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Course articulation Culture Curriculum Tools

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Course articulation Culture Curriculum Tools - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Course articulation Culture Curriculum Tools. Scott Morrell Assistant Registrar for Operations University of Oregon OrACRAO ~ 2014. What We’ll Cover. Key questions to consider before you setup a course articulation system: Know your culture : who are the “Deciders?”

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course articulation culture curriculum tools

Course articulationCulture Curriculum Tools

Scott Morrell

Assistant Registrar for Operations

University of Oregon

OrACRAO ~ 2014

what we ll cover
What We’ll Cover
  • Key questions to consider before you setup a course articulation system:
  • Know your culture: who are the “Deciders?”
  • Comparing your curriculum with the outside world
  • Assessing your tools and resources
  • Detailed course articulation examples
key questions
Key Questions:

What is articulation?

What is its scope at my campus?

Who at my campus has a stake in it?

How does my curriculum compare to others’?

Is my Student Info System & Degree Audit ready?

Do I have sufficient staffing?

Am I prepared to maintain it forever?

articulation defined
Articulation Defined

“The entire range of processes and relationships involved in the systematic movement of students interinstitutionally and intersegmentally throughout post-secondary education”

~ The Registrar’s Guide:

Evolving Best Practices in Records and Registration

AACRAO 2006, pg 261

the building blocks
The Building Blocks
  • Course Articulation
    • ECON 1010 = EC 202
  • General Education Package Articulation
    • Oregon Transfer Module (OTM)
    • Associate of Art Transfer Degree (AAOT)
  • Full Program Articulation
    • Partnership Agreement with another Institution
    • Typically a Fully Articulated Associate Degree
the view from 30 000 feet
The View From 30,000 Feet

Who Will Do the Work?

Registrar or Admissions?

Identify the stakeholders!

The Faculty Who Care

Academic Advisers

Deans and Provosts

First Year Programs

Nearby Institutions


Users... Technical and Functional

compare your curriculum with the outside world
Compare Your Curriculum With the Outside World...
  • Credit Systems (Sem vs. Qtr)
  • Gen Ed Requirements
  • Course Sequences
  • Repeatability
  • Labs for Credit, versus “Built in with the Lecture”
  • How do you define “Professional/Technical?”
  • Multi-disciplinary courses
  • Academic Forgiveness

Over 4000

Degree Granting Institutions Nationwide!

inventory your tools

Student Information System

Degree Audit System

IT and WEB Resources

Reference Tools:

TES (Transfer Evaluation System)

Other Institution’s Equivalency Tables

State Articulation Sites like

Or-articulation listserve

Each Other!

down into the trenches
Down Into The Trenches

Course Articulation Scenarios

the degree audit plan ahead
The Degree Audit... Plan Ahead!

Are Equivalencies Enough?

BIO 1A = BI 101

Probably Not!

Devise Pseudo-Courses and Course Attributes to satisfy requirements & clear prerequisites

date ranging how far back do we go
Date Ranging:How Far Back Do We Go??

Effective Fall 1990 forward:

ECON 2 Fundamentals of Macroeconomics


EC 202 Intro to Macroeconomics

ask yourself when will i see these courses again articulate what matters

Must We Articulate Everything?

Ask Yourself: When Will I See These Courses Again? ... Articulate What Matters!

International Courses

Military Courses

Coursework prior to 1980

Professional / Technical

what about science labs
What About Science Labs??

CH 101 - Gen Chem/with lab ... 4 credits

... or this ...

CHEM 1A – Gen Chem Lecture ... 3 credits

CHEM 1L – Lab for CHEM 1 ... 1 credit

How will you articulate “bundled” versus “loose” labs?

What if students pass the lecture and fail the lab?

How does your institution record labs & lectures?

Devise a system for all possibilities!

course sequences a unique challenge for quarter institutions
Course SequencesA Unique challenge for quarter institutions!

Semester School:

CHEM 150/151 ... (with labs, 4 credits each)

Quarter School:

CH 201/202/203 ... (lectures, 3 credits each)

CH 204/205/206 ... (labs, 1 credit each)

one solution all credits are quarter units
One Solution(All credits are quarter units)

Student transfers one:

CHEM 150 (6 cr) = CH 201 (4 cr)


CH 204 (2 cr)

Student transfers both:

CHEM 150+151 (12 cr) = CH 201+202+203 (3 cr ea)


CH204+205+206 (1 cr ea)

transfer gpa accuracy bookending
Transfer GPA Accuracy“Bookending”

Student transfers one:

MATH 5A (6 cr) = MTH 251 (6 cr)

Student transfers both:

MTH 5A+5B (12 cr) = MTH 251+253 (6 cr ea)


251 252 253

1 st year experience
1st Year Experience


USEM 101/102/103

University Seminar

UNST 101A/102A/103A

Freshman Inquiry




what s professional technical
What’sProfessional Technical?

Courses that prepare students for specific trades or professions

  • Diesel Mechanic
  • Funeral Service
  • Cosmetology
  • Physical Therapy
  • Welding
  • Animal Husbandry
many universities offer 4 year professional degrees
Many Universities Offer4-Year Professional Degrees

Reproduction in Domestic Animals


Diesel Shop Practices


Corrections Officer Training


curricular changes
Curricular Changes

Curriculum is Alive - Ever-Changing

Monitor New, Modified, Deleted Courses

End equivalencies with courses deleted from your catalog

Pre-articulate your top feeders

All others: articulate courses as they arrive

the end game
The End Game

Automate Transcript Evaluation

Save Staff Time/Resources

Great Recruitment Tool

Clear Pathways for Students and Advisors

Deliver Consistent Equivalency Info

Clear Your Prerequisites

Accurate Degree Audits

Happiness and Bliss!


TES – Transfer Evaluation System:

Equivalency Websites for Oregon Schools:


Scott Morrell

Assistant Registrar for Operations

University of Oregon