international security n.
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International security

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International security - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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International security. and nuclear proliferation. Nuclear proliferation. Nuclear proliferation is a hot-button issue in the 20th and 21st centuries Nuclear Weapons = power The membership in Nuclear Club is still too attractive. A concept of deterrence.

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International security

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international security

International security

and nuclear proliferation.

nuclear proliferation
Nuclear proliferation
  • Nuclear proliferation is a hot-button issue in the 20th and 21st centuries
  • Nuclear Weapons = power
  • The membership in Nuclear Club is still too attractive
a concept of deterrence
A concept of deterrence
  • definition: a bluff in “higher circles”
  • Deterrence was an inalienable feature of the Cold War System
  • A need of shift from deterrence to cooperation and interaction
  • A new challenge – extremist groups
a concept of deterrence continue
A concept of deterrence (continue)
  • Extremists don’t respect the system of negotiations, they just work
  • A threat of possession NW by terrorists
  • As a consequence – a sensitization of violent methods of squaring the situation
  • A break in Antiterrorist Camp
nuclear club expansion
Nuclear Club expansion
  • The concept of “Realpolitik” is living
  • Iraq and NW: US secret service bluffed
  • NPT-treaty is of great value
  • NW is a threat to the world, not only to the concrete state
atomic power
Atomic power
  • Is there any alternative to atomic power today?
  • The most profitable power nowadays
used nuclear fuel and radio waste product
Used Nuclear Fuel and Radio Waste Product
  • The issue of handling UNF
  • The problem of RWP (its accumulation)
  • Russia is going to be a “tip” of world NWP?
unf and rwp
  • The problem of UNF accumulation must be solved on international level
an understanding of nw threat
An understanding of NW threat
  • The process of Nuclear proliferation must be controlled by international organizations
        • IAEA
        • NEA
        • others
two ways of international relations development
Two ways of international relations development
  • Increasing the number of nuclear weapons means providing for national security
  • Interaction of states (concerning the issue of reducing NW) means providing for international security