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Holidays In Canada PowerPoint Presentation
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Holidays In Canada

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Holidays In Canada - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Holidays In Canada. By Morgan Wainwright January 2005. Table Of Contents. Victoria Day Remembrance Day Canada Day Canada Birthdays Christmas in Canada Mothers Day in Canada New Years Eve in Canada. Victoria Day.

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Holidays In Canada

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Presentation Transcript

Holidays In Canada

By Morgan Wainwright

January 2005


Table Of Contents

Victoria Day

Remembrance Day

Canada Day

Canada Birthdays

Christmas in Canada

Mothers Day in Canada

New Years Eve in Canada


Victoria Day

Victoria Day is celebrated on May 24th. People celebrate Victoria Day because Queen Victoria was born on May 24th.Canadians celebrate her birth.


Remembrance Day

Remembrance Day is when Canadians remember the people who fought in the war so they could have peace.


Canada Day

Canada Day is one of Canada’s most important holidays. It’s celebrated on July 1st.Canadians celebrate Canada Day in a number of ways:fireworks and parties.On Canada Day everyone is happy.


Canada Birthdays

When it is a Canadian birthday their nose is greased so they will have good luck.Families serve homemade birthday cakes decorated with colored sprinkles.Between the cake layers you might find a coin wrapped in wax paper .The guest who gets the piece of cake with the coin in it is the first at all the party games.


Christmas In Canada

The most important thing is the Christmas tree.Kids put their shoes in front of the fireplace so Santa can fill them with gifts. Families go to church at midnight and eat supper when they get home.


Mothers Day In Canada

Canadians celebrate Mothers Day by making a Mothers Day card. Moms get a day off from work.Their husbands give them flowers and chocolates.


New Years Eve In Canada

On New Years Eve Canadians of all ages put on their swimsuits and take a plunge.