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Communications at the Carnegie Moscow Center June 24, 2010 PowerPoint Presentation
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Communications at the Carnegie Moscow Center June 24, 2010

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Communications at the Carnegie Moscow Center June 24, 2010
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Communications at the Carnegie Moscow Center June 24, 2010

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  1. Communicationsat the Carnegie Moscow Center June 24, 2010

  2. About the Carnegie Moscow Center • Organized in 1994 – last November we celebrated our 15th anniversary • Though “with American roots” – is staffed by Russians, with one American • Best scholars – leaders in their respective fields Our principles: independence, nonpartisan approach and quality analysis

  3. Global Vision Pioneeringthe Global Think Tank in Moscow • We conduct activities as a member of a global think tank, trying to think and act globally • We have engaged in much more interaction between offices • We attempt to constantly exchange ideas and best practices between offices • Locally-based, multi-lingual scholars • Global quality standards and uniform visual identity requirements • Innovative research methodologies • Advanced use of modern technologies

  4. Global Vision Our Mission: • To embody and promote independent research, and disseminate its results • To provide a free and open forum for the discussion and debate of critical national, regional and global issues  • To further cooperation and strengthen relations between Russia and other countries by explaining the interests, objectives and policies of each side

  5. Our Programs • Russian Domestic Politics and Political Institutions (Lilia Shevtsova) • Foreign and Security Policy (Dmitri Trenin) • Nonproliferation (Alexei Arbatov) • Society and Regions (Nikolay Petrov) • Religion, Society and Security (Alexey Malashenko and Martha Olcott in DC) • Economic Policy (Sergei Aleksashenko) • East-East: Partnership Beyond Borders (Andrei Ryabov)

  6. What we do • Research • Events • Publications • Website • Articles and interviews • Outreach • Interns • Library Carnegie Moscow Center - № 1 in Central & Eastern Europe

  7. Moscow Communications Team • Anna Golubkova • Website • Leads site upgrade in cooperation with DC web team • Moscow Center Newsletter • Website promotion • Svetlana Tugan-Baranovskaya • Press monitoring • Media outreach • Publications distribution • Reporting: lists of upcoming events, trimestrial Board reports, Carnegie in Press, Activities Grid, and the info flyers and lists of recent publications for the reception area. • Library maintenance Natalia Bubnova • Communications plan and budget • Brand and promotion • Publications • PR • Major events • Exhibitions • Interns program • Website Veronica Lavrikova • Press releases • Non/Fiction Book Fair • Marketing • Publications

  8. Media activities We are the newsmaker – our events & pubs considered newsworthy • 200-250 in Russian on a yearly basis: op-eds, articles and interviews a year – in leading Russian press and academic journals • 50-100 op-eds and articles/interviews a year in English • Regular Columns in The Moscow Times, The Washington Post, (Russia’s leading online publication) • Quoted over 1000 times a year in Russian and English press and academic journals • 10-20 press at our events, up to 3-5 TV crews • Our experts – Dmitri Trenin, Alexei Arbatov, Alexey Malashenko – regularly appear in prime time on national TV channels

  9. Publications • Up to 30 titles of books, reports and brochures published annually • In FY 2010 we produced a record of 13 books and 7 reports - all authored or edited by our scholars • In Russian, English and occasionally other languages • Books on most important issues: Russia’s relations with the West, Russia’s development, Islam and Islamism, Euro-Atlantic security and nonproliferation Full texts of all our pubs since 1998 will be reestablished on our new website at with free-of-charge, easy access

  10. Some recent books • Irregular Triangle. State-Business-Society Relations, eds. Nikolay Petrov and Alexey Titkov (in Russian) • Lonely Power. Why Russia Has Not Become the West and Why the West Is Difficult for Russia, by Lilia Shevtsova (in Russian) • Space: Weapons, Diplomacy and Security, ed. by Alexei Arbatov and Vladimir Dvorkin (in Russian) • Solo voyage, by Dmitri Trenin (in Russian) • Twenty Years of Religious Freedom in Russia, ed. by Alexey Malashenko and Sergei Filatov (in Russian) • Ramzan Kadyrov: The Chechen Version of Russian Authoritarianism, by Alexey Malashenko (in Russian) • Religion and Globalization Across Eurasia, eds. Alexey Malashenko and Sergei Filatov (in the series Religion in Eurasia – in Russian) • Nuclear Proliferation: New Technologies, Weapons and Treaties, eds. Alexei Arbatov, Vladimir Dvorkin (in Russian) Whether summer or fall, Moscow is hot!

  11. Soon to come out • Resetting U.S.–Russian Nuclear Relations, ed. by Alexei Arbatov (in Russian, to be followed by English) • Report on Iran, by Alexey Malashenko (in Russian and English) • How Russia is Governed: Overmanaged Democracy and Its Limits, by Nikolay Petrov and Maria Lipman (in Russian and English) • The Arctic: A View from Moscow, by Dmitri Trenin and Alexey Malashenko (in Russian and English) • 20 Years After the Berlin Wall (in Russian and English) Distribute free-of-charge to universities, libraries, policy makers, think tanks, government institutions and press, with targeted distribution list for each new book. Have sent select publications to targeted lists in Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, U.S., Japan, China and other countries.

  12. Translations We publish translations of select Carnegie pubs • Russia’s Neglected Energy Reserve, by John Millhone (in Russian) • Central Asia’s Second Choice, by Martha Olcott (in Russian) • Reading Khamenei, by Karim Sadjadpour (in Russian) We cooperate with the Washington office to have CEIP publish translations of our select books and reports • Lonely Power. Why Russia Has Not Become the West and Why the West Is Difficult for Russia, by Lilia Shevtsova • Resetting U.S.-Russian Nuclear Relations (plus papers and reports on sub-topics), eds.Alexei Arbatov and Vladimir Dvorkin • Outer Space: Weapons, Diplomacy and Security, eds. Alexei Arbatov and Vladimir Dvorkin • The Arctic: A View from Moscow, by Alexey Malashenko and Dmitri Trenin The Washington office publishes books written by our experts in English • Post-Imperium: Russia and Its Neighbors, by Dmitri Trenin (forthcoming) • The Birth of a Myth. How political myths emerge and what lies behind them, by Lilia Shevtsova (forthcoming) • Afghanistan: a View from the North, by Dmitri Trenin, Alexei Malashenko (first in a series View from Russia!)

  13. Working Papers, Briefings and the Moscow Center Newsletter • Working Papers provide ready access to timely research on the domestic and foreign policies of Russia and neighboring countries • Briefings offer analysis and practical policy recommendations for Russian foreign and domestic policies, economic policy and security • Moscow Center Newsletter - a bilingual, monthly electronic bulletin presenting news tied in with the Carnegie events and pubs. Plan to resume distribution in a new format by the end of the summer.

  14. Pro et Contra • Leading political journal, published for 14 years • Nearly 4000 subscribers in 100 cities in Russia and other countries • Offers analysis of Russia’s domestic and foreign policy, economics and international relations, social trends, socio-political institutions and the media • Presents conflicting view points • Seminars around most issues • Full texts on the website with summaries in English • English translations of select issues including one of the latest “Two Crises: Consequences and Outlook” Subscriptions open to the newly redesigned electronic version

  15. Pubs promotion • Increased print-runs to 3000-4000 • Better promotion: book-stores, catalogs, Internet, book fairs, (new!) meetings with readers, etc. • Nonfiction Book Exhibition – Russia’s leading annual event for intellectual literature is one of our main yearly venues for book promotion

  16. Recent events • Kyrgyzstan • Kyrgyzstan: Crucial Point - Teleconference with Roza Otunbayeva, chair of the interim government of the Kyrgyz Republic • Recent Developments in Kyrgyzstan: Speech Former Kyrgyz president AskarAkayev • The Internal Political Situation in Kyrgyzstan, with members of Kyrgyz opposition parties including Roza Otunbayeva • Russia’s past and future • Russian Big Business during the Global Crisis • The Politics of History and Its Variations in Post-Socialist Countries • Russia’s Future: Nation or Civilization? • Social Service in the Contemporary Russian Orthodox Church: Stereotypes of Behavior and Belief • Russia and the West • Reset, One Year After. Where Do We Go After START? • with Javier Solana, and Strobe Talbott • Transatlantic Security in the 21st Century: Do New Threats Require New Approaches? • Obama-Medvedev Moscow Summit Expert Briefing • Rasmussen speech • Euro-Atlantic Security Initiative launch - videoconference • Obama’s Nuclear Agenda: A View from Washington • EASI Launch We run some 100-150 events a year Videos and transcripts at major events

  17. New Website • A new platform fully integrated with the Carnegie’s sites in Washington, Brussels, and Beirut • Fresher and more user friendly format • Seamless navigation throughout the world of analysis and insight that the Endowment provides • Puts our work in Moscow in the global context in which it rightfully belongs • Exclusive web-commentary of daily events by Carnegie experts • Updated daily in Russian and in English • Regional Monitoring Sub-Site The Carnegie Endowment was named best among Think Tanks globally for use of Internet

  18. Regional Monitoring Website • Electronic publications on the Regional Monitoring site: • monthly Monitorings of • the level of democratic development of Russia’s regions • Regional Yearbook • scholarly reports • New! With interactivity

  19. Looking to the future - new projects • 100th Anniversary Celebration • Rating of Russia’s Regions’ Democratic Development – to also use it as a promotional vehicle • Videos of interviews with our experts on the burning issues – for the website and youtube (pending on budget) • Interactive polling during our seminars • Website promotion through SEO and social networking via Internet • Interactivity on the site • Interns’ collection of articles - interim title Young Ideas for the Young Millennium • More focus on electronic publications

  20. Be the change you wish to see in the world Mahatma Gandhi A German businessman, speaking of Russia: “Such a wonderful country, so many things to do” We do try to make an impact.