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Social Media and Job Seekers PowerPoint Presentation
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Social Media and Job Seekers

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Social Media and Job Seekers
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Social Media and Job Seekers

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  1. Social Media & JobSeekers A Presentation

  2. The New Trend Being Social is the new trend in the path to job search and one should utilise it to the maximum. Popular social sites have millions of usersand are counting every day. Ever thought how it could earn you a job?

  3. Popular sites like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Google+ are actively catering to the huge mass of job seekers and employers around the globe. No doubt why the whole network of young talent flock into these platforms everyday.

  4. THE TREND R E C R U I T E R S O N O F S O C I A L M E D I A 94,500 70,875 47,250 23,625 0 LinkedIn Facebook Twitter Google+ READ STATS IN %

  5. 1.Having your profiles in social networking sites, gets you instant information about any job posting related to your field or interest. Get connected with recruiters. T&A Solutions is one of the active job consultants in Chandigarh and they do post vacancies regularly for different verticals.

  6. CONTD... 2. When you are active socially in these sites, you get to know about any company that you might have a wish to work in. You can get connected with the current employees and can of course get to know about the work culture there and what you can expect. WWW .TA S O L UT I O N S .I N / H R

  7. CONTD... 3. Your proper profiles in these sites are important with regard to your reputation as a potential candidate for companies. Employers literally are active and do hire from these sites. So see that you have a presentable profile which means try being as much genuine as you can. WWW .TA S O L UT I O N S .I N / H R

  8. With Withthe theright rightsoc cor corr rectly ectly, , jobs soci ial altools jobsare tools& &using are usingthe now them m WWW .TA S O L UT I O N S .I N / H R

  9. Thanks f o r Watching ! Presented by: T&ASolutions Your recruittmentt specialistt