so you wanna teach in second life n.
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So You Wanna Teach in Second Life? PowerPoint Presentation
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So You Wanna Teach in Second Life?

So You Wanna Teach in Second Life?

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So You Wanna Teach in Second Life?

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  1. So You Wanna Teach in Second Life? Getting started using this massively multiplayer virtual world for education and learning presented at NMC Educational Gaming Online Conference By Angel Inokon December 8, 2005

  2. About Second life a Massively Multiplayer Virtual World (MMVW) with over 95,000 users designing, conducting business, building relationships, entertaining, learning, and living their second life. Widely acclaimed online simulation with the following features: • Customization of avatars • Thriving online economy conducting $2 million USD in transactions a month • Simple building tools to create virtually anything you can imagine • Scripting environment to create complex simulations • 100% user created content Developer: Linden Labs Get a free account now at

  3. See Examples – Diverse Learning Modes Mental Health – Simulation Schizophrenia Real time live SLCC conference with streaming video Education delivery options range from self-paced simulations (left) to streaming video into a virtual classroom (right).

  4. Art in Virtual Worlds Cultural Computing Program at the Siebel Center for Computer Science, University of IllinoisDigital Collaboration in ArchitectureSchool of Architecture, Montana State University, BozemanIntroduction to International Business Southern New Hampshire UniversityFoundations of Instructional TechnologyDepartment of Instructional Design and Technology, The Teachers College, Emporia State University, Emporia, KansasUrban Planning in the Gaming WorldUniversity of Colorado at Denver (CU Online)Human Computer Interface Graduate School of Education and Psychology, Pepperdine University, Malibu, California Designing Digital Communities School of Architecture, The University of Texas at AustinIntroduction to Sociological Perspectives on EducationWhittier College, CaliforniaMultiplayer Game Design University of Southern CaliforniaExploring healthcare applications in Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Environments (MMORPEs) using the Second Life platformInstitute of Rural Health, Idaho State University, Pocatello Education's Second Life Center for Innovation in Teaching and Learning, Colorado Mountain CollegeIntroduction to Game & Simulation DevelopmentMontgomery College Maryland See Examples – Diverse Learning Topics Read some of the courses being offered Fall 2005:

  5. Get Ready - 3 Things To Do • Get informed • Read Press and Forums • Read Education Wiki • Experience • Tour popular landmarks • Build simple objects - clothing, chairs • Ambassador – share with others • Develop • Identify a learning objective • Build curriculum with appropriate pace • Propose to institution or department • Acquire land and resources

  6. Resources • Second Life • Linden Labs • Download Free Copy • Watch video trailer • Education Wiki • Fall 2005 Courses • Second Life Wikipedia • New World Notes Blog • Official Forum • User Taught classes • 101 Uses for Second Life • in the College Classroom Good! Poster presentation contact: Angel Inokon Special Thanks: Pietro Maracas, Megan Conklin, Maggie Marat, Pete Border, Terry Beaubois, Deb Solomon, Roy Pea, and Byron Reeves