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GETTING READY FOR HIGH SCHOOL. DIPLOMAS. Honors Diploma – best prepares you for college Advance Diploma – gives you the minimum requirements for most four year colleges Standard Diploma – prepares you for community college or vocational school with the least amount of challenge.

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Honors Diploma – best prepares you for college

Advance Diploma – gives you the minimum requirements for most four year colleges

Standard Diploma – prepares you for community college or vocational school with the least amount of challenge

what are the gateway graduation requirements
What are the Gateway Graduation requirements?

English 4 credits

Mathematics 4 credits

Science 3 credits

World Hist./World Geography 1 credit

US History 1 credit

Amer. Gov’t. 1 credit

Arts/Hum./Occ. 1 credit

PE/ROTC 2 credits

Health ½ credit

Computer Lit. ½ credit

Electives 4 ½ credits

Total 22.5 credits

what do i need for an honors diploma
What do I need for an Honors Diploma?
  • 24 credits
  • 3.4 Weighted GPA
  • 4 years math (Alg. 3-4)
  • 3 years science
  • 2 from Bio/Chem/Physics
  • 2 years foreign language
  • 8 Honors Credits
  • No failures during last 2 yrs
  • Pass all portions of Proficiency
what is an advanced diploma
What is an Advanced Diploma?

24 credits

Need 4 years of math

Need 3 years of science

No World Lang.

3.25 GPA weighted or unweighted

what counts for humanities credit
What counts for Humanities Credit?

All Art/Music/Drama (College Prep-must be full year of same discipline in correct order)

All Industrial Arts courses, Foods

Foreign Lang. (5-6 and above)

AP Human Geography

World History/World Geog.

(if both are taken)

  • Meets PE & Health requirement with completion of 5 semesters
pe waiver
PE Waiver
  • Need two credits of PE/HSROTC or approved equivalency for graduation
  • PE Options & Supervised Curriculum PE (SCPE) through Supplemental Credit
  • Students engaging in school sports may waive 1 PE credit
  • Waivers DO NOT give credit (just allow you to take something other than PE
world languages
World Languages
  • 2-4 years of same language required for some colleges. We offer:
    • French
    • Spanish

WOLF Online:

    • German

Hasta Luego!

what do i do if i need extra credit
What do I do if I need extra credit?

Summer school

Starts the Monday after school ends

Cost $100.00 for 1/2 credit

Online registration

Listen for announcement bulletin

Work experience (Jr/Sr)

Internship (Jr/Sr)

Correspondence (BYU), OnLine (WOLF)

Must be WCSD approved

GT Externship/Community Service/Travel Study

what is alternative means of earning credit
What is “Alternative Means” of Earning Credit?

Only 4“alternative means” credits can be applied towards graduation.

Such credit includes CBE, correspondence/on line (not WOLF), Work Experience, Community Service, Travel Study.

what is work experience
What is Work Experience?
  • Can earn ½ credit/sem.
  • Cost $75.00 per ½ credit
  • Must be 16 years or older
  • Must work total 216/sem
  • Averages out to 15+ hrs/wk
  • Lose Job/Lose credit
  • Sign up when school starts
misc classes
Misc. Classes
  • Office/Library/Career Assistant
  • Department Assistant
  • Teachers Aide (.25)
  • Peer/ESL Tutor
  • AVID Scholar
  • Internship
  • Student Leadership
  • Yearbook
proficiency exams
Proficiency Exams
  • All students must pass all four sections of the Nevada High School Proficiency Exam.
  • Math, Reading,Writing and Science.
  • You will begin taking the exams as a

as a Sophomore.

how do i prepare for college
How do I prepare for College?

Earn an Honors or Advanced Diploma

Becomes part of the IB program

Maintain the highest GPA you can

Strive for a 3.25+

Take lots of math & science

Take the PSAT as Junior (National

Merit Scholars Program)

Take the ACT/SAT (spring /Jr year)

Earn community service hours

Begin looking at individual college


what can i do to maintain my gpa
What can I do to maintain my GPA?
  • Show up
  • Do the work
  • Check Edline
  • Seek help from your teacher after school
  • Smarthinking Tutoring
  • SNC Free Tutoring
how do i know what my gpa is
How do I know what my GPA is?

If you have earned credit, you can find both your unweighted and weighted cumulative GPA on your transcript.

Based on a 4.0 scale

A= 4, B= 3, C= 2, D = 1 (minuses do not count)

No credit is awarded for F grades; S or U grades do not effect your GPA.

what is a weighted gpa
What is a “weighted” GPA?

.025 is added to your “unweighted” GPA for every honors class you pass and .050 is added for every AP or IB course passed.

Your cumulative weighted GPA is what most colleges are interested in.

why should i take the psat
Why should I take the PSAT?
  • Gives you good practice for taking the real SAT when
  • you are a Junior.
  • WCSD will give you the exam FREE as a
  • sophomore.
  • Lets you know what kind of reading, math and
  • writing skills you will need to be successful
  • in college.
  • No matter how many times you take the PSAT
  • be sure to take the exam as a JUNIOR!
can i earn college credit while still in high school
Can I earn college credit while still in high school?

Dual Credit

Classes taken at TMCC, UNR or SNC

AP Classes

English 5-6,7-8 U.S. History

Calculus American Government

Advanced Biology French 7-8, 9-10

Advanced Chemistry Spanish 7-8, 9-10

Advanced Physics Human Geography

Advanced Portfolio Art

how do i get the millennium scholarship
How do I get the Millennium Scholarship?
  • 3.25 Cumulative GPA
  • Grad. From NV High school
  • Pass the Proficiency
  • NV. Resident for 2 years
habit for service
Habit For Service
  • Not needed for graduation ,but….
  • Important during scholarship consideration
  • Looks good on college and scholarship applications.
  • Turn in Volunteer Verification Sheet to Mrs. McLochlin/Career


what about scholarships
What about Scholarships?


  • Millennium Scholarship
  • I.H.S. Scholarship Program
  • School and Parent Bulletins
  • Scholarship Websites
what if i want to participate in athletics in college
What if I want to participate in athletics in College?
  • File Forms with NCAA Clearinghouse
  • Make sure you have 13 core curriculum classes
  • Contact your coach or Mr. Schreiber


Decide which Diploma you want to earn.

Create a 4 year high school plan.

Discuss plan with your parents.

Be prepared to meet with your counselor to review and finalize your plan.