flood s of terror by elsa n.
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Flood s of Terror By Elsa

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Flood s of Terror By Elsa. Floods usually happen in…. F loods usually happen along coast lines after tsunamis . Floods also happen in the spring after all the snow melts. Floods do not have a specific place that there occur in. Floods happen as often as….

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floods usually happen in
Floods usually happen in…

Floods usually happen along coast lines after tsunamis .

Floods also happen in the spring after all the snow melts.

Floods do not have a specific place that there occur in.

floods happen as often as
Floods happen as often as…

Floods happen a lot so we know there are going to be a lot of them. Floods happen all the time all around the world there is at least one a month/week. They happen a lot in the spring because all the snow melts and it makes floods. They all happen a lot after tsunamis and masons.

Involved with FloodsThe things that involved with floods are…rain, oceans, masons, tsunamis, and rivers, hurricanes.
what happens
What Happens

Floods are a very dangerous things because every body thinks there harmless and it is just a little bit of water and they are so strong they can withstand anything. But they are not and they will get killed. In fact Floods kill more people and damage more things than any other natural disasters. They kill over 2,000 people a year. Floods can come from a lot of things and what happens is that water overruns the place you are in and it makes water everywhere. Most of the time the rives burst there banks. Seismic waves are involved with floods if they are after a tsunami.

extreme cases
Extreme Cases

There are very extreme cases of flood damage. The most extreme can last months. There was this one flood that lasted all most three months.

measurement scale

“ 1)Action Stage: typically at this level, the water surface is generally over the top of its banks, but no man-made structures are flooded; typically water overflowing is limited to parkland and marshland.

2)Minor Flood Stage: minor flooding is expected at this level, slightly above flood stage. Few, if any, buildings are expected to be inundated, however, roads may be covered with water, parklands and yards may be inundated and water may go under buildings on stilts or higher elevations.

3)Moderate Flood Stage: inundation of buildings begins at this stage. Roads are likely to be closed and some areas cut off. Some evacuations may be necessary.

4)Major Flood Stage: significant to catastrophic, life-threatening flooding is expected at this stage. Extensive flooding with some low-lying areas completely inundated is likely. Structures may be completely submerged. Large-scale evacuations may be necessary.”

Measurement scale

Floods are measured in feet. They are also measured by how much above floods level are there.


This is a example of a protected and ready for a flood house.

Floods are very dangerous they cause a lot of damage. They break houses, kill people, ruin property. This one flood o read about killed over a thousand people. Floods also kill the most people and do the most damage f all the natural disasters.

key terms
Key terms

Flood Watch - Flooding is possible so tune in and this station will tell you if they are coming.

Flood warnings: if you hear one that means you evacuate the place you are in.

Flash Flood Watch: If advised please go to higher grounds.

Flash Flood Warning: go to higher places on foot do not take car or elevator.

Night: do not drive at night you may not see the flood.


Interesting facts-Floods are weird because all animals in floods have to move because they can not be in to much water. So lots of people lose there pets.-Just a foot of water can lift most cars of the ground.-Never drive during a flood.


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