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Customer Relationship Management for Managers in Libraries

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Customer Relationship Management for Managers in Libraries - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Customer Relationship Management for Managers in Libraries. Matt Anderson UNC-Chapel Hill. CRM. Many organizations invest heavily in Customer Relationship Management Customer Relationship Management (CRM) “is a strategy for optimizing the lifetime value of customers”

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Presentation Transcript
  • Many organizations invest heavily in Customer Relationship Management
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM) “is a strategy for optimizing the lifetime value of customers”
  • Source: Todman, C. (2001). Designing a data warehouse: supporting customer relationship management. Upper Saddle River, NJ: Prentice Hall. Page 8.
  • One of the main parts of CRM is getting to know the customer…
  • What inquires do customers make?
  • Why do customers become unhappy?
  • What do they do when they are unhappy?
  • What can we do to improve the situation?
  • How can we communicate with customers?
crm in supermarkets1
CRM in Supermarkets
  • CRM research in supermarkets has led to a wider range of products and services like:
  • Pharmacies
  • Banks
  • Clothing
  • Music
  • Tools
  • Automotive supplies
crm in libraries1
CRM in Libraries
  • Businesses using CRM often use knowledge discover processes like data mining, surveys, et cetera.
  • It isn’t always necessary to collect vast amounts of information on library patrons to understand them.
  • Library employees become close with patrons simply by doing their job.
  • As a manager in a library, you probably have access to the information you need to serve your patrons better.
crm in libraries2
CRM in Libraries
  • The following questions will address your library’s relationship with its patrons.
  • The questions should give you ideas on how to serve patrons more effectively.
your patrons1
Your Patrons
  • How many patrons do you know at your library?
  • Think of five patrons who use your library.
  • How often do you see them?
  • How often do you communicate with them?
your hiring practices1
Your Hiring Practices
  • What are the key service qualities you look for when you hire an employee?
  • Are these consistent no matter what the position is?
  • Do other managers at the library look for the same service qualities when deciding whom to hire?
your employees
Your Employees
  • Who at your library is the best at giving good service to patrons?
  • Who are the top three at giving good service?
  • Do the top three know that you feel this way?
  • How do you encourage them to give good service to patrons?
  • Name a change in training or policy that could make the rest of your employees perform at a higher level.
your employees1
Your Employees
  • Name three things you do for employees of the library to make them feel special.
  • Do you know all their names?
  • Do you know their family members’ names or what kind of pet they have?
your technology1
Your Technology
  • What kinds of technology does your library use?
  • How do these enrich the patrons’ experience?
  • Do your employees have enough training and education to assist patrons with the library’s technology or do they often have to get an expert to help?
your website
Your Website
  • Does your library have a website for patrons?
  • What are some examples of information your patrons might be looking for when they visited your library’s website?
  • What are two things that your library’s website could add that would improve the patrons’ experience?
your contact methods
Your Contact Methods
  • How does your library contact patrons?
  • What information might a patron receive via email?
  • What information might a patron receive via postal mail?
your demographic groups1
Your Demographic Groups
  • What does your library do to meet the needs of people over the age of sixty?
  • What does your library do to meet the needs of children?
  • What are two other demographic groups that your library is actively trying to serve?
your visuals1
Your Visuals
  • As far as displays, furnishings, library arrangement, et cetera, what is something you could do to make your library’s interior more visually pleasant?
  • What is something you could do to make your library more visually pleasant from the outside?
your feedback
Your Feedback
  • How do patrons give feedback?
  • Through how many people do patron requests or complaints travel?
  • Give an example of a patron telling you what the library needs.
  • How did the message get to you?
  • Could the communication have been improved?
your service oriented problems
Your Service-Oriented Problems
  • What is a mistake that your library has made with regard to serving a patron or patrons?
  • Was there an apology for the inconvenience?
  • Was there an attempt to try to fix the problem?
  • Was the problem resolved?
  • Were the patron or patrons satisfied with the attempt to resolve the problem?
  • How do you know?
your colleagues
Your Colleagues
  • Do you belong to organizations where you can swap ideas about service to patrons?
  • What types of service improvements have you heard about from other libraries or organizations that you could implement in your library?
your patrons expectations1
Your Patrons’ Expectations
  • Give two examples of ways that your library exceeds patrons’ service expectations.
  • Give two examples of additional ways that your library can exceed patrons’ service expectations.
  • This was a brief look at how library managers can use CRM ideas to improve relationships between the library and its patrons.
  • Hopefully, it’s given you a few ideas that you can implement soon at your library.
additional sources consulted
Additional Sources Consulted
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