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Challenges at Home

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Challenges at Home. The Whiskey Rebellion 1. Tax on American-made whiskey a. Farmers angry – cannot afford tax. Challenges at Home. 2. Protestors refused to pay tax and tarred and feathered tax collectors 3. Washington puts army together and Whisky Rebellion ends.

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challenges at home
Challenges at Home

The Whiskey Rebellion

1. Tax on American-made whiskey

a. Farmers angry – cannot afford tax

challenges at home2
Challenges at Home

2. Protestors refused to pay tax and

tarred and feathered tax collectors

3. Washington puts army together

and Whisky Rebellion ends

challenges at home3
Challenges at Home

Washington leads army into western Pa to end Whisky Rebellion

challenges at home4
Challenges at Home

Washington’s Farewell Address

1.Washington decides not to run for

3rd term

“tired of public life and devoutly (strongly) wishes for retirement.”


challenges at home5
Challenges at Home

a. reminds Americans he is only

president, not king…citizens are true leaders

challenges at home6
Challenges at Home

2. Writes farewell speech

a. discusses dangers to Americans:

1. Political divisions will weaken

government….unity is key to


challenges at home7
Challenges at Home

2. Government should not borrow money (prevent debt)

3. Be careful of relationships

with other countries

challenges at home8
Challenges at Home

“I anticipate….the sweet enjoyment …. of good laws under a free government, the ever favorite object of my heart.”


john adam s presidency
John Adam’s Presidency

XYZ Affair

1. Adams’s first goal as pres. was to improve relations between US and France

john adam s presidency10
John Adam’s Presidency

a. France attacking American ships

b. Adams sends diplomats to France but French foreign

minister will not meet with them

john adam s presidency11
John Adam’s Presidency

c. French agents secretly meet with US diplomats:

1. French will discuss treaty only for $250,000 bribe and

$12 million loan

john adam s presidency12
John Adam’s Presidency

2. US refuses demand and Congress calls for war with France

d. Called XYZ affair – X, Y and Z

substitute for names of French agents

john adam s presidency13
John Adam’s Presidency

e. Adams fears war – asks for peacetime army and to expand navy

1. But American + French ships attack each other in Caribbean

john adam s presidency14
John Adam’s Presidency

f. Adams refuses to go to war and

eventually treaty signed between

French and US

john adam s presidency15
John Adam’s Presidency

Alien and Sedition Acts

1. Alien Act – President can remove

foreign residents from the country

“Any treasonable or secret plots against the government”

john adam s presidency16
John Adam’s Presidency

2. Sedition Act – US can’t join any

plots against the government’s policies

Illegal to “write, print, utter or publish” any false or hostile words

against the government or its policies.

john adam s presidency17
John Adam’s Presidency

3. These acts applied mostly to

Republicans who were unhappy

with current government policies

a. Some arrested and jailed

john adam s presidency18
John Adam’s Presidency

4. Kentucky and Virginia Resolutions –

said Alien and Sedition Acts were


a. Written by Madison + Hamilton

john adam s presidency19
John Adam’s Presidency

b. Said state governments could

ignore unconstitutional, federal


c. Impacted idea of states’ rights

and their right to challenge federal govern.

john adam s presidency20
John Adam’s Presidency

Election of 1800

  • Jefferson and Burr (Republicans) vs. Adams and Pickney
john adam s presidency21
John Adam’s Presidency

4. Jefferson actively campaigns while

Adams believes he will be judged on

his public record

a. Hamilton works against Adams and further divides Federalist party

john adam s presidency22
John Adam’s Presidency

Narrow Republican Victory

1. Jefferson and Burr each win 73 electoral votes, 65 for Adams and 64 for Pickney

  • Both Jefferson and Burr eligible for


john adam s presidency23
John Adam’s Presidency

a. House of Representatives decides

1. Federalists vote for Burr

2. Republicans for Jefferson

b. Another tie – repeated 30 times

john adam s presidency24
John Adam’s Presidency

3. Jefferson finally wins (thanks to


a. Federalist party weakened because of loss

john adam s presidency25
John Adam’s Presidency

b. Jefferson believes transfer of power

between the 2 parties shows strength of US government

john adam s presidency26
John Adam’s Presidency

4. 12th Amendment – separate ballot