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Writing a Positional paper PowerPoint Presentation
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Writing a Positional paper

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Writing a Positional paper - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Writing a Positional paper
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  1. Writing a Positional paper Opinion vs. Supported Opinions

  2. House Keeping Items • Why is Mr. Craig now teaching us? • How long will Mr. Craig be teaching us? • Signing in / Attendance (Beginning of every period) • PPRR marks (late -40%) • If you are late and the door is closed you wait outside until you are invited into the class. You will not be able to participate in the bell quiz or warm-up and will not have a chance to make it up. • Boxes are laid out at the back of the class for handing in assignments • All items from the table baskets are to be put back at the end of class • I will dismiss you when your chairs are pushed in and everything around you is clean. Any of the following results in losing 60% of your Daily PPRR Grade. • Speaking Arabic in the classroom • Novel not brought to class every period • Pens/pencils/binder/book etc. not brought to class every period

  3. Binders / Work Folder • Every student is to have a work folder / binder that is brought to every lesson. • Failing to bring your folder to class results in you losing (60% of your PPRR) • Each folder must be separated by tabs that are labeled. The following tabs are to be created immediately (Due Thursday) • Notes • Tests • Quizzes • Assignments • Novel Study Journal • More tabs will be required as time goes on • Binders/Folders will be marked with or without prior notice • Every item that is placed in your folder must have your name and date at top of the page • Your folder must have your name and homeroom marked on the outside

  4. Novel Study • Each student is expected to have an English novel brought to class every period. Failing to do so results in losing 60% of your PPRR mark. • The novel is expected to be age appropriate and can be completely read in one quarter. • The novels must be in line with: • Quarter 1: Mystery • Quarter 2: Science Fiction • Quarter 3: Non-Fiction • Quarter 4: Fiction • Your first novel must be brought to class THIS TUESDAY • The following novels must be brought to class on the first day of each quarter. • At any time that you have completed your in-class assignment and you are left to do nothing, you are expected to immediately start reading your novel.

  5. Writing a Positional paper Opinion vs. Supported Opinions

  6. Objectives: By the end of this lesson… • You will have a better understanding of why a supported your opinion is better than just an opinion.

  7. Parting the Sea of Opinion(An Activity)

  8. Statements…Agree or Disagree • Books are more important for learning today than they were in 1960 • High School students today read more than High School students in 1960 • Education is more valuable for grade 9 students in 2010 than it was for grade 9’s in the year 1960.

  9. In your groups…Mind Mapping • Write the positional sentence in the middle of the paper. • Draw lines from the positional sentence and write down your opinions why you feel the way that you do. • Select someone from your group to present your mind map • PLEASE NOTE: Your mind map must have at least 4 opinions written down

  10. Re-cap / Homework Suggestions • Get your binders/folders set up and organized (Due on Thursday) • Get a mystery/crime novel (Due on Tuesday)