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C A R N A V A L. PowerPoint designed by Danielle Griffin, 2006. What is Carnaval?. Carnaval is: public celebration or parade combining some elements of a circus and public street party

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c a r n a v a l


PowerPoint designed by Danielle Griffin, 2006

what is carnaval
What is Carnaval?

Carnaval is:

  • public celebration or parade combining some elements of a circus and public street party
  • the annual pre-Lenten festival; most people in the U.S. know it as Mardi Gras
  • celebrated as a last indulgence of pleasures that Catholics must give up for 40 days of fasting during Lent, from Ash Wednesday to Easter Sunday
  • the word Carnival is derived from Latin, meaning take away or goodbye to flesh, and strict Catholics will give up meat eating during Lent.
carnaval carnevale carnival

The festival has many names in different countries. It is:

  • Carnaval in Brazil and Mexico
  • Carnevale in Italy
  • Carnival in other countries
  • Carnival Madri Gras in US & France
where brazil carnaval in rio de janeiro
Where?Brazil: Carnaval in Rio de Janeiro

Rio de Janeiro

Click here to learn more about Brazil

why a little history about carnaval
Why?A Little History About Carnaval
  • Started hundreds of years ago in Europe as festival to welcome spring
  • In 9th century Christianity spread through Europe and before Lent they baked cakes & doughnuts & held parties. They called it carnival because it was the last time before Lent they could eat what they wanted.
  • The first records of Carnival festivities in Rio de Janeiro date back to 1723. Immigrants from the Portugal introduced here the Entrudo (The idea was basically getting everybody soaked wet. and limes.).
  • African ex-slaves introduced Samba to Brazil and started samba schools. Now, samba schools are the main attraction at Carnaval.
  • Celebrates 3 main cultures of Brazil: indigenous, European, and African
  • Takes place every year
  • February or March before Lent
  • February is summer in Brazil
  • 4 days and 5 nights
  • Ends on Ash Wednesday
  • Children participate during the day
  • Next year CARNAVAL is February 17, 2007
  • Costumed parents and children join in the parades during the day
  • Everyone participates
  • People around the world visit Rio for Carnaval
  • Neighborhoods organize into groups called samba “schools’ and perform
how is carnaval celebrated in rio
How is Carnaval celebrated in Rio?

Brass bands play

Street performers

Giant puppets & clowns walkingon tall stilt

Best part is the

Samba Schools Parade

samba parade
Each Samba School is made up of a group of

people from different neighborhoods

May be 3,000-5,000 dancers & musicians in one school

14 schools take part in it

Dancers and musicians train all year to be in Samba parade

During Carnaval, judges vote for best school

Samba Parade
sambadome home to the samba parade
Sambadome: Home to the Samba Parade

The Concentration

Waiting to perform

Av. Marquês de Sapucaí Street

The Concentration

Getting dress for parade

The Concentration

Getting floats ready