Scott elementary school school wide discipline plan
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Scott Elementary School School Wide Discipline Plan - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Scott Elementary School School Wide Discipline Plan. CHAMP Rules. C ome motivated . H ave respect for myself and others. A lways follow directions. M aintain safety. P ositivity counts. Student Expectations. Accept responsibility for your actions. Follow ALL school rules.

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Scott elementary school school wide discipline plan

Scott Elementary SchoolSchool Wide Discipline Plan

Champ rules

  • Come motivated.

  • Have respect for myself and others.

  • Always follow directions.

  • Maintain safety.

  • Positivity counts.

Student expectations
Student Expectations

  • Accept responsibility for your actions.

  • Follow ALL school rules.

  • Come to school prepared and with all the appropriate materials for learning.

  • Remember the Golden Rule: Treat others the way YOU want to be treated!

  • Respect your school and have pride in it.

  • Use good manners, be safe and clean.

Student expectations continued
Student Expectations Continued

  • Walk & Talk only with adult permission.

  • Keep hands, feet and objects to yourself.

  • All gum, candy, toys and electronics stay at home or they will be taken up.

  • Come to school regularly and on time (7:50).

  • Report any illegal activity involving drugs or weapons immediately.

Dress code
Dress Code

  • No bare midriffs, tank tops, halter tops, low necklines and spaghetti straps tops.

  • All boys must tuck-in shirts.

  • NO sagging pants or shorts.

  • Earrings may only be worn in the ears.

  • No hats, scarves, headbands, doo-rags, bandanas, or other head coverings may be worn while in the school building.

Dress code1
Dress Code

  • No clothing with disruptive words, violence, vulgarity, drugs, alcohol or disrespect for others is allowed.

  • Students are expected to wear appropriate footwear for all school activities.

Morning procedures
Morning Procedures

  • Enter through the side/cafeteria of the building. The back door will be locked.

  • Pick-up your breakfast as you enter cafeteria. Go to a table, eat quickly, and clean up after yourself.

Morning procedures continued
Morning Procedures continued

  • You will walk quietly to the computer lab where you will sit quietly until your teacher picks you up at 7:45.

  • Morning announcements will be made by 7:50 and the school day will begin.

  • Breakfast will be available until 8:00.

Hallway procedures
Hallway Procedures

  • Walk quietly on the right side of the hall with your hands behind your back, facing forward.

  • Notice the stop points and

    use them as your teacher

    instructs you to.

Cafeteria procedures
Cafeteria Procedures

  • Enter through the IN door only.

  • Stand quietly in line with your

    hands behind your back until

    you reach the milk cooler.

  • Hold your tray with both hands and go directly to your assigned table.

  • Keep all food to yourself.

Cafeteria procedures continued
Cafeteria Procedures continued

  • Eat quietly, without talking, until

    an adult gives you the

    “green go-ahead” to talk.

  • A yellow warning means to lower your voices, and red means silence.

  • Sit with your bottom on the

    stool and face forward

    at all times. Do not leave your

    seat without permission.

Cafeteria procedures continued1
Cafeteria Procedures continued

  • Clean your area before leaving the table.

  • Wait for an adult to dismiss you.

  • Empty your food tray quickly and quietly.

Cafeteria procedures continued2
Cafeteria Procedures continued

  • Your class will receive a popsicle stick from the teacher on duty if everyone follows directions. The class with the most popsicle sticks at the end of the week will

    receive a special treat at lunch and the Golden Spatula.

  • The Golden Spatula will be awarded to classes that have excellent lunchroom


Dismissal procedures
Dismissal Procedures

  • Walk directly to your

    assigned area, sit quietly,

    and listen for your name to be called.

  • You will not be allowed to walk around inside or outside of the building.

  • You will not be allowed back

    in the building to go to the restroom.

Assembly procedures
Assembly Procedures

  • Walk quietly into the assembly with your hands behind your back.

  • Sit on your bottom with your hands

    in your lap, face forward, and look

    at the person speaking.

  • Wait for permission to exit and depart in the same manner that you arrived.

Student recognition
Student Recognition

  • We believe in you and have high expectations for every student at Scott Elementary School.

  • Let’s all work hard to be