Linoleum plate
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Linoleum Plate. Cutting Tool. Printing Ink. Brayer. Carving The Linoleum Plate Carve AWAY from your body. Rolling Ink With The Brayer. Applying Ink To Plate Using The Brayer. Final Print. Acer. J. Potter. Emily Finta. Julia Forsyth. Julia Forsyth. Plates can be large too.

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Linoleum plate

Carving The Linoleum Plate

Carve AWAY from your body.

Linoleum plate


J. Potter

Linoleum plate

Emily Finta

Linoleum plate

Plate A Plate B

Which one is the plate?

Which one is the print?

Linoleum plate

Brayer Plate B

Linoleum Plate

Cutting Tool

Cutting The Linoleum Plate

Rolling Ink

Rolling Ink

Final Print

Applying Ink To Plate

Linoleum plate

Step 1: Finalize your drawing Plate B.

Step 2: Draw design with marker onto your plate.

Step 3: Use the carving tool to carve out your design on your plate.

Step 4: HAVE FUN!


You will have the rest of today and Tuesday to complete your carvings.