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Top Trends in the United States for Data Visualization & Business Intelligence PowerPoint Presentation
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Top Trends in the United States for Data Visualization & Business Intelligence

Top Trends in the United States for Data Visualization & Business Intelligence

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Top Trends in the United States for Data Visualization & Business Intelligence

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  2. It has become necessary for businesses to deal with whopping amounts of data. The companies in the USA, in particular have to cope with ever-increasing amounts of data. During the COVID-19 pandemic, data analysis became even more necessary. To collect, analyze and utilize such huge amounts of data, most entities make use of specialized Business intelligence solutions. These specialized applications make tasks like data analysis and visualization simpler. That explains why so many US companies are hiring Microsoft power bi consulting services these days. THE TOP TRENDS IN BI AND DATA VISUALIZATION IN 2021 The notable thing about the BI sector is that nothing remains the same for long. In fact, it is the case with digital technology that has permeated life. Before opting for hiring any data analysis expert or contacting any professional for power bi implementation, you need to know the current trends in the data analysis and BI sector. Rise of AI tech- Like thousands of companies hailing from various sectors, your company can benefit from assimilating AI in business intelligence. The early results of incorporating AI tech in process automation are quite encouraging, but experts say this is only the beginning. By deploying AI in data analysis tools, tasks can be streamlined. Time-saving and more accurate analysis are two other benefits. It will also be easier to assess developments and predict any errors before they take place by using AI with data analysis and BI tools. Focus on data security- While companies in the USA or elsewhere deal with gargantuan amounts of data, it is also necessary to ensure the safety of the data. Needless to say, they also deal with sensitive and important customer data. The recent instances of corporate data breaches have made every party involved cautious. That is precisely why digital regulations like GDPR have appeared on the horizon. The California Consumer Privacy Act is another example. In the near future, the companies will have to comply with more such data sharing safety norms. This is especially applicable for those US companies that operate in other continents, including Europe. Data Discovery rules- To analyze mammoth amounts of data for various needs, the businesses need to gather the data from various sources. This is where data discovery comes into the picture. The power bi analysis services also rely on data discovery processes. For acquiring data from various sources, it is necessary to use BI and data analytics tools that are Agile and flexible and user friendly. SaaS BI usage growing- When the BI tools came into the scene, they were standalone applications- mostly. However, this is set to change, say the industry experts. More US businesses will switch to using SaaS BI solutions. The pandemic has only added fuel to the trend. When the workforce is scattered, and employees work from home, using SaaS BI solutions, accessible from diverse devices makes sense. Cloud-based BI services are easily accessible from any location, any time, and they also enable collaborative workflow.

  3. Predictive Analytics Tools- The market trends keep changing, and the same is true about customer preferences. The businesses have realized the uncertainty element, and that is why they are increasingly relying on data analysis and BI solutions that have embedded predictive analysis capability. By using Predictive analytics, it becomes easier to analyze mammoth amounts of data and deduce future developments. However, the downside of relying on Predictive analytics is that it may not always be accurate. With time, the tools based on this technique, however, come up with results that get closer to reality. This helps enhance risk assessment and businesses can take decisions to evade risk factors. It can also be helpful for boosting revenues. Focus on real-time data- While using data obtained from system stored records and various web-based sources prove to be helpful, the businesses also need to deal with real-time data. The importance of using and analyzing real-time data became clear in the pandemic situation. The medical community came up with preventive measures after analyzing infection-related real-time information. In the same way, businesses can analyze real-time initial response/ inaugural data to decide on full-fledged product launch or expansion. This can prove to be cost- effective and beneficial for those entities. Upcoming BI solutions will feature live dashboards to offer real-time updates to the users. Collaborative Business Intelligence on the rise- In a competitive environment, the businesses need to deploy BI solutions in a collaborative way to reap the benefits better. The employees in different departments of the company need to access and share data from the same sources for workflow enhancement. They need to acquire data from sources like social media platforms, cloud apps, databases, and then analyze and share the data. So, adopting a collaborative approach becomes necessary. In future, the BI tools will feature tighter integration with online services and software to facilitate better collaboration. Mobile BI on the rise- With the workforce not being confined to a single workspace anymore, the businesses are adopting mobile BI solutions. The latest BI solutions have mobile app versions along with cloud and standalone software editions. So, the workforce can access and use the same service or solution using any device from anywhere. This can be very useful when employees work from home or work at different sites away from the office premises. Data Automation- So far, the data analyzed by BI tools were acquired mostly by human staff in the companies, but this is set to change. The businesses need to speed up the data analytics process, and for that facilitating data, automation is necessary. Next-generation BI tools will come with automation capabilities which will reduce the load on employees using the tools.

  4. SUMMING IT UP Using BI and data analytics tools can be beneficial for any business – in a number of ways. However, you have to understand the fact that like any aspect of digital technology, the BI landscape is morphing with time. Hiring a Microsoft power bi expert or BI analyst can be helpful but picking the apt solution matching your business needs is also important. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!