Module 9 story time
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Module 9 Story time. Unit 2 Goldilocks rushed out of the house. Review. 动词的过去时?. What did we learn in last unit? once hurry bear decide ride knock

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Module 9 story time

Module9 Story time

Unit 2

Goldilocks rushed out of the house



  • What did we learn in last unit?

  • once hurry

  • bear decide

  • ride knock

  • begin pick

  • nobody push

  • ride open

  • notice enter

  • pick count

Once upon a time, there was a little girl called Goldilocks.

New words
New Words

  • rush v. 冲;奔

  • try v. 尝试

  • destroy v. 毁坏;破坏

  • unhappy adj.不高兴的

  • asleep adj.睡着的

  • return v. 返回;归还

  • cry v. 哭;喊叫

  • point v. (用手指等)指

  • jump v. 跳

  • without prep.无;没有

  • look around 向四周看

New words1
New Words

  • rush

  • try

  • destroy

  • unhappy

  • asleep

  • return

  • cry

  • point

  • jump

  • without

  • look around

  • 冲;奔

  • 尝试

  • 毁坏;破坏

  • 不高兴的

  • 睡着的

  • 返回;归还

  • 哭;喊叫

  • (用手指等)指

  • 无;没有

  • 向四周看

1 what can you see in the picture work in pairs guess what happened next
1.What can you see in the picture?Work in pairs. Guess what happened next ?

*I think Goldilocks decided to go home.



Goldilocks and the three bears
Goldilocks and the Three Bears order.

  • Listen carefully and get the main idea of the text.

  • Listen again and number the pictures in the correct order.

Module 9 story time

1 d Goldilocks order.destroyed the smallest chair.2 a The tree Bears returned.3 e Baby Bear cried.4 b Baby Bear pointed at the little girl in his bed.5 c Goldilocks hurried out of the house without her basket.

Follow me
Follow Me order.

Retell the story
Retell the story order.

  • First, sit down, tired.. 2 big chairs , tried, heavy and destroyed….

  • unhappy, walked into, comfortable, asleep.

  • Bears returned, cried, chair is in pieces.

  • Next, looked in, noticed.

Retell the story1
Retell the story order.

  • Then, pointed at, naughty girl.

  • Finally, opened eyes, around her, jumped out of , hurried out of , not return

Module 9 story time

  • First, order. Goldilocks wanted to sit down because she was tired.The two big chairs were uncomfortable. She didn’t like them. So she tried the smallest chair.It was nice, but Goldilocks was very heavy and she destroyed it.

  • She was unhappy and tired.She walked into the bedroom.There were three beds.She didn’t like the two big beds.The smallest bed was very comfortable.Very soon she was asleep in it.

  • The three Bears returned.They looked at the bowls and the chairs.Baby Bear cried.“There’s nothing in my bowl andmy chair is in pieces!’’He was very unhappy!

  • Next, the Bears looked in their bedroom.They didn’t notice Goldilocks at first.

  • Then Baby Bear pointed at the little girl in his bed,and cried,“Look!There’s the naughty girl!”

  • Finally,Goldilocks opened her eyes.The three Bears were around her,so Goldilocks jumped out of bed and hurried out of the house without her basket.She didn’t return to the forest again.

Writing activity 5 look at these sentences
Writing order.Activity 5. Look at these sentences.

  • 1. First, they looked at the bowls and the chairs.

  • 2. Next the Bears looked in their bedroom.

  • 3. Then Baby Bear pointed at the little girl in his bed.

  • 4. Finally, Goldilocks opened her eyes.

Now, use “first, next, then and finally”to write a short passage.

Finally… order.

  • Can you make an ending for the story?

They all stayed together.

Goldilocks was put in prison.

Summary homework
Summary& Homework order.

  • What we have learned today?

    Vocabulary, past tense and how to tell a story

  • Homework

    Finish all the exercise in the textbook and workbook; retell the story; recite the new words and expressions.

Thank you
Thank You! order.

See You!

Module 9 story time
板书设计 order.

Unit 2 Goldilocks rushed out of the house

wanted to do… 打算做某事 First….

sb tried sth… 某人尝试做某事 Next….

walked into… 走进… Then….

sb was asleep/fell asleep 某人睡着了 Finally…

my chair is in pieces 我的椅子破损了

looked in… 朝里看…

pointed at sb 指着某人

there be… 那里有

sth be around sb 某物在某人的周围

jumped out of … 从…跳出来

hurried out of … 赶快走出去

return to somewhere 返回到某地