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EBPHN Nuts & Bolts

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EBPHN Nuts & Bolts - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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EBPHN Nuts & Bolts. Breakout Session D Sandra De Groote. Disseminating the Information. Website http://www.uic.edu/depts/lib/projects/ebphn/index.html Modules Web Resources Digital Thesis Repository Training Train the Trainer Classes – meetings of APHNE Online Modules

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EBPHN Nuts & Bolts

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ebphn nuts bolts

EBPHN Nuts & Bolts

Breakout Session D

Sandra De Groote

disseminating the information
Disseminating the Information
  • Website
    • http://www.uic.edu/depts/lib/projects/ebphn/index.html
    • Modules
    • Web Resources
    • Digital Thesis Repository
  • Training
    • Train the Trainer Classes – meetings of APHNE
    • Online Modules
  • Links to our Website
  • Conferences
online modules content
Online Modules - Content
  • Module 1 describes the paradigm shift from individual to population-based public health nursing. Finding and creating evidence in public health nursing is also discussed.
  • Module 2 introduces the PubMed database including the basics of database searching, MeSH, and the PubMed interface.
  • Module 3 provides orientation to resources for federal, state and local statistics including CDC Wonder at the Centers for Disease Control.
  • Module 4 introduces strategies for finding the best evidence-based literature and discusses critical analysis of the journal literature.
  • Module 5 introduces the best resources for finding clinical practice and prevention guidelines.
  • Module 6 provides orientation to resources for public health nursing web resources.
  • Train the Trainer sessions covered the same content as the Modules
  • http://ebphn.lib.uic.edu
web resources
Web Resources
  • Databases
  • Guidelines
  • Websites for Public Health
  • Statistics
digital thesis repository
Digital Thesis Repository
  • Several Ideas
    • Reference Manager
    • Open Access Journal
    • Digital Repository (one selected)
  • Digital Repository
    • Only theses that have been reviewed and approved by the Editorial Review Board for the EBPHN theses can be submitted to the collection specific to the EBPHN digital library within the repository.
    • The EBPHN repository can be searched by author, title, and keywords.
    • Items added to the EBPHN repository will also be cataloged in UICCAT (UIC’s online library catalog) and contain a link to the full-text of the thesis. Items in UICCAT also appear in several larger catalogs including I-Share (Illinois academic and research library catalog) and WorldCat.
train the trainer
Train the Trainer
  • Content of the Modules
    • Often the Modules themselves
      • Often no live Internet connection
      • Laptop and LCD project
        • Not live and not hands on
  • Librarians and Public Health Faculty
  • At APHNE Meetings, conferences
training results
Training Results
  • Train-the-Trainer classes were successful in reaching over 100 public health nurse administrator and leaders. There is no data to show how many of those who attended the sessions returned to their home institutions and provided training to their work forces.
  • Only 42 nurses have completed all the modules and received 3.6 CEU hours from the Illinois Nursing Association (INA). A total of 82 individual modules have been completed. Illinois does not currently require CEUs for certification, however, the CEU requirement may be reinstated. INA credits are reciprocal in most states.
online modules
Online Modules
  • Divide up topics & ensure little overlap
    • 6 modules – basic content outline
    • Needed to be clear as spread around Illinois at different locations
    • Not always sure what content others would cover
  • Unified modules by
    • Chose a template design for Modules in PowerPoint – each module used a different color
    • Chose a topic to focus on “community acquired pneumonia”
online tutorial software
Online Tutorial Software
  • Flash Compression Programs
    • Camtasia
    • Viewlet
    • Captivate
    • Comparisons
      • http://komodo.utsystem.edu/coursetech/lsteffen/screencapture/Features_footnote.doc
      • http://codist.blogspot.com/2005/06/tutorial-software-camtasia-captivate.html
      • http://www.donationcoder.com/Reviews/Archive/ScreenCasting/
  • Needed to learn how to use Camtasia
    • Not much learning curve
      • Practice a few times
      • Record image and sound at same time
        • Don’t want to do entire powerpoint at one time
        • Sound quality could vary from Powerpoint video to Internet clip – took tweaking to get same sound level
        • Do individual segments – and then put everything together
      • Technical difficulties varied from one computer to the next
        • Only publish in IE on one computer
          • -may have been the call-out
        • Many computers – clips to big if published all as one
          • Had to break most of them up after the fact
          • Can ask it to publish one large thing with natural breaks
      • Didn’t always record what the creator could see
creating modules
Creating Modules
  • Not everyone on same timeline for completion
  • Not everyone submitted all content as requested (power point of show)
  • “Story Boards” – not all used
    • Helped to sketch out what going to do – and put together
  • Some content added after the fact
    • Not always easy to insert in right spot
  • Have to redo if
    • Make a speaking mistake
    • If Internet difficulties
    • Sound quality poor (could re-record sound over existing)
  • Need feedback soon after module completion
using camtasia and creating a module
Using Camtasia and Creating a Module
  • Step 1: Decide on content and outline what you will do with a story board
  • Step 2
    • PowerPoint: Go to Power Point after create a slide show and talk while clicking through the slide
    • Internet: Go to Website and talk while clicking and typing
  • Step 3: Put the parts together in Camtasia
  • Step 4: Do some tweaking
  • Step 5: Publish to Flash
  • Step 6: Upload on the web
inside camtasia
Inside Camtasia
  • http://www.uic.edu/depts/lib/projects/ebphn/greenbay/greenbay.html
continuation plans
Continuation Plans
  • The website will be maintained and further developed
  • The online instructional modules will be updated on a regular basis by LHS-Peoria. LHS-Peoria will also explore the possibility of advanced modules. Contact hour credits for online modules will be administered by the UIC CON at Peoria. LHS-Peoria will work with APHNE to present additional Train-the-Trainer sessions at future consortia meetings.
    • Will also be looking to expand the credit to include MLA CE
  • The EBPHN Digital Library will remain a part of the UIC Library Institutional Repository, administered by LHS-Peoria.
  • UIC CON and SIU-E SON will solicit submissions for the EBPHN Digital Library database within Illinois and beyond.
  • Extend the focus and reach of the website by identifying and partnering with others producing educational materials for the public health work force.
  • Seek additional funding to help support Phase II activities.
future plans continued
Future Plans…continued
  • New Modules
    • More in-depth EBPHN
    • More interactive (use other software)
  • New Content
    • RSS Websites
    • PodCasts
  • Create Podcasts
  • More promotion