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Talk and Tips About Interviewing PowerPoint Presentation
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Talk and Tips About Interviewing

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Talk and Tips About Interviewing
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Talk and Tips About Interviewing

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  1. Talk and Tips About Interviewing • Robert C. McCracken, Ed. D. • Former Superintendent of Schools • Giles County, Virginia • Assistant Professor •

  2. Talk and Tips About Interviewing • Radford’s Reputation • Knowledge • Attitude/Behaviors • Professionalism/Conduct i.e. lounge talk • Courtesy • Network

  3. DO’s • Listen and Talk (Balance) • Bring a Resume(s); Be sure it is easy to follow, has current contact information and has past employers • Scan the interviewers to determine if they have materials • Check subtly to determine if they’ve read the materials or seem knowledgeable about you • Make eye contact when you speak to the interviewer(s)

  4. DO’s • Be certain about your current status regarding licensure application • Learn the term “Highly Qualified” as it pertains to your application • Be ready to respond to a question about your time frame for decision-making • Be HONEST about your application process

  5. DO’s • If you bring a portfolio or other materials, offer to share and be prepared to say, “I’ll be glad to pick this (portfolio) up at another time if you need time to review it” • Think about an electronic version of portfolio highlights • Be prepared to respond to why you are the best candidate for this “specific” job.

  6. DO’s • Be prepared to ask professional questions relative to the position • Be prepared to indicate your flexibility and willingness to support students in multiple roles • Be prepared to discuss a specific plan of communication with your students’ parents • Be prepared to “think about the future” • Develop Networks

  7. Do’s • Think creatively, i.e. “What would you do if he principal gave you $10,000 for any relative instructional project”, how would you respond? • Respond to discipline questions with certainty, not “This is how my cooperating teacher does it” • Think, breathe, and eat SOL’s and AYP, regardless of your assigned (interview) position • Know blueprints and curriculum framework, regardless of your assigned (interview) position

  8. Do Not’s • Dress like you’re headed to a night club or a date; professional is the key • Show skin • Display excessive body piercings • Say I like teaching because “I have the summers off”

  9. Do Not’s • Enter into political banter • Assume to have all the answers • Offer personal information, i.e. I am single and have a child to support, I am gay, I am straight, I attend the Methodist Church • Falsify application, especially regarding any criminal records in the past

  10. Do Not’s • Over emphasize employment questions UNTIL you are identified as finalist; do your homework on the district regarding salary and benefits BEFORE accepting the interview • Accept the position and then attempt to turn it down AFTER you receive a better offer or an offer at “home”

  11. Conclusion • Look, Act and Be Professional • Know the District BEFORE the interview • Talk and Listen • Do a follow-up note to the interviewers (e-mails are quick) • Be Honest

  12. Questions • What questions do you have?