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Count the Sounds

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Count the Sounds - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Count the Sounds

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  1. Count the Sounds Name:*

  2. Color a box for each sound you hear.

  3. Type the letters that make each sound. *Remember….One sound per box.

  4. Write a sentence using the word. *

  5. Lesson Plan • Before Lesson: • Save this lesson to the student server. • In the lab: • Sit students on the floor and explain the lesson…how to navigate to the server, how to open PowerPoint, how to click on slides, how to undo, how to click on a box and then click on the paint bucket to fill the box for each sound, how to click next to a star and type when they have the text cursor. (Basically anything they don’t know how to do already.) • Have the students open the PowerPoint, click on slide 1 and choose slide view. • Have the students click next to the star beside Name and type their name. • Have students click on slide 2 and wait for further instructions. • Lesson • Explain that you’re going to read aloud a word. Tell them that they should count how many sounds they hear in the word and use the paint bucket to fill a box (click on the box and then on the paint bucket on the bottom tool bar) for each discrete sound. For example, you might say the word ‘sat’, and the children should fill three boxes on their slide, one for each sound. • On slide 3, have the students type a sound in each box. One sound per box. • For Slide 4, have the students click next to the star * and type a sentence using that word.

  6. Tips • Tips on How to modify this template for your students: • SSave the original template in your grade level folder on the staff directory. • DDelete slides you don’t want to students to use by clicking on the slide in the left toolbar and pressing the delete key. • DDuplicate slides you may need more than one of (slide 2,3, and 4). To do this, click on the desired slide on the left toolbar. Go to Insert in the top menu bar, then select Duplicate Slide. • OOnce you have modified the template to fit your students’ needs, save the new presentation on the student directory in your grade level folder so the students can access it when they log in! • TO SAVE: • Go to file • save as • select the location to save in (your grade level folder on the student server probably) • name it • press save