cute martens by niya n.
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Cute Martens By:Niya PowerPoint Presentation
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Cute Martens By:Niya

Cute Martens By:Niya

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Cute Martens By:Niya

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  1. Cute Martens By:Niya • The pine marten lives in Wisconsin. • The marten is in the group of mammals. • The scientific name for the marten is flavigul a chrysospila. • The marten is endangered because they are being trapped until none were left in the state. • I want to care for it by donating to their state.

  2. Amazing Asiatic Lionsby ALEXIS • My animal is a mammal. • The Asiatic lion lives in Turkey and India. • It is in endangered because they’re being hunted.It’s scientific name is leo persica

  3. COOL SNOW LEOPARD BY: CAMERON • My animal is a mammal. • The snow leopard lives in the mountain ranges of central Asia. • It is losing its habitat. • I am going to make the snow leopard habitat better. • Its scientific name is Unciauncia.

  4. All About a Cheetah’s Life by Erika • This cheetah lives in Africa and Iran. • This animal is a mammal. • The cheetah is endangered because the habitat is getting encroached upon. • A special name for the cheetah is acinonyx jubatus. • Cheetahs can not roar. • I want to help a cheetah by building a wild life park where it is hot and has a lot of space.

  5. San Francisco Garter Snake By Jamie • The San Francisco garter snake lives in North America. • The Scientific name is Thamnophis sirtalis tetrataenia. • The group is reptiles. • Garter snakes are in danger because of toxic pesticides. • We want to care for garter snakes by taking the toxic pesticides out of their environment.

  6. Chinese Alligators by Jerald • I will help the Chinese alligators to find them a home. • They are from China and are meat eaters. • Its habitat is being used for farming. • It is endangered because people kill them for food.

  7. Cheetah by Jerome • Cheetahs run at top speeds to 70 mph. • Humans are cutting down the cheetah habitat. • The group of the cheetah is acinonyx jubatus. • The cheetah lives in Africa and Iran. • I would move the cheetah to a new land to escape.

  8. AWSOME GRAY WOLFby:TIONNE • The gray wolf lives in Mexico . • The gray wolf is endangered because we are building houses where they live. • How I would help: I would tell people to stop cutting down their habitat. • The gray wolf’s scientific name is canis lupus and it’s group is mammals.

  9. AWESOME!! Emperor PenguinsBy Tre • Some emperor penguins live in Antarctica. • I will help the emperor penguins by getting some people to put something that will make their home colder. • Emperor penguins are endangered because there is more sun there, and it is melting the ice so they don’t have any place to stand on and sit and relax from swimming.

  10. Beautiful PorpoisesBy Dyamond • Porpoises live in Mexico {Gulf of California}. • My animal is a mammal. • My animal’s scientific name is Phocoena Sinus. • My animal is endangered because 40 or 50 are killed a year. • I care to continue the “no killing porpoises” law.

  11. GREAT GRAY WOLVESBY: Jake • My animal is a mammal. • The gray wolf lives in Mexico and in the United States. • It is endangered because of livestock. • Its scientific name is Canis Lupus. • I want to become a park ranger.

  12. Dhole dogby:Keyanna Cabell • My animal is a Dhole. • It is a type of wild endangered dog. • It is a mammal. • It lives in the Middle East and Asia. • They are endangered because people are trapping them and shooting them. • Its scientific name is Cuon Alpinus. • Please help them

  13. Cool Monk Seal By Britney • A monk seal comes from Hawaii. • The scientific name is monach schauinsland. • The Hawaiian monk seal is a mammal. • Its endangered by reef poisoning. • I will help the monk seals by putting them in an ocean with no sharks to eat or kill them .

  14. Great Gray Wolvesby Brett • The gray wolf lives in the northern parts of North America. • The gray wolf is a mammal, and the scientific name is canis lupus. • It is endangered because people hunt and trap them. • I want to build a shelter for them.

  15. Crazy Koalas by Fatima • Koalas live in Australia. • The koala is a mammal. • The scientific name is Phascolarctos Cinereus. • The way I will protect the koalas is by telling the hunters to stop hunting.

  16. Asian Golden Catby Evan • Also called the Temmnick’s Golden cat, the Asian golden cat can be found in Nepal or Asia. • The way I want to help is to stop destruction to their home. • They are mammals. • It is in endangered because people hunt them and do destruction to their home.

  17. Pink DolphinsBy Donnae • Some dolphins are pink and some are grey. • Most dolphins eat catfish and waterfish. • I would care for dolphins by loving and feeding them. • It is endangered because big hungry sharks like to eat them.

  18. TigerBy.Dionte • The tiger lives in Asia. • I will take the tiger to the zoo. • People are hunting and using bones for medicine. • The tiger is a mammal. • The Scientific name is panthera.