  

Maximum attempts  

Day wise attempts  

FTD/MTD data export  

Dynamic campaign switch over of agents  

Agent status alerts/thresholds  

Dynamic CLI options  

Screen recording along with voice

Integration for consent gateway IVR  

SS7 supported  Option for redundancy of asterisk  

Advanced system alerts for trunk/agent/application via SMS/Email  

Exhaustive CRM repository

Data Exclusion



types of auto dialer software

Types of Auto Dialer Software

There are four types of dialing modes. These are -

Predictive dialer Software:Predictive dialer software automatically dials the number form the list to decrease the idle time of agents.

Preview dialer Software:With the help of preview dialer software agents are able to prepare before dialing the call .

Progressive Dialer Software:Progressive dialer software is similar to predictive dialer software but it helps to remove the abandon calls. In this, number is not dialed unless agent is available.

Power Dialer software:Power dialer software is an automated dialer that helps to boost agent productivity & drives sales revenues.


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Advance Dialer Logics of Outbound Dialer


Dialed Attempt Algorithm

Max Days after First Attempt

Max Total Attempts

Apply Max Attempts Logic

Lead Expire / Fail After Max Limit 

Total Attempt Algorithm.

Phone Order Rule

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Key Benefits of Outbound Dialer


Advanced dialing capabilities:Increases the effectiveness of outbound calls by using advanced dialing rules to predict whom to call and at what frequency.

Greater productivity:Lowers the number of dropped calls and idle time of agents, thus increasing their productivity by at least 200%.

Higher contact ratio:Allows dialing out to multiple groups at the same time, which helps increase the reach of campaigns across wider markets and multiple time zones.

Effective lead management:Critically evaluates each outbound call to ensure that correct leads are contacted and converted into sales results.

Sales efficiency:A high contact ratio combined with improved lead management automatically increases sales efficiency and ensures better business results.

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