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Cute Dogs. Snow Ball.

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Snow ball
Snow Ball

Snow ball is playful and cuddly. He was born on December,1. This girl named Sydney got him from her Grandmother. Her Grandmother said. ‘’Since you have not been talking back to your Mom and Dad I got him for you’’. Thank You so much Grandmother! Your Welcome sweetie. He’s so soft! Puppy’s are hard to take care of! I know Grandmother! Ok if you say so sweetie.


Buster likes to stay close to his mom. He is cuddly. A girl named Ava got him from her Grammy for her birthday. I love him! Can you help me take care of him mom and dad. Sure sweetie we would love too! When was he born Grammy. He was born June 10 he was not born long ago. He looks like he just took a bath. Yes he did! Bye Grammy! I love you!


Easter loves eggs. On Easter he sniffs out the candy. He dresses up like a bunny. His favorite animal is a bunny! Hi Grandmother! I have a Thanksgiving surprise just for you! A puppy! Thanks Grandmother! I know how to take care of a puppy! I have had one before! When was he born? He was born April 20. Bye Grandmother I had fun on Thanksgiving!