Hawkins mill elementary school wide discipline plan 2007 2008
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Hawkins Mill Elementary School-wide Discipline Plan 2007-2008 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Hawkins Mill Elementary School-wide Discipline Plan 2007-2008. 4295 Mountain Terrace Memphis, Tennessee 38127. Hawkins Mill School Beliefs. All children can learn when instruction occurs in a structured, nurturing environment, and they are challenged to reach their highest potential

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Hawkins mill elementary school wide discipline plan 2007 2008 l.jpg

Hawkins Mill Elementary School-wide Discipline Plan 2007-2008

4295 Mountain Terrace

Memphis, Tennessee


Hawkins mill school beliefs l.jpg
Hawkins Mill School Beliefs

  • All children can learn when instruction occurs in a structured, nurturing environment, and they are challenged to reach their highest potential

  • Parents must be active partners in the learning process

  • A climate of respect for each other must exist for students and teachers to experience a safe environment

  • Daily attendance at school is essential to student learning.

Hawkins mill beliefs l.jpg
Hawkins Mill Beliefs

  • Learning experiences should culminate in a variety of assessments that will reflect NCLB Benchmarks

  • Shared decision making with community stakeholders greatly enhances the learning opportunities for all students

  • Students must be exposed to and experience the use of 21st Century technology

  • Students need opportunities to learn cooperatively in groups to encourage communication, acceptance, and tolerance

  • District, state and federal policies will be followed by all Hawkins Mill stakeholders

Hawkins mill school beliefs4 l.jpg
Hawkins Mill School Beliefs

  • Relationships are essential to student success

  • If you have the best interest of the students at heart, you can teach to their minds

  • All students must be treated with dignity and respect

  • Motivation and responsibility should be encouraged through positive interaction

Hawkins mill school vision l.jpg
Hawkins Mill School Vision

Our vision is to see Hawkins Mill School move to a more consistent level of success according to state standards, our own expectations, and those of our students and parents, to becomes a pinnacle of educational opportunity for the children we serve.

Hawkins mill school mission l.jpg
Hawkins Mill School Mission

Our mission is to meet the academic and emotional needs of each child by developing the skills necessary to improve individual achievement so that each student reaches academic proficiency at each grade level.

Philosophy statement l.jpg
Philosophy Statement

Each student deserves a strong curriculum, and highly qualified and supportive teachers who provide an engaging learning environment and high expectations for all students.

Hawkins mill goals and objectives l.jpg


To increase positive student behavior

To increase student/teacher achievement


Reduce the number of office referrals by 50%

Reduce the number of fights by 50%

Reduce the number of suspensions by 50%

Increase and maintain 95% attendance for teachers and students

Hawkins Mill Goals and Objectives

Mcs discipline committee worksheet 2007 08 l.jpg
MCS Discipline Committee Worksheet2007- 08

Hawkins Mill Elementary

*Indicates members mandated by MEA contract

Discipline committee l.jpg
Discipline Committee

  • Committee members agree to meet every twenty days to analyze data

  • The principal will be responsible for retrieving data from SMS

Meeting schedule see next slide for further instructions l.jpg
Meeting ScheduleSee Next Slide for Further Instructions

School expectations l.jpg
School Expectations


  • Talk at the appropriate times

  • Respect yourself, fellow classmates, and authority

  • Exhibit self-control in all situations

  • Display characteristics of honesty and fairness at all times

  • Work and play safely

How we teach the rules and procedures l.jpg
How we teach the rules and procedures

  • Assemblies

  • Morning Meetings

  • Classroom Guidance

  • Modeling and Role Play

  • Morning Announcements (Project Wisdom)

  • Behavioral Expectation Matrix

  • Guided Discovery

School procedures l.jpg
School Procedures

  • Arrive at School

  • Enter the building through the front doors.

  • If you enter before 7:30 go into the cafeteria.

  • If you are eating breakfast, enter the serving line and then eat quietly at the assigned tables. If you are not eating breakfast, sit quietly at the table assigned to your grade level until the attending faculty members dismiss you.

  • You are tardy after 7:30. If you come to school after 7:45 you must report to the office before going to your classroom.

School procedures16 l.jpg
School Procedures

  • Hallways

  • At all times, walk slowly on the right side of the hallways.

  • Voice level is 0 when you are in a line (NO EXCEPTIONS).

  • Cafeteria

  • Food must remain in the cafeteria.

  • Students are silent during the first 10 and the last 5 minutes of the lunch period.

  • Speak in a low volume while you are in the cafeteria.

  • Dispose of all trash in the proper place.

School procedures17 l.jpg
School Procedures

  • After School

  • Students are to go to specific areas designated for dismissal.

  • All students should be off school grounds no later than 2:30 unless they are participating in extra-curricula activities.

Classroom procedures l.jpg
Classroom Procedures

  • Students will line up outside their classroom doors each morning

  • Teachers will greet students

  • Students will turn their attendance cards and place homework, parent notes etc. in appropriate areas

  • All students will have a hall pass to move about the building without adult supervision

  • Written classroom procedures for movement in classroom including, but not limited to visiting lockers, sharpening pencils, disposing of trash etc. will be posted and reviewed

School wide incentives l.jpg
School Wide Incentives

  • Your continuum of procedures for encouraging and maintaining rule following behavior

    • Attendance popcorn party for class with the best attendance

    • No Uniform Coupon for 20 fight free days

    • Drawing for Kroger gift certificate for parents of students with perfect attendance

    • Individual classroom celebrations

    • Hawk Bucks Store

Slide20 l.jpg

Sample Incentive Ticket

Hawk Traits in the Community Student Name __________________________________Displayed the Hawk Trait of: RespectResponsibilityCaringCitizenship(Circle the trait you observed)Signature _____________________________________________If you would like to write on the back the details of what you observed feel free! Thank you for supporting our youth.

Teacher incentives l.jpg
Teacher Incentives

  • Procedures for recognizing and encouraging positive teacher interaction, for example:

    • Attendance Award (Kroger Gift Card)

Resources for incentives l.jpg
Resources for Incentives

  • Adopters

  • Community agencies & businesses

  • Restaurants

  • Fundraisers

  • Churches

  • Parent organizations

Sexual harassment l.jpg
Sexual Harassment

  • Teachers -- August 9, 2007

    Viewed and discussed MCS video

  • Students in grade 6 will view and discuss MCS student video in classroom guidance during the month of November

  • Other grades will request sexual harassment guidance lessons for individuals or classrooms as needed

General procedure for dealing with problem behaviors l.jpg
General Procedure for Dealing with Problem Behaviors

Observe problem





Find a place to talk with student(s)



Ensure safety

Problem solve

Write referral &

Escort student to office

Problem solve





Follow procedure









have 3?


through with


File necessary



referral to


File necessary


Follow up

with student

within a


Character education l.jpg
Character Education

Hawkins Mill supports Character Education by:

  • Whole School Handbook Assembly

  • Project Wisdom read by students each morning

  • Classroom guidance activities

Atod prevention l.jpg
ATOD Prevention

Hawkins Mill supports Alcohol, Tobacco and Other Drug prevention education by:

  • Health & P.E. lessons (Sparks Curriculum

  • Morning announcements (Project Wisdom)

  • Grade level meetings

  • Guidance lessons

Fight free no bullying l.jpg
Fight Free/No Bullying

  • Faculty Training (Grade Level Meetings)

  • School Contest and School Assemblies

  • Classroom Guidance Lessons

  • Daily Announcements

School safety plan l.jpg
School Safety Plan

  • Safety plan was submitted 10-20-07

  • Monthly fire drills

  • Multi-Hazard Drill 10-19-07

  • Next plan review b committee 1-20-08

Monitoring process l.jpg
Monitoring Process

  • Discipline data analyzed every 20 days

  • S-Team use discipline data to develop interventions to best meet the needs of students

  • School counselor will track student referrals

  • Principal and counselor will discuss status of referred students

  • Teachers will keep a documentation folder of student referrals

Action steps l.jpg
Action Steps

  • Fight Free Environment

  • Conducted an art contest to select drawings for the fight free banner

  • Had a Fight Free Kick-off

  • Awarded prizes to winning artists

  • Track fight free days per grade level and reward students every 20 days for appropriate behavior

Prevention programs l.jpg
Prevention Programs

  • Implement Responsive Classroom by teaching expectations throughout the year.

  • Hold Morning Meetings daily in all classrooms

  • Peer Mediation will be employed

  • Student clubs will be provided to assist with team building

Intervention plan l.jpg

  • Behavior Intervention Plans

  • Mentoring (Peer/Adult)

  • Terrific Kids Club

  • Most Improved Award

  • Conferences

  • Guidance services will include individual, group, classroom, and school wide programs

  • Outside Resources

  • Discipline Committee

  • In School Success (ISS)

Secondary intervention plan l.jpg
Secondary Intervention Plan

Guidance Referrals

  • Conferences with students

  • Conferences with parents

  • S-Team

  • Peer Mediation

    Discipline Committee

  • Data Review of repeat referrals

    Outside Resources

    Department of Children Services

    Frayser Family Counseling

    Mental Health Resources

    School Social Worker

    School Psychologist

Secondary intervention l.jpg
Secondary Intervention

  • In-School Success (ISS)

  • Administrator(s) will refer student for ISS

  • Student will report to assigned teacher the next day with assignments and materials

  • The “I” message and all assignments will be completed while in ISS

  • Behavioral Specialist will assist student in reflecting on their behavior choice that caused their ISS placement

Secondary intervention evaluation l.jpg
SecondaryIntervention Evaluation

  • Discipline committee will meet every 20 days to determine if we are meeting our goal of decreasing the number of disciplinary referrals

  • Our indicator of progress will be a reduction in office referrals

Tertiary interventions l.jpg
Tertiary Interventions

  • After five In School Suspensions the team and parents will meet to review previous actions taken and develop a new Behavior Plan

  • The team will review the 20 day reports and make adjustments to the existing Student Behavior plan

  • The School Social Worker will intervene with a new Functional Behavior Assessment plan if the current plan is not effective

  • If a student continues to be on the 20 day report the School Psychologist and Social Worker will review the students records and make community referrals and recommendations

  • The team will review each students progress each month after the 20 day report and make recommendations

Green zone 0 1 yellow zone 2 5 red zone 6 office referrals l.jpg
Green zone 0 – 1, yellow zone 2 – 5, red zone 6+ office referrals






Tertiary Prevention:



Systems for Students with High-Risk Behavior


Secondary Prevention:

Specialized Group

Systems for Students with At-Risk Behavior


Primary Prevention:


Wide Systems for

All Students,

Staff, & Settings

99% of students

Celebration l.jpg
Celebration referrals

  • Students will be recognized each six weeks during the 6 weeks Honors Assembly

  • No Uniform Coupons issued every 20 days for students who are fight free on each grade level

  • School wide party for each fight free semester

District pbis coaches l.jpg
District PBIS Coaches referrals

  • Elementary Area 1, Academic Supt. Kevin McCarthy

    • Charlotte Baucom, baucomc@mcsk12.net

  • Elementary Area 2, Academic Supt. Virginia McNeil

    • Ashley Faulk, faulka@mcsk12.net

  • Elementary Area 3, Academic Supt. Judy Jackson

    • Brady Henderson, hendersonb@mcsk12.net

  • Middle School, Academic Supt. William Rhodes

    • Ann Sharp, sharpa@mcsk12.net

  • High School, Academic Supt. Elsie Lewis Bailey

    • Carolyn Matthews, matthewscarolynt@mcsk12.net

      North Area Office