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BMC Naval Station Norfolk, VA (Sewells Point) PowerPoint Presentation
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BMC Naval Station Norfolk, VA (Sewells Point)

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BMC Naval Station Norfolk, VA (Sewells Point)
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BMC Naval Station Norfolk, VA (Sewells Point)

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  1. DEPLOYMENT HEALTH CENTER (DHC) BMC Naval Station Norfolk, VA (Sewells Point) 1

  2. OPNAVINST 6100.3, Deployment Health Assessment (DHA) Process dtd January 12, 2009 EDHA’s conducted at critical milestones in the deployment process are a key component in monitoring the health of our servicemembers. Electronic DeploymentHealth Assessment (EDHA) 2

  3. Deploy, Evaluate and Treat A Electronic Deployment Health Assessment (EDHA) is a regularly scheduled DoD-mandated instrument used to screen servicemembers prior to deployment, identify health concerns after deployment, and facilitate appropriate care. What is a EDHA? 3

  4. A full physical examination A sickcall visit - A specialty referral service - A PRT waiver instrument (done by PCM with a current PHA) - A Limited Duty Renewal service - BCA waiver service - Re-enlistment/Separation/Retirement Physical - IA/GSA/Overseas/Sea-duty Screening What a EDHA is not….. 4

  5. The purpose of the EDHA is to capture the necessary data to monitor the health of our Sailors in order to proactively identify and manage health issues. What is the purpose of a EDHA? 5

  6. For whom does a EDHA apply? 1. Deployment ashore of more than 30 days with duties involving OCONUS operations without a fixed U.S. Military Treatment Facility(MTF). 2. Individual and unit deployments to Central Command Area of Responsibility (AOR) or other areas designated by appropriate authority. 3. Commander exercising operational control determines a health threat exist. * Servicemembers assigned to ships and squadrons conducting routine deployments with their ship or squadron are exempt from the DHA requirement, unless (1.) and (3.) applies. 8 Feb 10 6

  7. What does a EDHA consist of? (1) Pre-Deployment Health Assessment ( PRE-DHA, DD FORM 2795), conducted within 60 days prior to deployment. (2) Post-Deployment Health Assessment (POST-DHA, DD FORM 2796), conducted within 30 days before or after return to home station. (3) Post-Deployment Health Re-Assessment (PDHRA, DD FORM 2900), conducted between 90 and 180 days after return to home station. 8 Feb 10 7

  8. How do I gain access to EDHA forms? Go to the NEHC website at : http// Scroll down to the bottom right corner of the screen and click on the EDHA login tab All departing personnel must click on the “New User” button. All returning personnel must enter their log-in (SSN#) and password. When prompted enter the following Passphrase: *Pha_2010 The following web page will direct you to enter your personal data, follow the directions to create a new user registration account. Upon completion of your user account you will be directed to the “User Main Page”, click on the “Create a New Survey” button located at the bottom of the page. Next click on “Create a New Pre-Deployment Health Assessment Survey – DD Form 2795” (conducted within 60 days prior to deployment), New PDHA Survey - DD Form 2796” (1 - 30 days after returning from deployment) and/or “Create a New PDHRA Survey – DD Form 2900” (3 – 6 months after returning from deployment) The following web page will direct you to the Deployment Health Survey. Please, read each question completely and carefully before making your selections and provide a response for each question. This is a two page survey, upon completion of this survey click on the “Save” button and print the survey. *IMPORTANT NOTE*Once the survey is saved within the first 72 hours after completing the form online you must call BMC Sewells, Deployment Health Center Bldg CD-2 to schedule an appointment. 8 Feb 10 8

  9. Tips for EDHA success….… 1. Contact the DHC @ BMC Sewells as soon as you find out that you been selected for an IA/GSA assignment. Keep track of your deployment history when you return so that there aren’t any unnecessary gaps between assessments. Complete and SAVE your EDHA online prior to making an appointment. Provide an honest medical history. 9

  10. Completion of the EDHA will allow you to …….. Transition back into the Fleet, Care for yourself, Reconnect with your family, Maintain your responsibility to your shipmates, and Help youto be healthy now and during retirement years. Completing your EDHA results ………. 10

  11. OPNAVINST 6100.3, Deployment Health Assessment (DHA) Process NAVADMIN 207/08, Deployment Health Assessment Policy and Process References: 11

  12. Department Head/LCPO HMC(SW/FMF) Hill Deployment Health 757-953-8815 POC Info: 12