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Pastor/Teacher - Jim Rickard Tuesday, February 16, 2010. Grace Fellowship Church www.GraceDoctrine.org. Doxology Praise God, from whom all blessings flow; Praise Him, all creatures here below; Praise Him above, ye heavenly host; Praise Father, Son, and Holy Ghost.—Amen.

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Grace Fellowship Church GraceDoctrine

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  1. Pastor/Teacher - Jim Rickard Tuesday, February 16, 2010 Grace Fellowship Churchwww.GraceDoctrine.org

  2. DoxologyPraise God, from whom all blessings flow;Praise Him, all creatures here below;Praise Him above, ye heavenly host;Praise Father, Son, and Holy Ghost.—Amen.

  3. Memory VerseJohn 15:13, “Greater love has no one than this, that one lay down his life for his friends.”

  4. John 15:2Suffering for BlessingPart 11

  5. A. Introduction: Suffering acts as a guardian or parent in life.B. Suffering is used as a measure- ment of life.C. Suffering for Blessing Rationale.D. Five categories of suffering in the spiritual life.

  6. E. Definition of the three stages of Spiritual Adulthood and accompanying Suffering for Blessing.F. Suffering and Spiritual Adulthood.G. Providential Preventative Suffering.H. Prayer and Suffering.

  7. I. Momentum Testing5 Categories:Disaster Testing People Testing System TestingThought Testing Prosperity Testing

  8. 4. System TestingEph 5:22-6:9Col 3:18-4:1 1 Peter 2:12-3:7 Rom 13:1-7

  9. A system is an organization composed of people under the command of other people functioning under a policy which is designed to fulfill a specific objective.

  10. 3 Characteristics of a System:1) Authority 2) Policy3) Objective

  11. 7 Categories of Systems1) Business org.2) Military services3) Professional org.4) Ecclesiastical org.5) Athletic org.

  12. 7 Categories of Systems6) Divine institutions, volition, marriage, family, …

  13. 7 Categories of Systems6) Divine institutions, volition, marriage, family, …7) Government; federal, state and local. Rom 13:1-7; 1 Tim 2:1-8; Titus 3:1, Prov 24:21; Eccl 8:2

  14. There are good and bad organizations, systems, leadership, policies, and objectives. Therefore, you have many areas of S.T. related to the people, policy, and purpose.

  15. Because no one is perfect and everyone has an Old Sin Nature, personality, policy, and purpose conflicts are inevitable.

  16. 3 Areas of System Testing1) Authority - unfair and unjust treatment from mgmt, Sr. officer, coach, professor, bureaucrat, husband, parents, etc., exists.

  17. 3 Areas of System Testing2) Policy may be unreasonable or conflict with normal living or your personal norms and standards.

  18. 3 Areas of System Testing3) Objectives may be unreasonable or impossible to fulfill or pose a conflict with your personal life.

  19. The greatest enemy to any org. is arrogance in its personnel both at the top and bottom. Also incapability, or laziness, wrong priorities or ignorance.

  20. The believer is to “submit” to every authority in regard to S.T., with the exception of disobedience to God and His Word. Mat 5:9-12, 1 Peter 2:19-20; Luke 6:32-36

  21. Grace Fellowship ChurchTuesday, February 16, 2010Tape # 10-019 Suffering for Blessing, Pt 11Momentum Testing, Pt 4Upper Room Discourse, Part 338John 15:2-8;  1 Peter 2:12-3:7; Rom 13:1-7James H. Rickard Bible Ministries 2010

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