insect linoleum block prints n.
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Insect Linoleum Block Prints PowerPoint Presentation
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Insect Linoleum Block Prints

Insect Linoleum Block Prints

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Insect Linoleum Block Prints

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  1. Insect Linoleum Block Prints

  2. Linocut A relief print made when lines are cut into linoleum; the removed areas remain white/paper.

  3. Bench Hook: A metal or wooden plate with a raised edge to hold a woodcut or linocut in place on a table while cutting.

  4. Brayer A rubber roller for transferring ink to the plate for printing.

  5. Linoleum Cutter Special shapes for cutting various types of lines: linear, V-gouge, large line, U-gouge, knife; blades sold separately to be fitted to handle.

  6. Reduction Block Print One plate is printed several times, removing a portion and changing color each time (working from lightest to darkest). • 4 Reduction Prints: • Yellow • Light Blue • Teal • Black

  7. How Many Reduction Prints?

  8. Three. • Orange • Green • Black

  9. Linoleum Block Vinyl material that is soft, flexible, and easy to carve; any shape can be cut; for use with water-based ink only.

  10. If green ink was put on this linocut, would the peacock be green or would it stay the raw paper when printed?

  11. Green

  12. Printing Press A machine for the production of printed impressions on paper and other materials.

  13. Drying Rack Metal or plastic rack used to separate paper for drying purposes. This is where you will put your prints to dry.

  14. Examples of Insect Linocuts Simple Black Ink on White Paper

  15. Examples of Insect Linocuts Simple Black Ink on Colored Paper

  16. Examples of Insect Linocuts This linocut was made by carving the positive space (dragonflies and shrubbery) away and by applying cream ink to the linocut. This left all of the positive space raw paper. The artist then used soft pastels add more colors and details.

  17. Examples of Insect Linocuts The artist started with simple blue ink on colored paper. Then the artist colored in the print using colored pencils.

  18. Examples of Insect Linocuts The same linocut was used in this one as the one before, but this time time the artist printed on a book page. Colored pencils were then applied to the print.

  19. Examples of Insect Linocuts More variations of the same linocut…

  20. Examples of Insect Linocuts Reduction block print (gold and black) on white paper